10 Ways to Get Better Sleep


“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” ~ Thomas Dekker

I just returned home from an intensive five day meditation retreat. On my third 13-hour day of meditation and study I was feeling utterly exhausted; negativity was seeping in and I was becoming unfocused, judgmental and short. Unable to step inside the auditorium to meditate or listen to another teaching I sat defeated in the hallway, and I closed my eyes.

It was during this time, as I was drifting in and out of consciousness, that I had a clear realization that without the proper sleep we are unable to be successful.

What is the secret of successful people? How are they keeping everything together?

People who get enough sleep are successful, focused and happy. We need sleep to recharge our brains and bodies. When we are tired, we can aimlessly jump from task to task without any real clarity. We end up treading a tiring circle of never-ending tasks. Whatever success looks like to you — be it an accomplished musician, eloquent public speaker, or in my case an astute student and meditator — we all want to be the best version of ourselves.

Having one bad night’s sleep isn’t anything to call the doctor about; we all suffer from bouts of sleeplessness, but persisting bad habits wear on our bodies and like a car without an oil change, eventually we are going to break down.

Without the proper sleep ugly side effects will take over, including:

  • Health concerns: Weight gain, high blood pressure and a higher risk for a heart attack

  • Constant tiredness, from mild to severe

  • Irritability, temper and moodiness, leading to problems with relationships

  • Loss of concentration, and in severe cases memory loss and hallucinations

  • Absenteeism and tardiness at work or school

  • Loss of appetite or the opposite, binge-eating

  • Use of prescription sleep aids that could result in dependency

  • Use of stimulants

  • What’s even worse is that we can fall into micro-sleeps (5-10 seconds) that cause lapses in attention, which could lead us to nod off while doing an activity like driving. Not getting enough sleep is downright dangerous.

So ask yourself this: Are you setting the stage for success or are you scaring success away with your dark circles and irritable zombie-like presence? The good news: A slight change up in your routines may give you the tune up that you need to run smoothly.

1. Develop a meditation habit

The number one problem for being unable to sleep is stress. We stress about our jobs, health and kids. In order to get the proper sleep we need to turn off our minds.

Our minds are constantly thinking. These thoughts are very powerful and sometimes they can spiral into stressful, negative thoughts and control us. Meditation will train you to be the watcher of your mind. By watching your mind, you can rewire your thoughts and reduce your stress.

In addition to meditation consider using a sound machine, practice deep breathing exercises and use imagery and visualization techniques.

2. Get organized

Before bed, make a list of what you plan on accomplishing tomorrow, instead of allowing these thoughts to circle in your head and disrupt your sleep, write them down. A lot of stress can also come from worrying about finances, create a budget and reclaim some control.

3. Exercise

Exercise will make you feel better throughout your day, and it is wonderful for aiding in sleep. We all have energy that we need to expend.

4. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is important all the time: during waking hours and sleep time. Consider drinking a relaxation decaffeinated tea before bedtime. The aroma itself will relax you.

5. Get up early

This is my secret ingredient for success. Morning time is the magic hour; your head is clear and your mind is rested. If you establish this routine you can accomplish half your to-do list before you even shower, this can open up the rest of your day to focus on other goals or to simply enjoy your day in a stress-less state.

6. Go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning

Establish a regular going-to-bed and waking time — allowing for between 7 and 9 hours of sleep for adults — even on the weekends!

7. Keep a cool room

Research suggests that we sleep the best if our room is kept at 65°F.

8. Postpone your worrying for another day

Why not postpone your worrying until tomorrow? What’s the worst that will happen? You might enjoy today a little more. If you can solve the problem, then solve it; if you can’t solve it, then what is the point of worrying about it?

9. Laughter is the best medicine

Stop taking life so seriously. Laughter will kill stress. Laugh deeply and laugh often. Don’t forget to laugh at yourself as well.

