Can Herbs Reverse Tubal Ligation?

There are no plants in Nature that reverse tubal ligation.

Tubal ligation is informally known as “getting one’s tubes tied.” It is a form of permanent female sterilization.

With tubal ligation, the Fallopian tubes are severed and sealed in order to prevent fertilization. Tubal ligation is 99% effective after the first year it is performed. However, in some cases, the tubes can reconnect or reform which can lead to unwanted pregnancy, a pregnancy that if occurs will result in ectopic pregnancy (33% chance).

To reverse tubal ligation, a woman would need to undergo “tubal reversal”, a form of microsurgery. Though it is the stance of not to embrace surgery (unless it’s life-saving), surgery is a woman’s best chance to reverse tubal ligation. As of now, there are no plants that can help a woman to reverse the process.

Before Considering Tubal Ligation…

Before undergoing tubal ligation, a woman should really contemplate the decision, looking down the tunnel of time and at the possibility of having more children in the future, perhaps with the right man if Mr. Wrong is presently on the scene and is partially responsible for the decision to have one’s tubes tied.

Most people allow society to compel them into making changes that affect their body, be it abortion, tubal ligation, vasectomy, silicon breasts (breast augmentation or enhancement), Depo birth control injection, etc. Yet it is important to remember that alternative ways of living exist. It is possible to live in harmony with nature, even in the modern world.

Our bodies allow us to experience certain life experiences and these experiences are recorded in our etheric bodies which form the basis of our subsequent lives’ bodies and if we have unlearned lessons or karma recorded in certain organs, the blue print of the organ(s) is recorded in the etheric blueprint. There is no escaping the aftermath of anything you do, good or bad, or positive or negative, and this applies to the human body.

So people should be very conscious of every decision they make, especially pertaining to their physical bodies.

In Conclusion…

There are no plants (or herbs) that can reverse a tubal ligation just as there are no plants or herbs to enlarge your breasts. Either you get the process done and live with it, or, you get it done and realize that your only option to undo it is surgery or microsurgery.

Thank you for reading!