Think Yourself Healthy

Think Yourself Healthy

Thinking or how you think is very important in healing. In fact, you thought yourself into sickness, infirmity, ailment, injury and disease. Your thinking is what started your sickness or disease. As all comes from thought, so does sickness and disease. Most people don’t have a clue of this, but they thought themselves into their present state, whatever that state may be.

First, you think yourself sick; then you speak yourself sick. Take fear for example. It is very true that “what you fear will appear.” When you fear a thing, you attract the thing you fear via the Law of Attraction (LOA). Many people out there fear contracting genital herpes or some other STD. This fear is embedded deep into the subconscious mind. It matches what’s on the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is what manifests what’s on the conscious mind. The people who consciously fear contracting genital herpes or some other STD attract the very same thing they fear or do not want and they do so via ignorance of Higher Law or Universal Law.

This is why it pays to only think positive, especially when the thought of a thing is recurrent or consistent because consistent thoughts magnifies the thought and brings the thought ultimately into physical manifestation.

If you keep having thoughts of contracting some new virus, you’ll eventually “catch” that virus. Basically, your body will give you the new virus by developing the new virus. Your body can develop poison or it can develop a nepenthe, panacea, or antidote. Your body (it’s endocrine system) is a laboratory. It is alchemical, mystical, and magical.

You must watch your thoughts and you most certainly must watch your words. Again, people are speaking themselves into sickness. Saying things like: ‘I can’t stand you!’, ‘You get on my damn nerves!’, ‘You make me sick!’; ‘You make my stomach turn!’, or “you’re a pain in my neck!’ actually causes your body to respond to these statements (words) and eventually manifest such statements (words) in your physical body and in the precise or specific geographical areas of your body. Your body responds to everything you say, positive or negative. The impact of words, be they positive or negative, are stored in your tissues throughout your body.

This is why in order to heal you must positively change your thoughts and thinking, which should change how you speak.

If you doubt the efficacy of health products, herbs, or healing modalities or therapies, you lessen their efficacy.

If you think Full Body Cleanse or Anti-Viral Cleanse and Regimen or any other cleanse won’t work for you despite performing the cleanses, you have made this your unconscious intent and so you don’t get the healing you truly desire from performing the cleanses.

If you think you can’t be cured or healed from a so-called incurable disease, chances are you won’t be cured or healed and it’s nobody’s fault but your own. Doubt is the subconscious will to fail.

You must think POSITIVE! You must think OPTIMISTICALLY! You must think PROGRESSIVELY! You must think PROACTIVELY!

Negative thinking blocks your healing. It keeps you in a diseased state. A clear mind is needed in order to successfully heal.

Visualize yourself the way you desire to see yourself. Feel RIGHT NOW how you desire to feel. If you desire a clean bill of health, FEEL like it! How would you feel if you released 20-30 pounds (if you needed to do so)? Then FEEL like it right now! Use your mind! Well, at least use your mind for yourself because perhaps up until this moment you have been using your mind for someone or something else. Start using your mind for yourself! After all, it’s YOUR mind! You are the first party lien-holder on your mind. You are the holder in due course of your mind. Start acting like it!

Your thoughts create your reality. Think yourself out of disease and into a state of optimal health and well-being or homeostasis (balance).

What you VISUALIZE can and will MATERIALIZE! So constantly visualize a healthier and happier YOU! Visualize this into reality! You can do it as numerous individuals have done it with great success.

Thank you for your reading!

Excerpted from the article “How To Heal.”



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