A Brussels Sprouts Recipe So Good You’ll Actually Eat


I’ll be the first to admit that, growing up, I absolutely despised Brussels sprouts. Tiny cabbages? No, thank you. Please pass the corn.

A fun side effect of growing older and “more refined” is how the palate changes. Things that once tasted repulsive become slightly less so, perhaps even somewhat desirable. As with all things that make life worth living, one must first experience it in order to truly know.

If Brussels sprouts aren’t your thing, this recipe could be the game-changer. Convince a friend who enjoys them to cook it for both of you and compare notes. I’ve yet to meet someone who hasn’t begrudgingly admitted — in the very least — that even though they still don’t like Brussels Sprouts, they actually didn’t mind eating this nutrient rich, easy to prepare, and inexpensive dish. 

Get yourself the following ingredients:

Enough fresh Brussels sprouts to fill your favorite large saucepan (approx. 1 lb.)

Vegetable broth, depending on your dietary situation (approx. 3-4 cups)

Sea salt, fresh ground pepper. 

Step 1: Clean and prepare those Brussels sprouts.

We’re not talking soap and water, just a good rinse and a thorough once-over. This gives you a chance to drop in with your food and get to know each sprout personally. If you happen to come across one with a particularly rough-looking stem or errant leaf, groom accordingly.

Step 2: Tightly pack those Brusseley sprouts into a pan.

Make sure they all fit snugly into a single layer. Pan too small? Make sure they all go in stem down to ensure you’re making the most of the space. Not enough sprouts? Lay them on their side to take up more space. This shouldn’t take too much time and is yet another opportunity to drop in with your food before you eat it.

Step 3: Add enough broth to just barely cover those Brussels sprouts.

This all depends on how big a pan you’ve got and how many you plan on cooking. Use your preferred brand of low-sodium organic brothy goodness, unless you’ve already prepared your own homemade stock. 

Step 4: Simmer down, now. Simmer down.

Turn the heat up to full blast until you’ve got yourself a rolling boil. Your sprouts will turn bright green. Cut the heat in half. Let the sprouts simmer in that pan until all of the broth has disappeared.

Spoiler alert: It doesn’t really disappear. The sprouts absorb it. This should take around 20 minutes, during which time they will both shrink and darken up. 

Step 5: Season those Brussels sprouts.

Add a few pinches of salt and a few good twists from the pepper mill once the broth boils down halfway. Feel free to mix things up and rotate the sprouts so everything gets flavored up evenly.

Step 6: Serve and Enjoy

Once all of the broth has magically vanished, remove the pan from the heat and plate those sprouts. Although it may seem fairly obvious, you might want to wait a few minutes before serving because those guys will be hot. Take this from a man who is extremely adept at burning the heck out of his mouth.

What do you think — yea or nay for Brussels sprout? Share you thoughts and favorite preparations in the comments below.

By: Daniel Scott
Source: www.mindbodygreen.com


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    Q: I have ordered the detox cleanse, and the weight cleanse. Both state to eat a raw diet of veggies and fruit, nuts, nut pastes??, legume sprouts, seeds, plant oils, sea veggies??,and fresh juices. It mentions Vegan Diet. What are my options when it comes to these choices? What do I eat and how often to keep my sugar from dropping, and feeling sick? Usually mid am, and mid afternoon?


    The best way to balance blood sugar and keep your body in a fat burning zone is to eat low fat and every 3-4 hours. Also high raw and high carb. Here are some options. Just a general outline.



    Muesli - fruit smoothie-green smoothie


    2-3 pieces of fruit


    Raw wraps-raw pasta-salad with legumes


    2-3 peices of fruit


    wraps-raw pasta-salad with legumes




    I suggest reading "Beauty detox solution" by Snyder, "Crazy Sexy Diet" by Karr, or 80-10-10 by Graham.


    I also recommend to check out my health coaching program www.theveganefect.com for more info.


