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Black Bean Burger


Veggie burgers don’t always get the best reputation. Store-bought versions (though not all of them) are usually tiny (causing you to need to grill multiple), full of random ingredients (like processed protein from soy or gluten) and not the best tasting things on earth.

This easy, homemade black bean veggie burger is a great solution. Check out the recipe below plus 13 different ways to eat it.

Easiest Black Bean Burger


  • 1/2 cup black beans (cooked or canned), mashed with a fork
  • 1/4 cup ground flaxseed
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon chili powder or paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon onion and/or garlic powder
  • a pinch or two or three of sea salt
  • a pinch of cayenne
  • any additional chopped fresh herbs or spices that tickle your fancy


1. Combine the mashed beans with the flaxseeds, herbs and spices.

2. Using your hands, form the mixture into one big patty. (Add a teaspoon or so of water if it’s having a hard time sticking together.)

3. Cook on a grill or skillet that’s been sprayed with coconut oil for about 5 minutes on each side.

How To Eat It:

1. The traditional burger + bun + condiment + serve route.

2. Tucked into tacos. With some guac, salsa, lettuce and cashew cheese, of course.

3. Chopped into quinoa. Plus some veggies and pesto.

4. Formed into “meatballs” (pre-cooking) and thrown into spaghetti with tomato sauce and fresh basil.

5. On a plate with some hummus, lettuce and tomato. Eaten with a knife as you would…grilled chicken?

6. Wrapped into a wrap. With some mustard, sprouts, tomatoes and carrots.

7. Cut up and placed on top of homemade toaster-oven english muffin pizza.

8. Rolled into a collard green, accompanied by tahini, peppers and cucumbers.

9. Stuffed into a sweet potato, with some kale or spinach and some tomato, avocado and pumpkin seeds joining the party.

10. Crumbled onto homemade nachos — on top of a bed of baked corn chips, guacamole, cashew cheese, a homemade sour cream and some salsa.

11. Diced into a salad. With your favorite dressing and veggies.

12. In a pressed panini — warmly squished between some lightly oiled healthy bread, arugula, pesto or balsamic vinegar and a cheese (dairy-free if you don’t eat dairy).

13. In a scramble — alongside eggs or tofu, veggies and of course — hot sauce.

Sourec: www.mindbodygreen.com


Related Questions

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    Q: How often should one eat cook food? I'm a vegan, I do not consume any meat, seafood, milk what so ever. I eat water cresses like everyday so as cook food. Like white rice with black bean sauce, spinach, and pasta at time's I'll eat some Chinese fried rice, veggie roll, steamed vegetables, any advice?


    You can eat cooked food as much as you like. However, try to incorporate as many nutrient-dense raw foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, into your diet to make sure you are receiving an adequate amount of nutrients.

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    Q: I am currently on the Full Body Detox. It's my 4th or 5th time & I love the results each time. My question is: I was told that it is okay to eat black beans while on the Full Body Detox, but only black beans. Although I love black beans, & would love to be able to eat them while detoxing, I wouldn't want to interfere with the detox or defeat the purpose. I look forward to you response. It sounds too good to be true...but if it is, why only black beans?


    You are misinformed on the black beans or any beans for that matter, Beloved. Beans should be avoided during the Full Body Detox unless eaten SPROUTED. Sprouted beans are the only exception because they are not cooked!

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    Q: Thank you for always answering my questions. I have about two more. Okay, I'm currently living overseas where I'm limited on raw fresh foods (vegetables and fruits). I want to do the detox but I'm concerned that I won't have everything as far as raw food to be successful. I have access to basics (apples, oranges, bananas, tomatoes, avocados, melons, lettuce, cabbage, bean spouts, carrots, celery, peppers, green beans, peas, bagged nuts,) but nothing exotic by any means. Then I was told to safely eat some of the food in the local economy that we should wash it with a 5% bleach solution (is that safe...and if on the detox I'm thinking that would be a no go). Two questions?Given the mentioned availability of raw foods could I be able to successfully complete the detox (I don't have an issue with eating the same things over and over again) and two what can I do to clean local produce so that its safe for consumption? Apparently part of the issue is that they use human feces to fertilize. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response


    Yes, it seems you have enough raw food available to you to complete the cleanse.

    In order to clean local produce, rinse thoroughly with apple cider vinegar to "disinfect" it. If apple cider vinegar is unavailable, just use water.

