Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself

The single most important tool you have to achieve your goals-whether you desire wealth, fame, relationships, a specific job, etc.-is merely to believe in yourself.

It is incredibly difficult to teach such knowledge or have an outsider impress this realization upon you. Such knowledge must come from within! No matter who or what you may be up against at present, believe in yourself and that you have what it takes to be triumphant in the end.

If there is something you desire, believe in your self-worth. Believe that you are worthy of receiving all that you desire, especially if it’s for your personal benefit or the greater good of the world.

Self-confidence is contagious – the more you believe in yourself and trust in your own abilities, the more confidence others will have in you. Moreover, both men and women consistently rank confidence as one of the most desirable traits that the opposite sex can possess. So in addition to all of its other benefits, confidence is sexy.

Self-confidence arises from a variety of factors and circumstances. It can come from from triumphing over obstacles, from experiences gained from life lessons, from one’s accumulated knowledge of the world, and from knowing one’s self (especially the reasons why you are alive and on the planet, what is your higher purpose).

Belief can seem like a powerful self-fulfilling prophecy. Here’s a list of belief systems to help get you started:

  • Believe that you are the best and you shall become the best.
  • Believe that you are loved and you shall be loved.
  • Believe that you are protected and you shall be protected.
  • Believe that you are victorious and you shall be victorious.
  • Believe that you are powerful and you shall become powerful.
  • Believe that you are prosperous and you shall be prosperous.
  • Believe you are provided for and you shall be provided for.
  • Believe that you have the intelligence to figure out all of life’s riddles.
  • Believe that you have the strength, willpower, fortitude, and tenacity to persevere in all of your trials and tribulations (which can be seen as nothing but tests and future opportunities).
  • Believe that you are capable of deep, abiding love.
  • Believe that you can find that perfect someone who reciprocates your feelings. Understand that you are both loved and worthy of being loved. If you’ve been eyeing a certain someone for a while, approach that person and make your feelings known.

The word ‘shall’ is a very powerful word in the English language. In the field of law, the term ‘shall’ means ‘mandatory.’

Life is too short to spend obsessing over “what if” and “maybe”. Seize the moment and live life without regrets.

Believe that you can make it and will be successful at following your heart’s desire. If there a certain job position open that you really desire, believe in yourself and GO FOR IT!

Do not accept any excuses for not chasing after your dreams. If you want something, go for it. If you want to stop working a traditional 9 to 5 job and instead pursue your dream occupation, then you should follow your heart.

You could perform many miracles in life if you would just believe in yourself.

The little seed of belief can grow and blossom into a giant tree of knowing. All belief is enhanced and magnified by knowledge. Start with belief and graduate into knowledge.

By all means or by any means necessary – BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

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