Can Herbal Formulas Be Taken Together?

Yes! Dherbs.Com herbal formulas can be taken together.

It’s recommended to spread out herbal consumption over 2-3 hours and to take them separately to ensure optimal benefit. However, this isn’t always possible, so if you can handle taking multiple capsules at the same time, the formulas may be consumed simultaneously.

Learn the property of herbs and herbal formulations so you’ll know how to properly combine herbs to take them at the same time.

Read the activity of each formula you’re taking and decide yourself if they should or should not be taken together. The majority of our formulas do not cancel each other out but a few of them may.

Another option is to consider our formulas based upon their activity. You could take all organ-cleansing herbs together at the same time, sexual stimulant and hormonal balancing herbs together at the same time, etc.

Sexual-enhancing and stimulant formulas

Female Specific Formulas

Colon Specific Formulas

NOTE: The Colon Specific Formulas could cause serious bouts of defecation so make sure you’re near a toilet if you decide to take all of these formulas together. Also, it’s best to take this combination while at home.

Nutritional Formulas

Eliminative Channel Formulas

Brain Formulas

NOTE: We do not recommend that you consume Brain Booster and Nerves Formula at the same time because they may cancel each other out. While Brain Booster speeds up the brain activity, the Nerves Formula calms it down.

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