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    Q: Have you heard that drinking beet juice with a table or teaspoon of black strap molasses gets rid of fibroids? Beet juice purifies the blood. But, this has to be done everyday.

    A: Beet juice is a great blood purifier and excellent for supplementary use. But in order to fully eliminate fibroids, you should consider performing the Fibroid Cleanse, as it naturally works to strengthen and purify the female reproductive system while helping with the reduction of fibroids.

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    Q: I am on my 3rd day of the fully body cleansing. I am definitely doing this to lose weight. I am a 52 year old, black, Christian, wife, mother to 21 and 14 year old girls, legal secretary who is 450 lbs. I am to the point now where if I don't do this I'm going to be housebound. I can barely move some days that is why I started this because I feel so unhealthy. I have a question about the nuts. I got all gun-ho and ordered $135.00 worth of organic nuts from nuts.com. I got raisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios and cashews and mixed them all up together (well I purchased 2 lbs of each but I only mixed up 1 lb of each together). Anyway, I was reading about how much calories are in nuts. Should I not pay attention to that because I was consuming a lot of calories in the first place or do I have to watch how many nuts I eat? I have put some nuts in a sandwich bags and basically filled it up and that is supposed to be my nuts ration for the day. I am also eating fruits and vegetables. So far the fruit have been grapes, grapefruit, red apples, pears, green apples and bananas. The vegetables have all been in a salad: tomatoes, celery spinach leaves, carrots, mixed in balsamic vinaigrette. I only ate the salad Monday night all the other times I have just eaten the fruit and nuts. I am also consuming approximately 75-100 oz of water. Sorry I’m long winded I just wanted you to get the entire picture.


    Thanks for the question, I can definitely help you.


    I am currently writing an eBook for www.dherbs.com called "Losing weight the healthy way." I have been a weight loss counselor for many years. I am also a health coach, personal trainer, bodymind nutritionist, and a vegan lifestyle coach. 


    When it comes to weight loss most programs want you to lose weight to get healthy. My mindset is to get healthy and lose weight. 


    In my health/fitness/nutrition coaching program www.theveganeffect.com I use a lowfat/high carb/ high raw/ nutrient dense/ high alkaline diet to achieve long term weight loss success. So far I am 100 percent in getting clients long lasting weight loss. If you are interested in my program please fill out the health history form on the side of the web page. We could have a free 1 hour initial consultation over skype to see how I can best help you.


    Nuts are best kept to a minimum if you use them at all. Nuts are extremely high in fat and have the opposite omega 3- omega 6 ratio that is optimal for health. Seeds are best as far as ratios are concerned. Also nuts are truly easy to over eat and cause your nutrient ratios to be off.


    A healthy vegan diet is a high raw fruitarian diet. 


    Breakfast: green smoothie. (500-1000 calories of fruits blended with a handful of greens and water)

    Bridge: Dates and strawberries (500 calories) 

    Lunch: Salad with low sugar fruits (cucumber, tomato, squash, bell peppers) topped with fruit, beans, psuedo grains, 

    Bridge: 2-3 apples

    Dinner: Raw wraps (collard greens) with low sugar fruit and tahini

    Snack: Sorbet


    Hope this helps

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT BMI VLC

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    Q: I am writing you to see if you have any information and remedies for hemorrhoids. I am a Black African male in my 40's. I have changed my diet for the last 3 yrs., no meat, fish, cheese, milk, no dairy, no alcohol, no bread, greatly decreased sugar and salt. I exercise 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week, drink at least 6 glasses of water a day and take lots of vitamin c and a multivitamin but I still have not been able to get rid of the hemorrhoids. Also the hemorrhoids only come out when I have a bowel movement. I have bowel movements twice a day. Also, I have been taking horse chestnut tincture. Is there anything that you know of that might help me to get rid of them. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Truthfully, thank you very much.


    Try our 10-Day Supreme Colon Cleanser. After the cleanse, take 3 capsules of Hemorrhoid Buster 2-3 times daily. Drink 1 cup of Aloe Vera juice daily.

    Have your read our article of "Hemorrhoids" on our site?

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    Q: I am on day 4 of the FULL BODY DETOX and was wondering what else can or should I eat besides toss salad and fruits and veggies. I know I can do organic non-salt nuts, steamed veggies, fruits smoothies and wild rice but is they’re anything I am not suppose to eat besides meat and sweets (sodas)? I have eaten toss salad was it ok that I put cheese on it? I am struggling to find other food options. Please help!!