    I hope this helps,

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT BMI VLC

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    Q: I have been on your PANCREAS CLEANSE AND REGIMEN for 14 days. I am a type 1 diabetic. In the morning my blood sugar is high-about 150, however, after taking the herbs it stabilizes it and my blood sugar is normal. Is there anything additional I can take in the evening besides the green beans, cabbage and Brussels sprout juice to stabilize it?


    Try SUGAR BUSTER TEA! Drink as many cups as you deem necessary!

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    Q: I am trying to figure out what name numerology to use so that I can clear my karmic slate, step by step from your article. I'm confused, because my birth certificate's name is a 4, but after my parents married and my last name changed to my dad's, my name became an 11. I want to change my entire name for various reasons, and I would like to know whether changing it to a name with the # 1 would cancel out the requirements of the 11 Master #. Also, when your name changes from marriage, and then from just a personal decision, do you have to still study the original numerology numbers' interpretations? Thank you, and God bless.


    RESPONSE: Your name at birth is fixed, vibration-wise, so you carry the vibration (meaning) with you for life (entire life). It is your dominant vibration! It will never change! All names that you later take on in life (whether via marriage or name change for spiritual reasons) have significance and must be acknowledged and studied as well and read inclusively with the other numbers (original name's number). Name changes will give you meaning about yourself in the present under that present name and numerical correlation.

    Please enjoy the contents of the following article:
    Clearing Your Karmic Slate

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    Q: Is sea salt and warm water a good natural laxative? If so how often do you recommend the use of sea salt for elimination? I was reading The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs and it gives this recommendation, along with drinking lemon water mixed with organic syrup and cayenne pepper. Is it safe to give myself an enema 2xs per day using a hot water bottle filled with fresh squeezed organic lemon and distilled water? Asking this because Bzod had me to listen to 88.3 today here in Cincinnati and the guy (Mike) was telling how he does this regularly and has great results.


    Yes, sea salt in water is a mild laxative!

    You can do it as often as you FEEL the need to drink or take it. 

    You can also consume the Master Cleanse (cayenne, maple syrup, lemon juice) if you choose. You can drink this as much as you like depending on how you feel.

    And yes, you can perform enemas 2X a day! Enemas are very helpful for health!

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    Q: I was most impressed by your website. The information to support your products and your obvious interest in informing the public caught and kept my attention. As I searched further into Black Seed Tea, the reason for my visit, I noticed your product ALCOHOL BUSTER. The comment of "on the metaphysical level, alcohol consumption also impairs the human aura" although very non clinical, is very much my way of thinking, it got my attention. I read as far as the disclaimer, "the formula does not have the power to prevent consumption of alcohol as only will power and a made up mind can do this." Here's where I step out of character and find myself writing this e-mail. It has been my experience while working with people from all walks of life, who are members of any 12 step program, that a reference to will power as a prevention of anything is a two edged sword. While I agree will power is important in abstention, I believe the person is benefited by using their personal will power to seek help, to commit to recovery, to take care of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. I don't believe "human" will power is the power that prevents consumption. The suggestion that "will power and a made up mind can prevent consumption of alcohol" to a person with an addiction could become a deadly idea. This of course is my opinion, do with it what you feel is appropriate.


    I feel you in where you're coming from, but I truly believe and know human willpower plays a role in prevention and healing of all disease. The strongest thing humans have is a will. Will meshes with desire in many cases. Both are strong in humans. Now, you're dealing with a person with addiction in regards to your last statement and I can totally understand where you are coming from but the sick person is not exempt from any laws of healing. There is no real or true healing absent willpower to do a thing, a beneficial thing. The addicted person must be first dealt with on the physical and psychological levels and then the spiritual and energetic (getting to the root of the addiction: perhaps a 2nd chakra problem or something hanging over from a past life). All addiction points to spiritual void and therefore the only ultimate healing here is mental or spiritual via mental. As you know, it's mind-body-spirit and all must be dealt with for healing. Will is important in abstention but we don't won't people to focus on abstaining which is usually converted into "can't have" by the addicted person. We want people to only focus on the good, the healthy, what they need and require, not what they don't want or can't have because their subconscious mind will create the situations and circumstances by which these people end up consuming the thing that is insalubrious for them. It never fails. I grew up with an alcoholic mother and plenty of other alcoholics. We want people to have and use willpower to GO FOR the best things for them, will in DOING the right and healthy things for themselves. All healing is ultimately within self. As a man thicket so is he! Peace be unto you fellow metaphysician!

