Delicious, Real Foods That Reduce Inflammation


I’ve been itching to write this post for a while now since I’m frequently being asked how I manage my fibromyalgia through diet. In the past couple of years I’ve been eating an anti-inflammatory diet and my autoimmune symptoms are noticeably improved. So much so that I lead a fulfilling and energetic life and feel healthier than I ever have. Happily, my fibromyalgia lives in lowercase and does not feature in my life prominently. I believe that healing my gut and switching to an anti-inflammatory diet have been the key to my healing.

Most of us are familiar with inflammation on the surface of our bodies which involves local redness, heat, swelling and pain, but there is another kind of inflammation that lingers within our bodies. Inflammation exists within us all and is an extremely powerful, necessary function for our survival. It’s the cornerstone of the body’s healing response; ensuring that appropriate nourishment and adequate immune activity is delivered to an area that is injured or under attack.

However, there’s a darker side to the wonderful healing capabilities of inflammation and because of its gripping, powerful responsiveness, inflammation can be incredibly destructive to your health, particularly when it extends beyond the boundaries of a localised area, or continues for long periods of time.

Since the 19th century, the idea that inflammation is the underlying cause of aging, and age-related illnesses has been studied in depth. Researchers have discovered that complex chemical reactions occur throughout the body in response to inflammation which leads to an overactive immune system.

Over a lifetime, an overactive immune system will contribute to an overproduction of AGE’s, advanced glycation end products, initiating oxidative reactions within cells that will gradually damage organs throughout the body. This type of chronic, low level inflammation is very common and researchers believe it is a contributor in age related diseases including cardiovascular and neurodegenerative illnesses.

One of the simplest causes of underlying inflammation, and one that we have control over is an ‘inflammatory lifestyle’, which includes factors of environmental toxin exposure, stress and poor diet.

Simply put, what you put in your mouth is arguably one of the most powerful choices you can make to impact your inflammatory status. When I realized this and altered my diet, I continued to feel better and better every day.

Foods To Avoid

You’ll want to avoid the following foods, which may contribute to inflammation in the body:

  • Saturated fats from poorly fed animals and animals fed and finished on genetically modified corn and grains, antibiotics and hormones.
  • Trans-fats from margarine, shortening and hydrogenated oils — when it comes to eating fats and oils, it’s important to avoid a diet high in omega-6 and low in omega-3 fatty acids, as this unhealthy balance leads to an increase in cytokines; which are proteins released in the cells which trigger inflammation.
  • Sugar, as well as any form of refined food — refined grains that can be found in your everyday supermarket breakfast cereals, breads, pasta’s and muesli bars are pro-inflammatory as the refining process depletes fibre and vitamin B, which are needed to keep inflammation at bay.

Favorite Anti-inflammatory Ingredients

Clean and unprocessed foods supply your body with the vitamins, minerals and highly effective phyto-nutrients required to increase your body’s defense against chronic inflammation. Here are five of my favorites:

1. Bok choy

This vibrant, green leafy vegetable found in many Asian cuisines, boasts a particularly high anti-inflammatory effect due to its potent concentration of beta carotene and vitamin A. Beta carotene is a potent antioxidant required to protect cells from toxic damage. Interestingly, one serving of bok choy contains up to 70mg of omega-3 fats, paramount in reducing the body’s inflammatory status, as well as preventing the risks and symptoms of a number of disorders influenced by inflammation.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric has been recognised by scientists to hold incredible anti-inflammatory effects due to its active ingredient, curcumin, shielding the body against oxidative stress.

3. Ginger

This root from the same family as turmeric has been used as a remedy for centuries in Asian, Indian and Arabic systems of medicine. This spicy ingredient is a potent anti-inflammatory, inhibiting the formation of inflammatory prostaglandins, thereby reducing the pain associated with osteoarthritis and other inflammatory illnesses. Studies reveal that ginger may help halt the inflammation that’s associated with liver cancer by stopping the pro inflammatory TNF-α, a type of signalling protein that causes inflammation. Include freshly grated ginger into stir fries, soups and curries.