10. Create a vision board and display it beside your bed

If you want to excel at running, write it down or paste a picture and look at it every morning. It’s the old “law of attraction” mentality: what you put out into the universe will come back to you.


In order to secure and maintain your new healthy sleep habits, avoid the following bad habits.

1. Avoid bright lights right before bed

Bright lights repress melatonin, and melatonin is responsible for regulating our sleep cycles. Don’t read from back-lit devices late at night. The darker your room the better; use heavy curtains or a sleep mask.

2. Reserve your bedroom for sleeping only

Your bed is for sleeping, not for reading, watching TV or doing work. When you associate your bed with anything other than winding down, it will be harder for you to fall asleep.

3. Don’t eat or work out three hours before bedtime

Eating too close to bedtime will leave your digestive system working away and it might cause an upset stomach throughout the night. Exercise can help you sleep better, but research says that exercising within four hours of bedtime can may it harder to fall asleep. Try to reserve your workouts for the morning.

4. Don’t get too much sleep

When it comes to sleep, there is too much of a good thing. Oversleeping can lead to heart disease, diabetes and depression. The average adult will need 8 hours of sleep. This can vary from person to person, but use this as a guideline.

5. No caffeine, cigarettes or alcohol before bed

Caffeine is a stimulant and it keeps the body alert and energized. On the other hand, alcohol might make you initially fall asleep but it actually increases the times you wake up during the night.

Rest your eyes, so that tomorrow you can fully open them and see the crystal clear possibilities of the world around us.

By: Tina Williamson
Source: www.care2.com


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    Q: I gave my daughter 1 capsule of BRAIN TUNER every morning for about two weeks now. She now has a mild to average seizure every day instead of twice or three times a week. And since taken this Brain Tuner two weeks ago she has had two bad attacked. Normally she will get a bad attack every 2 - 3 weeks once. Most of her attack come during her sleep or during an afternoon nap, i.e. she will wake up from this sleep/nap and stay still for 30 sec - 1 minutes and the attack will come and her entire palms and feet will turn cold and heart starting to beat very fast. And once in a while if she does not get enough sleep she will get a hard attack out of the blue during the day otherwise most of the seizure attack during her sleep. Does this Brain Tuner stimulate her brain and causes the attack? What other remedy should I take to cut down this seizure?


    Sounds like the body (brain) is being greatly regulated, but if the BRAIN TUNER is speeding up the attack of seizures, abstain from using it and just give OXY-DROPS in glass or cup or water (20 drops per cup/glass). Normally a thing increases before it decreases but if this causes concern then abstain and try something else.

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    Q: I have so much going on in my life right now that is beyond my control- I can't sleep through the night. Is there any natural remedy to help me sleep? I don't like taking sleeping pill.


    Take 6 capsules of NERVES FORMULA before bed each night!

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    Q: I was informed my two year old son has sleep apnea, and requires surgery. During his sleep, he stops breathing for several seconds. This worries me! What herbs can he take so he can have a normal sleep?


    Herbs can only assist! They are not the solution! I would recommend that he doesn't sleep on a pillow. He needs a bed that allows his body to slant, so his head will be lower than his feet. This way, oxygen can rush to his brain. My sleep article is being finished and may be up near the end of April. Please stay tuned to Dherbs.com! Make sure you get a guarantee that surgery will solve the problem. Surgery is always a big risk.

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    Q: Hey Gary here are my challenge I'm 43 been trying to lose weight, I start on a program and stop once I don't see any results. I tried the Detox I think I lost about 5 pounds, I work at night and have a part time jobs seeing private patients in the day so my sleep pattern is little maybe I get 4 hrs of sleep I'm having problems getting this weight off. I also want to mention when I do exercise my joints swell so I try to keep it low impact. I also have sweet tooth so I get these cravings here and there more so when I'm at work at night. Hopefully you can help me. Thanks....Lakeisha


    Hi, thanks for the question.