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    Q: What is your recommendation for neurally mediated cardiogenic syncope, or hypotension neurally postural tachycardia syndrome. My step daughter was diagnosed with this as a small child, now she's 16. She gets extremely light headed in the shower, gets sick to her stomach, and will pass out. Doctor recommends, plenty of water and, hold on here 'salty foods'. You and I both know at least we'll go for the celtic sea salt. Right?


    Regardless of the pathology, always DETOX, DETOX, DETOX [Full Body Detox] the person, and modify the diet to a chiefly vegan-vegetarian diet with high amounts of raw foods. Yes, drink plenty of water and ALWAYS consume sea salt over regular table salt!

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox
    Children Detox

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    Q: My Dad is 90 and in a nursing home. He has been diagnosed with Papilloma in his mouth. He cannot wear his dentures and these wort like things are growing in his mouth. At this time it has not been cancerous. I believe a good cleansing would help him, but what can I get for them to give him there. I would have to get the Dr. there to allow the nurses to administer it to him. Also, I?ve you heard of the detoxification that is done by a foot cleansing, which is done by putting the feet in water with an electrical strip which has a mineral in the water that after about thirty minutes cleanses the body. I have had the experience and it is unbelievable what is removed from the body. My son, has liver was completely cleansed by this in three weeks. Do you think this might help Dad. I have been thinking about buying one of these machines and taking it there and trying it. If you have heard of this, can you recommend any one that is better than another. Also, any recommendations for herbs, etc. Thank you for any help you have for Dad. (He also has diabetes)


    Dad needs a serious cleansing! Especially his colon of which the mouth is connected as a part of the alimentary canal. If he has trouble swallowing capsules, our liquid Full Body Cleanse would be ideal for him (in addition to some of our new great teas).

    The foot detox works wonders. This is a powerful way to detox the body.


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    Q: Do you have any suggestions of where to go in Seattle for the final step of the detox and often should I do this?


    Colonics complete and compliment a detox. For colonics in the Seattle area: Colon Therapy Center 13258 1st Avenue S, Suite D Seattle, Washington 98168 (206) 271-0041 It's A Bowel' Thyme 6204 8th Ave. NW Seattle, Washington 98107 (206) 297-0400 Tummy Temple 2016 NE 65th Street, Suite B, 2nd Floor Seattle, Washington 98115 (206) 729-6211

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    Q: I will like to know step is best to prevent fibroid or any tumor in the vaginal.


    Start detoxing with the Full Body Detox 3-4 times a year. Perform the Fibroid Buster kit at least 2-3 times a year as well. Change your diet (consider becoming a vegan-vegetarian).

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    Q: Yes indeed, the Full Body Cleanse Program truly works. I am so very glad that I persevered through the program. I took it like a champ after my first two initial days and the more my body expelled, the easier it was for me to complete the program. I look and feel wonderful!! I have to tell you that I really appreciate you and all the inspiration that I have received from the Dherbs staff. You are all top quality, just like your products. I'll be looking out for the weight loss regimen because I know your company doesn't half-step. Therefore, I'm bound to have results with following the instructions. I will always be one of your regular customers, as well as a walking testimony to all I meet.


    Thank you, we appreciate your kind words.

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    Q: I would like to have more information on weight loss products and what do you recommend as a step by step product. And what product you recommend that is cost economical.


    Go to our On-Line Store and read about our Weight Release Cleanse. Start first with the FULL BODY DETOX followed by the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN. You might even want to perform the 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE.

