Disease Control

Disease Control

Controlling disease is in the same category as managing or maintaining the disease. People who are interested in controlling and/or managing disease(s) are not serious about curing or healing diseases at all. They have a very different motive. They cannot be serious about healing or curing disease because to control or to manage is totally different from healing and/or curing.

Government is not interested in eliminating disease just as it is not interested in eliminating crime, though maintaining public health, order, and safety are duties of government (actually duties in which they usually use to abridge our civil liberties). Crime, like disease, is big business. Remove crime from society and law enforcement officers wouldn’t have a job.

The opposite of control is out of control. So to have a disease under control is dangerous because there’s always the possibility of losing control or the disease getting out of control.

So we never want any disease under control, managed, regulated, or maintained. We want it 100% healed or cured. The only way to successfully heal or cure yourself is by:

  • (1) Changing your thoughts to only positive and loving thoughts (eradicating all negative thoughts and emotions),
  • (2) Changing your attitude and/or outlook (especially about life and how you look at or see the world, especially your world) to a positive mental attitude, for attitude determines altitude.
  • (3) Changing your diet (perhaps to a vegan and/or raw foods diet, or 75% vegan and 25% raw foods), totally eradicating meat (dead, slaughtered animal flesh), dairy (liquefied cow snot, liquid meat), and refined starches and grains, processed foods, sugar/salt, coffee, wine/alcohol, etc.;
  • (4) Changing your lifestyle (the things you do, the way you live, etc.); and
  • (5) Changing your environment (where you reside, places you hang out at, people you hang with, etc.).

Never settle for having a disease under control. Always seek to eliminate, eradicate, terminate, reverse, heal from, or cure the disease. Be specific with your words and intent. Your healing depends on it.

To control another person is to lose your essence. Control takes focusing-focus on your subject rather than yourself, which is highly detrimental and injurious.

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