CURE: The Verboten Word

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the government agency tasked with regulating drugs and other products designed to prevent, treat, cure or heal. The also regulate products that people use on their bodies including cosmetics, skin care, hair care and makeup, as well as food products. Package labeling requirements also fall under the FDA’s oversight.

For herbalists and natural healers, the FDA can be especially difficult, especially when it comes to describing the benefit of their practices.

Since the diseases and conditions listed in the copyrighted Merck ManuaI-essentially the encyclopedia of disease-it makes all the sense in the world for herbalists and natural healers to be prohibited or inhibited from using the word “cure,” especially pertaining to “protected” diseases listed and defined in the Merck Manual or in copyrighted medical dictionaries.

Herbalists and natural healers cannot develop herbal and natural cures for “patented” diseases belonging to the world of allopathy. It is illegal. They cannot “cure” what does not belong to them or created by them. In fact, no one can really cure any disease or pathological condition-not even a doctor or a prescribed drug. Truthfully and technically speaking, no one can heal any one.

Herbalists and natural healers can only assist in the healing process. Healing is not external. It is internal. Healing always starts from within and that’s because disease, sickness, and pathology always starts from within and on the energetic level (spiritual, mental, emotional, and/or psychological).

Herbalists and natural healers must learn to be specific in their practice or profession (or expression). They must also become legally astute in FDA regulations overseeing supplements, claim substantiation and package labeling. Ignorance of the law is not a viable legal defense. Many have been jailed and imprisoned for purporting “cures” for diseases that are legally patented, and worse, they purported a healing deriving from an external substance (a product).

A drug (pill) can never cure or heal any disease because no one pill causes a single disease. Drugs play a role in breaking down and toxifying the whole body and usually one area (organ, gland, part, etc.). As this is the case, no drug or plant can cure or heal any person or disease.

Healing or curing is a collective effort, a multidimensional effort. We are not just our physical body. We also have an invisible or subtle energy body and it too is subject to imbalance. You can never heal or cure the physical body without addressing the invisible or subtle body. may not be able to cure a person from diabetes, but it can help or assist them in healing their defective pancreas (which is what diabetes is: a pancreas defect). does not deal with patented medical terms. These terms do not belong to us and we cannot cure or heal what does not belong to us. We deal with the human body (wholistically), organs in specific. Nature simply gives you what you need to heal on your own- wholistic healing information, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom and we offer the tools to help in that healing endeavor. The greatest primary tools that we have to offer for healing purposes is information, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and inspiration; followed by secondary tools in the form of pure and potent herbs, treatments and therapies (chakra balancing, ear-coning, detoxification, and consultations).

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