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    Q: Thanks for the great web site! MY question is what's the best way to get sodium. I thought un-refined sea salt was the best, but the salt article says "eat this salt only if you must." The great thing about pure sea salt is that it all or almost all the minerals the body needs! So what's the best way to get all the mineral and to stay in balance? Also is there a way to get Epsom salt that is sodium sulfate not magnesium sulfate? Is it a good idea to bath in the "good" Epsom salt.


    You're welcome, Beloved!

    The best way to get sodium is via vegetables (i.e. celery).

    Sea salt is great source of sodium, but its a secondary source as it has to be processed from ocean water. Absent the process, it would not be available.

    But it does provide minute amounts of trace elements.

    In re Epsom salt, I haven't been able to find the sodium one.

    I stopped using Epsom salt many years ago.

    You could bath in the good Epsom salt, but sea salt is far better and more natural.

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    Q: At this time I would like to share, and ask for prayer until I am in a better financial situation to purchase items from your site. On February 25th, a day after my birthday, I am having an outpatient procedure done to excise areas affected by the HPV virus down below. I am terrified and don't want to go through with it, but at this time I feel I have to. I am so anxious and excited about gettings things together to be able to purchase the Full Body Cleanse, and anything else that I will need. I have struggled for years with issues concerning my female organs, pain with PMS, never been pregnant (don't think I can), and ovarian cysts. I just want my life back, I want energy and I want to feel and be healthy! I visit the site almost every single day, and I find it so interesting. It just makes me say," I can't wait to do this!" Since, I don't know where to start, I will schedule a visit so I know exactly what I need after the Full Body Cleanse.


    Please take time to read the following article Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Until you can afford the cleanse your body start eating plenty of raw vegetables, and fresh fruit daily.



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    Q: First of all, I will like to say thanks for such wonderful product. I truly believe that I am blessed to come across this site. My concern is this: I bought the FULL BODY DETOX this is my third and final week on it, yet, I have not had regular bowel movement daily. At times, I may have a movement once a day and after few days have another. One of my excitements was, to lose some weight as well as cleanse myself. What do I need to do? My next step is to buy the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN. I am waiting for your advice as to what step to take next before buying it. Thanks for your kindness and willingness to listen.


    Lack of bowel movements means your colon is compacted. It may take some time but the herbs will regulate it. Drink more water, drink BOWEL MOVER TEA and also drink prune juice (especially at night before bed). I suggest you perform the 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE next followed by the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN. I am glad you enjoy Dherbs.Com!

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    Q: Good day. I have a darken spot on my buttocks from a previous outbreak. Will the ANTI-VIRAL ROLL ON clear up that spot? Or will it go away once the cleansing is completed? Do I have to take the pills in the same order and at the same time each day? Or do I just need to make sure I complete the regimen each day with proper spacing of time?


    Only your body knows the answer to your question. Give the ANTI-VIRAL ROLL ON a try and see for yourself. Just make sure you take the formulas (all of them) before the day is over with. Just take them in intervals (2-3 hour intervals).

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    Q: I see also that you recommend a complete diet with these programs. I am guessing its a vegan diet right? I wanted to ask something on that is coconut milk and coconut oils ok for that? I personally had a very hard time trying to eat that many vegetables and many ph balance vegans seem to think fruits aren?t good either. I eat that many vegetables one it tears me up the next day and two I just cant consume enough calories that way. I can try and make up for it by eating things like almonds but I eat to many almonds I get the same problem the next day. Now coconut milk (unsweetened) and a digestive enzyme works for me for picking up extra calories.... but I hear very conflicting information about coconut and its saturated fat content. Is it ok to use daily as a part of the diet for cleansing? And your oxy-drops are those the same as the drop for ph balancing water?? Or is it something different? I am wanting to start lifting weights as I need to put on some muscle and I?m wondering if its something that would be beneficial in combating muscle soreness by increased oxygen in the body.


    The diet we recommend is vegan-based, and RAW FOODS. Fresh fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds are ideal.

    Coconut Milk and Coconut Oil are excellent products to have in your diet. The healthy fats will keep you fuller.

    Oxy-Drops can help balance your electrolytes that need to be replenished after a workout in order to keep your body performing efficiently. 