4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Another nutrient to really grab hold of in an anti-inflammatory diet is the presence of polyhenols. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants shown to help reduce inflammation throughout the body. These compounds include at least nine categories, and more than two dozen polyphenol compounds have been well researched as anti-inflammatory nutrients. For example, polyphenolic compounds have been proven to decrease the production of messaging molecules responsible for inflammation, inhibit pro-inflammatory enzymes, and decrease the synthesis of the enzyme inducible nitric oxide synthase.

Thankfully, these complex anti-inflammatory functions can be found your everyday bottle of extra virgin olive oil, which is known to contain significant quantities of polyphenols. Researchers worldwide find that a diet rich in olive oil polyphenols is associated with healthier breast tissue, colon function, cardiovascular function, and a protection from the inflammatory effects of secondary smoke and other environmental toxins. Remember to use olive oil on salads and only heat it to a moderate temperature.

By: Lee Holmes


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    Q: I have a myriad of health problems due to, I believe, excessive masturbation. Ailments include: Low hanging reddish testicles (at times) Epididymitis Pain and inflammation of the vas deferens Pain and "it seems" mild inflammation in the lower abdominal. Pre-mature ejaculation (I masturbate only once a month) could this be too much if my body is destroyed? At the onset I had penis shrinkage, and seminal discharge or oozing. Constant urination, dripping, pressure in the pelvis and/or bladder. I have tried a bunch of products but none have worked. Dr. Lin's herbal formulas for 8 months. Acupuncture with 4 different people. Chinese herbs with 2 of them. Ginseng tonic formulas. They are all expensive and I am having trouble affording everything. Life is hard enough without this type of problem. I need to avoid being ripped off. I would appreciate any feedback and/or correspondence.


    We would recommend that you perform our Full Body Cleanse, then follow that up with our Male Cleanse. These cleanses help to provide essential nutrients conducive to male sexual reproductive health.

    After you finish the cleanses, go with Male Hormonal Formula, Prostate Formula and Male Health Tea to continue to maintain the wellness of your testicles, penis, and prostage gland.

    And more importantly, give masturbating a break for a while.

    Also, soak in hot water and 2-3 boxes of sea salt daily.

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    Q: I have nasal inflammation and was given a nasal steroid to use. I'm not using it however how do I shrink the nasal passage? And rid myself of the inflammation in my body? Thank you


    Perform the Respiratory Cleanse & Regimen for your nasal condition. This cleanse may help with your nasal inflammation and helps to support and strengthen the respiratory system.

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    Q: Hi, I am a 59 yr old female who has diabetes and weighs aprox. 425 lbs. I also have Lymphedema along with a bad case of tendonitis in my left rotator cuff, as well as kidney disease. That being said, I guess I am a mess! I have tried loose weight and eat normal but after all these years I am asking myself, "what is normal"? I have been thinking about going on a raw food diet but, have no idea where to start! I know it includes salads but, I am sure I will get board quickly eating just that. I also am wondering what does one eat for breakfast other then fruit of which I have to be very careful of because I am a brittle diabetic and am on insulin. I am so tired of failing and want to succeed this time! I want to be able to walk and stand for long periods of time and be independent again. I do have an under-active thyroid and am currently taking 137 mic. of thyroid. Can you send me some information on an anti inflammatory, low protein,low carb. diet? Thank you.


    I can definitely help you! 

    I run an online vegan health/fitness/nutriton program over skype at I have coached many to their best health and have reversed all of the problems you have. Please check out the site!

    Let's go through them one by one shall we? Lymph-edema is a build up of fluid. Your lymphatic system like your liver and kidney are your bodies garbage men. When toxicity gets to overwhelming your garbage men go on strike or are just overwhelmed. You should do a cleanse/detox and do exercises that stimulate the lymphatic system. The best would be a mini trampoline. Just 15 minutes a day goes far. Lympedema is healed by a high alkaline diet. Increasing greens and fruits while decreasing dairy, meat, alcohol, salt, and processed food.

    Tendonitis can be healed also by an anti-inflammatory diet . Increasing berries and greens while decreasing dairy, meat, salt, and alcohol. 