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    Q: For the last 2 weeks, I've been eating only raw foods. My daily intake mainly consist of snow beans, green beans (string beans), kale, carrots, a small amount butter and crackers, bananas, apples, pears, lettuce, tomatoes, dates, spinach and filtered water. My question is: Am I getting the required nutrients and how would I know if I were not and specifically, how would I know what nutrient was missing. I also take the MALE HORMONAL FORMULA and JACKRABBIT FORMULA (regardless of whether I intend to engage in sexual activity).



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    Q: I started taking the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE last week. I was doing ok until Thursday. Let's just say, I've started over. What can I eat other than fruit & veggies and (1) veggie burger. Can I have oatmeal, nuts, and tofu? I'm 39 yrs old, 295 pounds, 5-5" African American trying to have a baby. After this cleanse, I wanted to get on the FIBRIOD BUSTER, would doing so be too much for my body to handle? Also, I have herpes and want to start taking the ANTI-VIRAL FORMULA you have to treat this. Can I take this while pregnant? I'm not currently, but hope to be within the next 3 mos. I get an outbreak once every 2-3 yrs. Help!


    The diet is very specific so if you are having problems with the diet and feel you need to eat other things; it's your choice to do so. To learn what RAW foods are, read our article "WHAT IS RAW FOODS"? I think it is a good idea to take the ANTI-VIRAL FORMULAafter you perform the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE and FULL BODY DETOX. If you become pregnant, switch from detoxing and concentrate on nutrition.

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    Q: Hi I'm a 48 year old black man and I need some help I got a lot going on I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. I had a heart attack 12-24-07. I smoke about a pack a day and have low sex drive. and it looks like I ate a basket ball. I'm 5'9" and 252 lbs so I need to lose about 60 pounds mostly in my belly and to top it off I can't take a walk or PLAY POOL because I have sciatica I can't bend over to the table. I'm sluggish all day. So what herbs do you recommend?


    Beloved, you need to first detox (FULL BODY DETOX) followed by the PANCREAS CLEANSE AND REGIMEN followed by the 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE followed by the TOTAL MALE CLEANSE. A lot of cleanses but if you perform them you'll wipe away all of your present conditions something you need to do and fast. Start with one kit at a time and proceed with the next.

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    Q: Is it normal when your first menstrual period is black? If no, what is cause and possible healing? Secondly, when I pressed my nipples something like pimples usually comes out. Can this hinder conception?


    From what you have described, you are greatly toxic, and really need to give your body a detox. I recommend that you first perform our Full Body Detox, followed by our Total Woman Cleanse. Your female reproductive system is also taxed. Please consider changing your diet: less meats and dairy products as well as refined grains. Eat more fruits and vegetables. After detoxing, consume daily our Calcium Phosphate (3 caps daily), Moon Cycle Formula (3 caps daily), Iron Phosphate (3 caps daily), and Female Health Tea (1-2 cups daily).

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox
    Total Woman Cleanse
    Calcium Formula
    Moon Cycle Formula
    Iron Phosphate
    Female Health Tea

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    Q: I would like to know if what I'm doing is okay. This is way before we found dherbs site and the products on the internet. We read on the internet that drinking a teaspoon of natural black sea salt or any sea salt in 32oz warm water every morning is good for bowel movement. We have been doing it for awhile now. Is it too much to take it with your products? I lost some weight after my FULL BODY DETOX but not too much on my stomach. What do you recommend l should use to get rid of the tummy area? I bought FIBROID BUSTER TEA I am I drinking it because l feel there is Fibroids down there. Should l also continue taking my BUNNY RABBIT formula with Fibroid tea? In my last email l mentioned my husband had mild stroke. Now he's having spasms all over his body especially when he's sleeping at night. Why is he having it and what else can he use for that? We are using all these wonderful products on the inside and still have un-even skin. Is it okay to use AMBI products for more youthful skin then detox every four months? If not, when are we going to see your skin products on the market?


    We don't recommend the drinking of sea salt. For tummy reduction: exercise (perform abs, sit ups) and take BOWEL MOVER and WEIGHT RELEASE FORMULA. You can take your herbs and tea together. No big deal! Spasms? Clearly the â€HEALING CRISIS†(read the article by this same title). The skin will improve in time. Don't focus on it!

