Expect These 5 Fitness Trends For The Rest Of 2021

Expect These 5 Fitness Trends For The Rest Of 2021

Health is the biggest priority of all! Well, that’s our motto, and we hope that people learned to adopt that mindset after the crazy year that was 2020. Outside of dietary shifts to improve overall wellness, people had to shift the way they exercised, adjusting workout routines in response to gym closures. Needless to say, the fitness landscape is drastically different now. 

That’s why 2021 promises new and exciting changes in fitness cultures! People started working out from home during lockdown, purchasing any gym equipment that wasn’t already sold out. Through online workouts, exercise apps, and basic necessities, people learned that they could stay fit and healthy without gyms. For example, Peloton saw a 232% increase in sales during the first quarter of 2020, and E-commerce Times reported that dumbbell sales increased by 1,980% from April 2019 to March 2020. 

According to research, roughly 80% of adults took to some form of exercise during COVID-19 restrictions. Whether that was walking around the neighborhood, engaging in online HIIT workouts, or joining yoga Zoom classes, people understood the importance of movement. 

What’s To Come In 2021? 

Now that restrictions are relaxing and things are opening up, what can we expect from fitness trends in 2021? Some people are eager to get back into the gym, while others have already started working out at smaller, private outdoor gym facilities. The fitness world is definitely going to look different from now on, and these are five trends that health experts expect to see in 2021. 

Home Fitness

OnePoll conducted a poll consisting of 2,000 people. Roughly 75% of them stated that it was easier and more convenient to work out and stay fit at home than if they were going to gyms. More people are interested in at-home exercise, especially since the reopening of gyms is uncertain as we continue to move through the pandemic. Home fitness doesn’t require a gym membership, and saving money is paramount now more than ever before. With a pair of resistance bands, a set of dumbbells, and the internet, it’s very easy and affordable to stay or get in shape. Additionally, many fitness apps are free and the ones that cost money are much more affordable than the average gym membership. 

Quick-fire Workouts

It’s no secret that attention spans are shorter than ever. People can barely make it through a 15-second reel on Instagram, let alone a 45-minute workout! Additionally, schedules remain hectic, which means that people want to break a sweat and feel the burn in a shorter amount of time. Micro-HIIT workouts or quick-fire workouts range from three minutes to 20 minutes. Because they are rapid and intense, you only need to do them three times per week. Fiit offers workout challenges that range from 7-10 minutes, and they work to increase cardio and enhance strength. Expect to see short HIIT workouts that offer amazing benefits as we move through 2021. 

Holistic Fitness

Mental health was just as important as physical health during the pandemic. Establishing a healthy mind-body connection is integral for mental relaxation and stress relief. Fitness enthusiasts aim to promote physical fitness and mental health without making the two separate. According to statistics, Pilates, yoga, and other mind-body activities are projected to become a $66 billion industry by 2027. This number includes both virtual and in-person classes, apparel, equipment, and more. Expect to see a push in intentional exercise in 2021, which focuses on muscle and mental activation. 

Active Video Games

Wii Fit saw its popularity back in the day, but there is new growth on the fitness video game horizon. As it turns out, the video game industry developed more games that require body movement in place of the plain old controller. Just Dance 2021 will involve dance-related workouts to have fun and enjoy with a group or on your own. Nintendo Ring Fit will be an interactive game, which involves holding the wheel in front of you and following the full body movements. VR companies are also expected to bring training into the VR world very soon. 

Wearable Technology

From the Whoop Strap to the Oura Ring, the wearable technology industry has increased in popularity over the past decade. At first, it was all about the FitBit. Now, experts predict that over 900 million people will be wearing fitness devices by 2022. These devices help provide valuable information about overall health. From overall exertion and personalized recommendations to recovery and sleep, these devices help to track and improve overall wellness. 

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