Your Guardian Angel

Religion is an age-old debate that has been causing dissension and debate among people for hundreds of years. It is impossible to scientifically prove a matter of faith, yet the faithful scorn scientific proof. They argue that how they feel is more important than what science posits, and that the essence of faith is believing without proof.

Angels are mentioned in nearly all the religions of the word, especially in the three major religions of the world: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. You can’t open up the Bible or Qur’an without seeing angels mentioned.

The debate about the existence of God and angels may never be resolved. Yet instead of adding to the endless religious discussion, this article instead discusses human guardian angels. Human guardian angels are normal people, just like everyone else. They are special because of their kindness and consideration of others. Guardian angels are the kinds of people who perform random acts of kindness each day.

The existence of such people unarguably makes the world a better place. As anyone who has ever lost an object only to have a kindly stranger find and return it later can attest, these people can save the day with one simple gesture. Sometimes the lost item has sentimental value, and its return is even more important. For some people, sometimes one such gesture is enough to restore a person’s lost faith in humanity.

Finding and returning lost objects isn’t the only occupation of human guardian angels, however. Below is a list of suggestions that you too could do to benefit others.

Human Guardian Angel Activities


One of the most important and rewarding things people can do to benefit others is volunteer. Our time is the most valuable and precious commodities we have on Earth, so to give freely of one’s time is an incredibly meaningful gesture. It doesn’t matter which charity or community organization you choose to volunteer with, as long as it is a cause that you support.

Many people who volunteer report that they are more than repaid for their time by the knowledge that they are doing good things for a cause they believe in. There are charities for almost every cause imaginable, and you can tailor your volunteering for tasks that you are interested in. For instance, if you enjoy reading, you can volunteer with an organization that teaches illiterate children or adults how to read. If you like to cook, you can work at a soup kitchen. If you enjoy acting, you can join an acting troupe that travels to underprivileged schools and performs plays for children who might otherwise have little exposure to the arts. The opportunities are endless, and the benefits countless.


In addition to volunteering, human guardian angels also have impeccable manners. They show the utmost consideration to everyone, regardless of their background. They hold the door open for strangers. They stand up for the elderly and pregnant women on the bus. They are never rude to strangers, regardless of their personal feelings. If people are rude to them, they try to be understanding and compassionate. If someone looks lost, they ask if they need assistance. Above all, they treat others the way that they wish to be treated. They view each day as another opportunity to help others and make someone’s day.

Random Acts of Kindness

One of the last ways that people can become human guardian angels is by performing random acts of kindness. Once you start thinking about it, there are a million different ways that you can improve a stranger’s life.

Consider paying someone else’s toll in addition to your own the next time you drive through a tollbooth. Bake cookies and pass them out to your neighbors, even the ones you don’t know very well. This can be a great opportunity to meet them! Leave a brief thank you note for the people who help you every day whom you never meet, such as the mail person or milk delivery person. Pick up one piece of trash every day. Leave each place nicer than when you arrived. Buy some flowers and distribute them throughout the day to people who look like they need them.

As you can see, there are many different ways in which ordinary people can act like guardian angels. The world depends on these kinds of people. Even if you’re tentative at first, consider adopting these mannerisms and behaviors. You will make a difference.

As Gandhi once wrote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Now is the time for you to show the world what you can accomplish.

Thank you for reading!

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