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    Q: I am a 60 yr old black female. I am 5ft 2in and 155 lbs. good health basically except for hypertension treated with meds. I take lopressor 25mg b.i.d. otherwise in pretty good shape. I have been experiencing shoulder pain that radiates to my forearm with some swelling. All x-rays have been negative. Can you suggest what may be causing this problem? It is not constant, but very frequent and uncomfortable, especially at night.


    Please give the FULL BODY DETOX a try as it should help your hypertension and pain. A lot of times the problem is metaphysical, i.e. "shouldering too much responsibility". After the cleanse daily use of CARDIO-VASCULAR FORMULA and CIRCUL-AID FORMULA.

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    Q: I have purchased the carbon(black powder), how often do I take it?


    You can take the carbon as often as you like.

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    Q: I recently purchased your Parasite and Worm Kit and wanted to know what grains were good to eat during or after the cleanse. I eat Bulgur, brown rice, black rice, couscous, gold and brown flax seed and ground provisions i.e. yams, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, turnips and etc. Are these ok to eat during the Parasite and Worm Kit or after? Is apple cider or balsamic vinegar ok for consumption? My Queen and I look forward to removing all the parasites form our temple and projecting the increased vibration. Continue to shine the light.


    Stay RAW while removing the parasites! If you stay mostly RAW, then on a few days you can engage yourself in some of the foods you mention below (maybe once a week)! But RAW is best! Apple Cider Vinegar is the BEST vinegar to use!

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    Q: I have ordered the detox cleanse, and the weight cleanse. Both state to eat a raw diet of veggies and fruit, nuts, nut pastes??, legume sprouts, seeds, plant oils, sea veggies??,and fresh juices. It mentions Vegan Diet. What are my options when it comes to these choices? What do I eat and how often to keep my sugar from dropping, and feeling sick? Usually mid am, and mid afternoon?


    The best way to balance blood sugar and keep your body in a fat burning zone is to eat low fat and every 3-4 hours. Also high raw and high carb. Here are some options. Just a general outline.



    Muesli - fruit smoothie-green smoothie


    2-3 pieces of fruit


    Raw wraps-raw pasta-salad with legumes


    2-3 peices of fruit


    wraps-raw pasta-salad with legumes




    I suggest reading "Beauty detox solution" by Snyder, "Crazy Sexy Diet" by Karr, or 80-10-10 by Graham.


    I also recommend to check out my health coaching program www.theveganefect.com for more info.


    I hope this helps,

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT BMI VLC

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    Q: I heard you today on The Warren Ballentine Show. I have been trying to convince people to eat right for months. My question to you is, for the last 6 months I have not eaten beef, or pork, I have eaten chicken about 5 times, but only white meat(breast, baked). I mostly just eat fish and turkey,(turkey bacon, turkey sausage, and ground turkey). I feel a whole lot better I was wondering if eating the turkey was still causing harm? And by the way I don?t eat any dairy or bread!


    Oh, please read our article " WHAT IS MEAT?" under "Articles" on our site. Your answer lies there in that article. All meat is harmful! But you're off to a great start! Peace!

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    Q: I was having a discussion with my sons father about whether or, not black americans are descedants of africa. He says he is black, and is not a descendant from africa. That "we" can be from any where, not just africa. He doesn't accept the term african american. My sister was present, and she agreed with him. His statement made me so angry! Do think blacks are descedents of africa? Where else are we from, Europe? I thought this was just ignorant of thim to say. Unfortunately being slightly ignorant of this subject myself, I didnt have a way to argue that we are african. Are we black people descedents of africa? Should we use the term Afrian American?


    Undoubtedly we are descendants of Africa (Afraka) and we should also socially and politically go by African-American for purposes of claiming our civil rights under a government we pay tax dollars to so as to serve our interests as American citizens.

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    Q: Could you please tell me if you recommend castor oil or black currant seed oil to be used with the PARASITE FORMULA and at what quantity ( 1 tsp or more?) Also, can you tell me your thoughts bad and good on black currant seed oil? And does either of these oils ingested cause weight gain because of the fatty content? Just trying to get a better understanding of these oils and the benefits and drawbacks of them.


    Go with castor oil over black currant seed. These oils don't induce weight gain!

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    Q: What can I use to get rid of pimples and to get rid of black spots on my face? Also, I am an african american woman and I have facial hair; what can I do about that?


    Perform the FULL BODY DETOX. Next, TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE! Perform facial steaming too (as much as possible). Use OZ OIL after you steam your face. Only use a natural soap on your face, i.e. Kiss My Face.