You Are Not A Victim!

You Are Not A Victim!

One concept that can be hard for people to accept is that it is impossible to have control over every aspect of one’s life. Even if the person has complete self-control, the outside world is completely random. Events happen which we have no control over. Sometimes tragedy strikes in unusual and unforeseeable ways.

Whether it is a natural disaster such as a fire or flood, human-created tragedy such as a robbery or burglary, or some other issue such as illness and injury, life will almost inevitably bring you hardship at some point. Such things cannot necessarily be planned for or prevented. People must deal with them in the best way that they can.

In the midst of a terrible life crisis, attitude is more important than ever. It is easy to passively sit back and bemoan your terrible luck. There will always be people who are content to merely complain about their changed circumstances, rather than trying to better or amend them. Yet such people are only hurting themselves by lingering in and dwelling on negativity. Such behavior is neither healthy nor conducive towards remedying the situation.

Sometimes people who have experienced extreme acts of violence such as abuse or rape take a long time to recover. That is completely normal! There are medical services such as counseling and therapy that are available for you to talk about your experiences and share your feelings. People have been specially trained in how to best help you to feel better and recover. There is certainly no shame in either going to a therapist or having the terrible event happen to you in the first place. The most important thing to remember is that you are not to blame! You are not responsible for making other people commit crimes. Seeking out professional help is the best way to achieve the right outlook and attitude.

Try to understand that even though you may have been the victim of a terrible crime, you are not going to be a victim for long! With the right counseling and professional care, you will emerge stronger than you thought possible. You get to make the choice in how you deal with challenges and/or tragedy. The right attitude can take you miles towards recovery.

Change Your Thinking

Instead of thinking of yourself as a victim, think of all the ways that you can show the world how strong you are! If you are feeling physically weak, check out different classes available around your community. After taking a kickboxing class at your local gym, you may feel stronger and empowered. Some community centers may offer self-defense classes, while many colleges also offer such classes for free or at discounted rates. There are many different types of martial arts classes taught in the States. Some types are geared specifically to with smaller body sizes, so that petite women can learn how to use their larger opponent’s strength against them.

Do not give up! The road to recovery can be long and painful. Sometimes simply getting out of bed can seem impossible. But remember that each marathon must begin with a single step. Everyone must start somewhere, and no beginning is too small.

The choice is yours, to be made today and now. After coming to terms with what happened to you, you must decide what kind of attitude you will embrace and project for the future. You can either see yourself as a victim or a victor. It is entirely up to you, and no person can make the decision for you. The person that knows that there are valuable lessons to be learned from every situation, event, and circumstance in life, be it good or bad, positive or negative, is a victor. Victors endure trials and suffer setbacks, but they emerge stronger for having experienced them.

Choose not to lose in the game of life! Be a victor in the Game. Choose victory! You have the freedom to do so! Remember that you are not responsible for whatever happened, and you should never blame yourself. But you are responsible for how you choose to respond. Seek professional counseling services. Get the help you need. Take all the time you need to make a recovery. Everyone is different, and some people will heal faster than others. Go at your own pace, and refuse to be pressured by others. Once you’re done, you will emerge stronger as a result.

Stay Positive

Advocates of the law of attraction believe that you attract the kinds of things and feelings that you emit. So if you are broadcasting negativity and thoughts of victimization, people will most likely consider you as such. Conversely, if you try to maintain a positive attitude and think about the good parts of each day, you are more likely to attract beneficial outcomes and have people think positively about you.

Reaching out to other people can also lessen feelings of victimhood. There are many different kinds of support groups available. Some support groups are for general purposes, others are focused to people who have suffered from rape, disease, divorce, etc. Talking things over in a supportive environment with people who know exactly what you are going through can help immensely.

The greatest strength is found from within. So get out there and show the world how strong you can truly be!

Thank you for reading.

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