    Thyroid can be repaired also by an alkaline diet and detox. You can find a thyroid support formula at

    Diabetes is reversed using a low fat raw vegan diet. In 30 days you can completely get off insulin if you cut out the fat and get on a high carb raw vegan diet. The only programs who are actually reversing diabetes are using the same protocol as my program. I do not do a low carb diet especially when reversing diabetes. None of the programs healing your condition do either. Diabetes is not a carb issue but a fat issue. Fat coats your cells and blocks the sugar insulin connection. A low carb diet is a high fat diet and will only manage your condition at best.

    The first of many ebooks I will write for Dherbs is titled "Go Vegan the Healthy Way!" It is being edited nowe and hopefully soon it will be available at a low cost. Look for it on Dherbs. I will email you when it is available as well.

    A typical detox raw food program looks like this


    Green smoothie: 1 1/2- 2 cups water / 1 cup greens / 3-5 medium pieces of fruit blended.

    (see "Green Smoothie Revolution" Boutenko for more info)


    Bridge: 2-3 medium sized fruits



    Raw Wraps: collard greens as wraps/ tomato, cucumber, bell pepper / fresh herbs / Sauce (salsa/tahini/guacamole/ etc))


    Bridge:2-3 medium pieces of fruit



    Raw pasta: Zuchini sliced with a potato peeler / veggies / Homemade pasta sauce made in blender 


    Snack: Sorbet: Blended frozen fruit in a blender


    Hope this helps,

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT BMI VLC

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    Q: My mom has been suffering from Pancreatitis/gallstones/abdominal pains for the last three weeks, what is the cause and how is it cured? Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas caused by mucus due to excess acidity of the body due to diet. Basically, all of her complaints are due to POOR diet (meat, eggs, dairy, refined products, chemical ingredients, etc.


    We recommend she start with the FULL BODY DETOX followed by the 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE. Start reading through our articles too because most questions folks ask is already covered IN DETAIL via some article, so start hanging out in the articles section too.

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    Q: Can you recommend a formula for an eye condition titled "uveitis," an inflammation of the retina? I am most interested in your holistic approach and would like to purchase some of your products. However, I am currently on a steroid called prednisone and cytoxan prescribed by my rheumetologis. I learned of your company on 1200 am in Detroit, Michigan.


    Check out our Eye Kit. It's a 20 day kit and regimen that help to strengthen the eyes and minimize adverse conditions of the eyes 

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    Q: I have a friend who suffers from Chrons disease (intestinal inflammation)and is interested in using an herbal laxative; mild but strong enough to loosen the mucoid plaque inside his colon without irritating his intestine. What do you recommend?


    We recommend trying the Colon Formula or Bowel Motion along with Intestinal Cleanser to get you back on track towards healing. These formulas will help cleanse toxins and waste from your digestive system, while helping your digestive system function at optimal levels.

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    Q: I have inflammation of the optic nerve, and am legally blind. I am told to drink alkaline water to clear up this problem. Is this true?


    Alkaline water is helpful but will not reverse your blindness alone. Drink alkaline water but also take our Eyes Formula (3 capsules three times a day), Circul-aid Formula (3 capsules once daily), and drink 1 cup of Blueberry Juice daily. Read our Eye Problems. article on our site.

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    Q: I have severe back pain - What is the likely cause? FIBROIDS, INFLAMMATION?


    It could be a few things causing it, i.e. constipation, fibroid tumors, etc. The major cause is life issues (i.e. bending over backwards to help people or feeling as though your back is against the wall). Try detoxifying your whole body (Full Body Detox) and soaking in hot water and 1 box of sea salt daily; followed by rubbing essential oil of peppermint on your back.