    Lets go through one thing at a time. Your overall schedule and lifestyle is not healthy and will likely sabotage your health goals. Receiving so little sleep will prevent major weight loss because your body cannot cleanse and cannot recharge. You must repay your energy debt before you can properly lose weight. Your body is always in a state of playing catch-up to the workload you are giving it. It stores fat because it doesn't have the
    energy to properly function. I understand crazy schedules but they will not get you the results you desire. I would focus on trying to find a more balanced or healthier schedule before adding the stress of losing weight to an already overworked body.

    Your body has been come toxic and inflamed from a toxic lifestyle. A high carb-high raw vegan diet will help ease your suffering the most. A high carb (fruit based) diet will help replenish your energy stores and reduce
    nutritional stress. To learn more about how a healthy vegan diet can help you reach your goals please consider the following eBooks found at Dherbs.com.

    "Go Vegan the Healthy way" or
    "Lose weight the healthy way"

    As far as your mindset is concerned an all or nothing approach rarely breeds success. Especially when it come to regaining health or losing weight. It takes time and patience. I would recommend checking out the DVD
    "fat sick and nearly dead". It's a fascinating look at how you can quickly go from a health zero to a health hero in the shortest time. Every single person on the planet has a sweet tooth. Those who say they don't usually are hopped up on caffiene or other drugs and pharmaceuticals. Every cell in the body runs on glucose. The brain eats up a small apple and a half worth of glucose every hour. Eating a high carb-lower fat diet will give you an energy abundance, reduce overall stress, and help you lose weight.

    Hope this helps,

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT BMI VLCE


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    Q: I have obstructive sleep apnea and I sleep with a CPAP machine. I'm doing the full body detox. On the third night while taking the ACTIVATED CHARCOAL, I woke up in the middle of the night from a dream that my head was full of air and was about to explode. I took the CPAP mask off and I haven't taking the activated charcoal since. I believe my throat collapsed, however the first night using it I slept well. I am now on my fifth day with the FULL BODY DETOX. Do you have any suggestions. Will the lack of the charcoal water formula #7 ruin my detox.


    The ACTIVATED CHARCOALis not causing the problem. You associated it with the problem. But you don't have to take the charcoal.

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    Q: I'm looking for a natural product to help me get a good night's sleep and not be feeling sluggish in the morning


    Try our NERVES FORMULA (3 capsules) and a cup of NERVES TEA1 hour before bedtime.

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    Q: I am a 54 year old female, in menopause. Recently, I am unable to sleep through the night without waking several times. Is there something that can help me?


    Yes, there is help! Dherbs NERVES FORMULA, NERVES TEA and DREAM-AID INSPIRANT. Use all 3 shortly before bed time. Drink tea 1 hour before bedtime and take 3 capsules shortly before getting in bed and inhale the Inspirant before closing your eyes.

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    Q: I need to know what you recommend for cronic lung disease, sleep apnea, bipolar, and osteoarthritis I have been to all doctors and nothing helps plus I drink 5 Cans of beer to fall asleep.


    For lung disease, I highly recommend our Lungs and Respiratory formula. For sleep apnea I recommend Nerves Formula. For Bi-Polar, I recommend Brain Tuner and CNS formula and Chakra Elixir #6 and #7. For osteoarthritis, I recommend Joints Formula and Acid Buster.

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    Q: I am writing about everything I am dealing so I can feel my best again. I want your recomendation on all the things I have been dealing with since I got sick a year ago. here is the list of alements. and most are caused by the bad kidney and some from the meds. kidney disease high phosphrous high blood pressure, yesturday 252/151 sleep apnea they want me to sleep with a machine on my face, enlarge prostate chest pains poor circliation in my legs from the high phosporous constipation insomnia a swollen foot fatigue I know that is a grocery list of problems I am willing to do what ever it takes to recover. You already gave some things to do. I just want to make sure I have covered all grounds. I thank you for your ministry and your passion to help Gods people. You are truly a blessing. Thankyou again neil In all due honesty, you need a consultation. You have a plethora of conditions and all of them have underlying causes which can be covered via consultation and directly. I'd have to write a 20-page article just to cover everything by written word and I just don't have the time to do this for individual persons (we're too busy here at Dherbs answering hundreds of inquiries per day).


