There Are NO Accidents!

There Are NO Accidents!

Many spiritual leaders today espouse that there are no accidents. Yet if that is true, why do people loosely use the word “accident” all the time?

Dherbs agrees that there are absolutely no accidents in life. Absolutely none.

What we call “accidents” is the Law of Synchronicity manifesting itself. Unconscious people call it a “crash.” The 2005 Best Picture movie “Crash” displayed how our lives are connected regardless of societal stature, race, creed, belief system, economic status, etc. and because we are all connected, from time to time we are sure to “bump” or “crash” into one another, especially in the proper time-space sequence. That’s the Law of Synchronicity working.

Now, if there are no accidents, then what are people experiencing with car accidents, accidents on the job, or bodily accidents (i.e. urinating or defecating on one’s self)?

A car accident is a collision: two cars crash or collide into one another on the street or highway. This is synchronicity in a way least expected, at least by the participants. Accidents happen for a reason. There is a lesson to be learned in every occurrence of life, including accidents. As metaphysician Lise Bourbeau states:

“Accidents are tools the Universe (God) uses to get our attention.”

Many times, accidents help to slow us down or to give us a much needed rest or break period. Believe it or not we play a role in every accident we experience. The Law of Attraction is always in effect.

When you have fear, especially about a particular thing, person, or event, the subconscious mind processes what is in the conscious mind and makes it manifest. This is a natural law.

Accidents can teach you to:

1. Always listen to and more importantly, TRUST yourself (emotions, gut feeling, intuition)

2. Your thoughts create your reality.

3. You attract what you resist or fear in life.

Some people believe that preparing for an accident (such as purchasing insurance) creates an accident. It is the preparation for an accident that creates the accident. When you prepare for a thing, you are saying you EXPECT the thing. Constant expectation becomes unconscious desire. That’s why despite all the car or automobile insurance in the world, accidents (collisions) keep occurring and increasing and will continue to do so. The more insurance there is, the more accidents there will be. There’s an unconscious desire (expectation) for accidents in the collective consciousness of the people and so they happen.

Insurance is not for prevention purposes. It’s for preparation purposes and creates a false sense of security.

Some people can have insurance for a whole lifetime and never have to use the insurance. Why? They live life with a peaceful and trusting disposition and a positive outlook. Their energy is good and very trusting of good to come their way. If you travel with peace and security, you will be more likely to arrive safely at your destination. People who expect doom always get it. You attract and usually get what you fear or don’t want.

If you are preparing for some future catastrophe, you are sure to get it in your lifetime. Preparation of a thing or event eventually makes it transpire.

Fear is energy (a cause) and breeds a polarity energy (an effect).

We truly can change the condition of the world simply by just changing our thoughts and feelings.

Thank you for reading.

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