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    Q: Re: Daily Regimen for Weight Loss, Inflammation, and Staying Regular. Hello, I used the full detox and loved it. I lost 15 lbs and would like to continue using something natural to help with the weight loss. Also, quite honestly I loved the ease of the bm's. Even before I began the detox, I have limited my carb intake and it is almost painful to go to the bathroom now and laxatives can be very harsh on the stomach. So, if you could please recommend a daily regimen of dherbs that I can take that would be greatly appreciated. By the way - though I enjoyed the healthy regimen, I can not do salads everyday so don't even suggest it! LOL Thank You! Weight Loss Inflamation

    A: Congrats on your success with the cleanse, we're happy to hear that you enjoyed it. If you're looking to stop inflammation within the body, continue to recondition your bowels and lose additional weight it would be best for you to cleanse again. It's safe to do the cleanses back to back. A lot of foods contribute inflammation and not being regular in regards to the bowels. If you keep a balanced diet you'll be able to achieve your goals. Raw food doesn't just mean salads. The main purpose for the raw food diet was to benefit from the foods and to give your body a break from the foods it’s accustom to. You’re giving your body everything that it NEEDS. Most people are successful with the cleanse and the diet when you open yourself up to the change. The diet was not intended to be a challenge, it's to benefit from live foods that help your body. If you decide to cleanse again, we suggest embracing the diet and trying new types of raw meals.

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    Q: What is it when I feel inflammation in my vaginal track and lots of sensation during sex. Can I do anything about it ?


    This could be a host of things! It could be an STD. It could be hormonal deficiency. The biggest sign is that you need to deal with your sexual emotions because when the vagina acts up it's a sign it shouldn't be penetrated and sex should be put on the back burner so you can deal with your sexual issues (usually from your past: some type of sexual emotional trauma). Perform the the FULL BODY DETOX followed by the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE. Read some of our free health articles on female health as well.

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    Q: I had a caesarian and suffered with a hernia for 3 years. Next I had pelvic inflammatory disease and IBS, I have suffered from weight loss throughout these illnesses. I am in pain most days and I suffer with nausea too. I can not eat many foods because they cause constipation. I am only 33 but feel 80 years old. I try to help myself as much as possible but I keep hitting a brick wall. Any suggestions you have would be gratefully received. I now weigh 7 1/2 stone and I am 5’10â€. Thanks.


    Beloved, give the FULL BODY DETOX a try! Change your diet to a predominantly vegan-vegetarian diet. Drink 8 glasses of water daily, start eating a lot of fruit (your favorite ones) and drink vegetable juice daily and you will see improvements in your life and health.

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    Q: What products do you have for Joint Inflammation? Thanks



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    Q: I have these cysts on the side of my ribs I had one cut out and have another one I was concerned and wanted to know to naturally get rid of them .... also how do I free myself from sugar I read some of the articles and would like to change my eating habits would love to become a vegan where do I start.. help I'm 39 Hispanic male need to detox bad ran the family out the house. Need to get in shape I look young but feel old, I have inflammation in my joints in my spine.


    Your solution is: DETOX! DETOX! DETOX! Change your diet! You must start eating right! Read the book "Becoming Vegan." A great book!

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    Q: I had 2 jaw bone (cavitations) surgeries, from holistic dentist, a dentist I went to prior caused major trauma to the bone and 3 days later my whole face was on fire, this has been 3 years since this happened, he might have pushed the infection I had in my system through the nerves, I am a whole lot better but still experience pain, pressure and fogginess in my head causing me not to think straight at times, pain behind my ears and in lower jaw, as well as discomfort and pressure. I would like to know what product would be good for this, the brain and heart circulation herb? I pretty much have to stay on a raw food diet to maintain my health but this is not totally getting rid of the problem, there is inflammation and pain in my jaws if I eat the wrong thing. Could you please guide me in the right direction?


    Herbs to try: BRAIN TUNER, NERVES FORMULA, MSM SULFUR, and HEADACHE AND PAIN FORMULA. Also, purchase OXY-DROPS for your drinking water (10-20 drops per glass).

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    Q: I have sarcoidosis that is contained in the lungs since I was 16 and am now 44. I am starting to feel the effects more and more and am now I’m on oxygen part time through the day and always at night. I have inflammation in the lungs that the doctor is treating with prednisone and plaquinel so it doesn't turn to scar tissue. My question is do you have something better and is there a cure and a reversal for the scar tissue that is already there ?


    Please read our article on â€SARCOIDOSIS†in our articles section for natural remedies.

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    Q: I have a challenge; I have waste in joints and or tissue in my right knee. It’s painful and I can't sleep well at night nor walk without pain. What is causing inflammation?