    For kidney disease: KIDNEYS AND BLADDER, ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD, and ACID BUSTER For High Phosphorus: ACID BUSTER, ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD For Sleep Apnea: NERVES FORMULA, NERVES TEA, DREAM-AID INSPIRANT (all before bedtime) For Enlarged Prostate: PROSTATE FORMULA , MALE HORMONAL FORMULA, MALE HEALTH TEA, TOTAL MALE CLEANSE For Chest Pains: CARDIO-VASCULAR FORMULA, CIRCUL-AID FORMULA, CEREBRAL-VASCULAR FORMULA. For Poor Circulation: CARDIO-VASCULAR FORMULA, VEINS FORMULA, CIRCUL-AID FORMULA For Constipation: BOWEL MOVER, SEN FEN FORMULA, COLON FORMULA, BOWEL MOVER TEA For Insomnia: NERVES FORMULA, NERVES TEA, DREAM-AID INSPIRANT For Fatigue: BRAIN TUNER, ENERGIZER FORMULA, RAINFOREST TONIC, BRAIN TUNER TEA, ENERGY TEA For Swollen Foot: ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD, ACID BUSTER I have many questions for you, I need to know some things about you in order to get to the root of all your problems which are many. Your condition is serious. You are suffering from many things robbing you of a quality life. Consider the consultation, and if not, purchase and take the formulas recommended above.

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    Q: Hello, I have a son that is now 5 years old and the doctors thought he had PDD autism. Through prayer and searching I don't think this is the case. He has trouble focusing, slow development, irritability, tosses and turns during sleep, stops breathing at times during sleep, slow speech development, poor memory, and very poor stool movement (often small little pebbles) God showed me Celiac before but I never had the money to really convert his diet totally, is there something that you have that might help with this for his age?


    Please schedule a consultation, Beloved. A response here won't do justice to the little boy's situation.

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    First, we recommend that your child performs the Children's Cleanse to remove the negative repercussions that pharmarceutical drugs cause.

    In addition, order our Nerves tea and give this to the child every night before bedtime and before going to school.

    Also, we recommend our Sixth Chakra. Read our ADD article on our site under ARTICLES.

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    Q: I have a client that had her thyroid removed, the doctors have her on 3 grains of the natural...well natural for a pig. Thyroid. She couldn't sleep so they put her on ativan. Which is making her crazy (between you and I) She is still not sleeping and feeling agitated and this drug is causing her anxiety. I feel it has built up in her system and she has to dose down off of it. Do you have anything that would help her sleep? I have already suggested your thyroid blend. However, I didn't know if it could really help her as they removed her thyroid. So perhaps she does need the grains, as her body can no longer produce it on her own. I would really like to get her on natural as possible stuff so we can see what is physical and what we can work on energetically. Right now she feels like an energetic mess. Any suggestions?



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    Q: Is it safe to take herbal sleep remedies (valerian night for example), every night? Or should they only be taken occasionally?


    Herbal remedies are completely safe for daily use.

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    Q: I have high blood pressure, sleep apnea and would like to lose weight can you tell me what herbs are needed to cure these problems?



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    Q: My daughter is currently taking Gingko Biloba + Gotu Kola (1 capsule), Magical Alchemical Elixir (2 drops twice daily), Cardio-Vascular Formula (3 capsules), Brain Tuner (3 capsules) and children detox from Dherbs. However, she still experience palpitation + mild seizure (raising of hands) every morning upon waking up. She experience mild fits once a day usually in her sleep/nap and get a severe seizure once every 10-12 days also during her sleep/nap. She was also diagnosed as Asperger Syndrome when she was seven and has improved considerably but not able to focus and easily get irritated. She likes to flipflop her hands a lot and always in wonderland during class. Not able to understand and totally lost in class though she has a very good memory. I also bring her to temple every week to pray and seek spiritual guidance and apply Reiki to her everyday. At present I just do not know what else to do to control her seizure and morning palpitation. Will Epson salt bath help in her epilepsy and anise powder water help in her palpitation. Your guidance and help is much appreciated.