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    Q: I'm a 28 year old male with big dreams and high aspirations. However, I've been dealing with issues of sustained motivation, and fear for the past 10 years. As a result my life has suffered socially, and financially. I see many people around me getting ahead, but I seem to be trailing behind at every step. The hardest task I think I deal with is keeping my life in balance, and staying focused with all I desire to do. I've struggled with changing my beliefs about myself and reprogramming my mind for success for a long time.


    You have some inner blocks that are holding you back. The problems are recorded in your chakras and thus you should have chakra work performed by a qualified (doesn't mean "certified"), and trusted energy healer. Instead of focusing on keeping your life in balance, focus on what you desire to do only. I really suggest that you read my e-book manuals: "The Money, Wealth, and Prosperity Manual", "The Mental Science Manual", and the new "Discovering Your Life's Higher Purpose" (highly recommended). I can totally relate to what you're saying and experiencing! You're just blocked! You may have some vital information stored in your natal chart as well. You need an inner diagnosis performed. If you order all the tools named above, I will give you the consultation for free so we can nail down the location(s) of the inner blockages. You very well may be blocked at the First, and Third chakras. Fear is stored in the First chakra, just to let you know. You can be helped, Beloved! Stay positive, and focus on your desires. Like I state in the "Mental Science Manual", play in your mind! Live in it and miraculously the things stored in the mind, and constantly played out will manifest.

    Product Links:
    The Mental Science Manual
    The Money, Wealth, & Prosperity Manual Vol. 1
    Discovering Your Life's Higher Purpose

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    Q: Sorry for my abbreviated style, it is because I type with one finger. We are happily married since1971; we have 3 children 1973, 1977 1984. From the first day of marriage, time-to time I experienced that had difficulty to have good erection. (Not always) in the past approx 2 years it is getting worse and often failed. About a year I was not able to make love while both of us have the desire, tried many things (except drugs and all the fake enhancers on the market) One naturopath suggested that I have some nervous blockage, might prevent the erection, due to many frustrations of not able to do anything when both of us have the desire. I have involuntary erection during night sleep generally between 2--5 Am.


    It may be a host of things but it mostly seems your impotence is psycho-somatic in nature as your diet appears pretty healthy. Work would have to be done on the emotional, mental, and psychological nature to unblock some clogged circuits. Every situation can be reversed. It simply depends on what you are open to as far as healing modalities goes.

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    Q: I purchased the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN kit. I began taking the regimen of capsules. For breakfast I had water and a banana. For lunch I ate a homemade vegetable soup (chicken broth and veggies). By 2:00 p.m. I began to regurgitate profusely. What did I do wrong? Should I expect to be physically ill after taking the capsules?


    Chicken broth? That's animal-based! No animal products, Beloved! If you continue to vomit lower the dosage of the capsules from 5 down to 2 or 3 (for a few days and then work yourself back up).

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    Q: I read most of your articles. Love them. What you say is 100% correct. See for me. I believe that God has put me here for a reason. I have been blessed with the ability to for see things and when I think about something hard enough BAM!! I think of someone and they show up, so in regards to my current situation YES. I did have a hand in this. I keep thinking of not wanting to get HIV. Didn’t want to hear about or talk about it. Then two months before getting my initial test. It was on my mind. Then I got a physical and I was like no going to take this test but went ahead anyway and here we are. Do I believe in it? Not anymore. I now believe in blood toxicity. I am not freaking out about outbreaks because I don't have any. What I want is to know how to shape my mind. Do I need Chakra balance? What can I do to stop the thoughts? How do I reverse my mind to stop thinking on things. I try so hard to see happy things and feel happy thoughts. BTW in Jan I thought about a cold sore and it appeared.


    Thanks for explaining all that! I think the MENTAL SCIENCE MANUAL is right up your alley, Beloved. It'll be up next week. So glad you enjoy my articles, Beloved! You are a powerful person and you will be dangerous (in a good way) when you learn the power of your mind. Peace and Love!