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    Q: I am working towards healing my knees of chronic pain. Played football thru college and now its difficult to run without pain. Is this a mucus issue or inflammation issue in my knees? What is the best herb for this?


    We recommend doing the Full Body Cleanse. It helps reduce the amount of inflammation and mucus in the body that often leads to joint issues. After detoxing, your body starts to function better, as it gives the body the reset it needs. We suggest taking the MSM Sulfur and Joint Aid after the Full Body Cleanse. These two supplements help repair bone and joint health.

    Full Body Cleanse -

    Joint Aid -

    Calcium Formula -

    MSM Sulfur - A

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    Q: After I finish the Full Body Cleanse, and the Anti Viral Cleanse for HSV, will I have to follow a RAW diet forever? I want to go back to my normal (healthy but cooked) food diet, which will still include a substantial amount of raw foods.


    Of course you don't have to eat RAW forever, your diet plan sounds smart and wise!

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    Q: Greetings! I have listened and been blessed with your wisdom many times while you've been on L.I.B. Radio. Thank you for all you do for so many! I am writing on behalf of my father. He is 80 years old and before now, he was EXTREMELY active (bowling, golfing, exercising, etc.). In early December he started suffering with severe leg pains. During his stay in the hospital, they finally found he had three bulging disks in his back that were referring this relentless pain to his leg. They gave him so many painkillers that the meds burned his esophagus and he was throwing up that dried blood. He stopped taking those meds and is in constant pain. He has been home from the hospital for about 6 weeks now. The steroids they have him on are supposed to bring down the inflammation, but they haven't. He saw an acupuncturist, but those treatments haven't helped. He has not slept more than two or so hours at night in all these weeks, as the pain is that unbearable. I am not sure what other info you might need, but any guidance you could offer would be so very appreciated. I thank you for your time and your help. I wish such blessings and peace to you and yours! Thank you for your kind words.


    In re your father, painkillers are not the way because they only mask the symptom (pain).

    First, get your father a magnetic bed pad for him to sleep on. Do a Goggle search on the Inter-Net to locate a magnet distributor. He needs to sleep on a magnet pad nightly. A magnetic back brace also wouldn't hurt. He could wear it daily during daylight hours.

    Order the Headache and Pain tea and give the tea 2-3 times per day.

    Also order the carbon (activated charcoal) and give him this each night (to help remove the pain killer residue that is eating up his nerves).

    If he can bathe still, put him in hot water with 2-3 boxes of sea salt each bath and let him soak for about 30-45 minutes.

    Perform the above for starters and keep us abreast.

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    Q: While I know by experience that herbs can have a healing effect, You say that clearly, "Sarcoidosis affects the glands", the inner and outer skin, and the lymphatic system. Sarcoidosis is a degenerative disease, and is therefore due to improper diet. You don't mention at any stage that it is an auto immune disease. To say that diet alone can cause one's immune system to attack the body, and major organs (which you don't mention anywhere) seems very simplistic. I may be wrong, but I hope you are not just raising hopes for all the sufferers out there. My sister has sarcoidosis.


    Beloved, why would I want to in futile and falsely raise innocent people's hopes and create bad karma for myself? I'm not one of the unscrupulous Christian ministers who do such, Beloved. I'm a wise natural healer. I have no incentive in raising false hopes. Life is not joke nor is suffering! Sarcoidoisis is a PREVENTABLE and REVERSIBLE disease which means it is diet related. A disease is preventable because eating wrong foods can be prevented. A disease is reversible because poor diet is reversible. Research the medical term "degenerative disease" and you'll understand where I'm coming from. I'm not one to embrace auto-immune disease because when the body turns on itself that's not natural. The person did something to make their body attack itself. People invite disease, Ma'am via WRONG DIET, WRONG THOUGHTS, WRONG ACTIONS, etc. If she was born with sarcoidosis, she picked up in life, a life that she led pursuant to her own free will. I say again: YOU CAN heal from any disease! If you believe you can, you can. If you believe you can't, you can't! It IS that simple! Jesus (not that you may be a Christian, I'm just quoting) stated: If thou canst belive, all things are possible to him that believeth!