    Something is going on while she's sleeping (visiting another realm). It sounds like it could be something from a past-life. Consider placing crystals near her bed and under pillow. Crystals such as amethyst, selenite, angelite, quartz, turquoise, black tourmaline, pink or purple lepidolite, lapis lazuli, sodalite, etc.

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    Q: Does melanin have any relation to melatonin production in the body, thus improving sleep cycles? Would you please clarify if you are able?


    I have read that the two are related and have also read that there is no relation whatsoever

    Melanin is responsible for dark pigmentation of the skin. I actually refer to it as CARBON (Black matter). Carbon is what makes folks dark (and along with COPPER, electrical). Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the darkness of night. You have to be sleep between 12 a.m. - 4 p.m. for proficient amounts of this anti-aging hormone. People who live and lead the nightlife are aging prematurely and dying prematurely. Melanin and melatonin are not the same. melatonin is a hormone where as melanin is not! They are not the same thing! They both deal with darkness or blackness though as melanin makes the pigmentation dark and melatonin is a dark colored hormone secreted in the darkness of the night.

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    Q: I continue to urinate about every 2 1/2 to 3 hours a day in which it also breaks my rest when I sleep. I hope I don't have diabetes because I just recently was checked for that. Is there any supplement for bladder control or what could it be?


    Give the KIDNEYS AND BLADDER a try!

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    Q: What are some things I can do so that I can sleep at night?


    To induce sleep naturally, we recommend the following Dherbs products (to be used or taken before bedtime):

    Central Nervous System Formula
    Nerve Formula

    Also, drink soothing herbal teas of Kava Kava, Valerian Root, Passionflower, and/or Lavender about an hour before bedtime.

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    Q: My daughter continues to take 2 capsules of Cardio-Vascular Formula at night, 2 capsules of Brain Tuner in the morning, and 1 at night. Also, using the Children Detox Oxy-Drops. However, she still experiences palpitation, every morning when she wakes up from her sleep. She will get a severe epilepsy attack every 10 days, or forthnightly. The cycle seems to repeat itself. What else should I do, to reduce her morning palpitation, and improve on her epilepsy attack? Will Ginkgo biloba help or any other herbs help?


    Give her Gingko Biloba, and Gotu Kola, preferably in tea, or liquid extract form. Also consider our Magical Alchemical Elixir. Give her our Heart Heart tea too! Clearly there's a problem with her heart, so target the heart!

    Products Links:
    Magical Alchemical Elixir
    Hearty Heart Tea

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    Q: I am a breast cancer survivor, before cancer I was healthy, active, my mind was clear, I never second guessed myself, my weight was good. Now I am overweight, my mind runs constantly, I get getters, I can't remember things, I can't sleep or I'm tired. My hair want grow back, I can't lose weight, and my visit keep changing. I spend more money at the doctors' than I can afford. I developed lymphademia on my right side, I can't find the glove and sleeve I need for relief. My husband and I was stationed overseas when I developed BC. We've relocated to Atlanta and I heard your advertisement on 9.75. I am open to suggestions. Thank you for your time. God Bless


    Beloved, there is relief for you! I suggest you perform the FULL BODY DETOX Cleanse followed by the Electric Greens Cell Food Cleanse, and lastly, the Total Woman Cleanse. To help get the mind on track, I would suggest our "Mental Science Manual" which can read during your healing (each cleanse, re-read the book). You also may be interested in our Breast Oil. I will be in Atlanta next month for a health lecture!