Easy and Healthy Meals to Take With You


I have every right to preach about not skipping breakfast because I used to do it all the time. There was no time to make breakfast, I only liked breakfast out at restaurants, or I just wasn’t hungry. I swore I’d grab something later and by the time lunch came around, I was so hungry I would eat whatever was fast, available and filling. When I changed all my eating habits, I forced myself to eat breakfast and found that I felt satisfied until lunch time and didn’t have urges to grab snacks. Lighter dinners satisfied me as well so I was actually hungry in the mornings. Now breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I love adding veggies to every breakfast. Sometimes there really is no time to stop and eat breakfast at home. That doesn’t mean you should skip breakfast, however. With a bit of advance planning, you can make these delicious and healthy breakfasts that you can take with you and eat on –the-go.

1. Breakfast You Can Drink

The easiest way to have a healthy breakfast on-the-go is to drink your meal. Putting your fruits and veggies into a juice or smoothie is a great way to get a ton of nutrients into just one glass. Even if you have a high-speed blender, it still takes some time and prep work to make the juice or smoothie. A good idea is to prep the ingredients for your juices and smoothies ahead of time so in the morning, all you have to do is press the button. Read How to Make Smoothie Prep Jars to Save Time for tips and recipes. Then just put your juice or smoothie in a travel mug and go.

If you’re new to smoothies and juices, don’t worry. We have you covered with great advice. For smoothies, see How to Make a Basic, Beginner Green Smoothie that Rocks, The Best Order of Ingredients to Make a Superfood Smoothie, 10 Ingredients That Make a Super Smoothie, The Anatomy of a Filling, Healthy Green Smoothie: What to Use and What to Skip, and How to Make a Smoothie Without Using Bananas.

For juices, read The Ultimate Green Juice Cheat Sheet and The Best Flavor Combos of Green Juice to Try for Your Sweet Tooth. Once you’ve read all the tips and tricks, use them to makeGreen Mojito Juice, Organic Bursts Smoothies, Banana Bread Smoothie with Pecans, Nutmeg and Carob Syrup, and any of these 11 Awesome Green Monster Smoothies.

2. Stow Your Oats

Oats are a healthy way to start the day. They help with things like our cholesterol and blood sugar and can protect against heart disease. Read all about The Health Benefits of Oats andWhy Every Athlete Needs Oats. Not only are oats healthy and delicious, they are extremely versatile. You can add just about any flavors to make oats your favorite way. Did you know you can prepare the oats in your sleep? That’s right. Why make oatmeal the old-fashioned way when you can let them soak overnight in water or non-dairy milk. Just put whatever fruits and flavors you want in your oats with the liquid in a portable jar, put them in the fridge and in the morning, breakfast is ready to grab and go. Read 5 Reasons Raw, Soaked Oats are a Must-Tryand then you must try these Overnight Oats With Raspberries and Tahini, Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats, and this Maple Spice Oatmeal Bowl of Goodness.

3. Morning Muffins

Muffins are an easy way to take breakfast with you. Muffins are portable, small and you can put whatever fillings you want in them. They can be sweet or savory, packed with veggies or fruit. Make the muffins in advance and just throw a few in a plastic storage bag or paper bag to take along. No utensils necessary. I love making muffins that have breakfast flavors like peanut butter or banana plus added veggies.

To make my Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Squash Muffins: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Oil 1 ½ muffin tins. Mix 1 Tbs. flax with 3 Tbs. warm water in a mug or small bowl. Stir and let sit for 10 minutes until it forms a gel. Grate 2 or 3 yellow squash (unpeeled) and squeeze it dry. Let it drain while you prepare the rest of the ingredients. Mix 2 tsp. apple cider vinegar into 1 cup non-dairy milk to make buttermilk. It will curdle. Let it sit for 5 minutes. In a bowl, combine the buttermilk (milk/vinegar) mixture, flax gel, 3 Tbs. maple syrup, 1 tsp. vanilla and 3 Tbs. peanut butter. Mix until smooth. In a large bowl, combine 2 cups gluten-free flour blend, ¼ cup brown sugar, ¼ cup cane sugar, 1 Tbs. baking powder, 1 tsp. baking soda, 1 tsp. guar gum and 1 tsp. salt. Add the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and stir until just combined. Fold in the squash. Spoon the batter into the oiled muffin tins. Fill them ¾ of the way full. Bake for about 25-30 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Let the muffins cool in the tins for 5-10 minutes. Then transfer the muffins to a wire cooling rack until completely cool. Also, try these Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Muffins, Quinoa, Apricot and Oat Cluster Muffins, and Pancake Mix Muffins.

You can also use your muffin tin to make other types of muffin-like meals that you can take along with you. See Using a Muffin Tin Just for Muffins? Here are 10 Savory Dishes You Can Make in It and make portable breakfasts like Spinach and Artichoke Tofu Mini-Frittatas,Blueberry Buckwheat Pancake Muffins, Spinach, Tomato and Cheddar Mini-Quiches with Lemon Cashew Cream, and Breakfast Mini Muffins With Kale and Sundried Tomatoes.

4. Burritos and Wraps

Breakfast burritos and wraps are all the rage now. They are fun and easy to eat. What could be better than delicious breakfast food all wrapped up in a yummy tortilla? You can even makegluten-free and grain free wraps and tortillas. All you have to do to eat on-the-go is wrap some parchment paper around the bottom half of the wrap where you hold it.

Check out 10 Ideas for Creating Delicious Veggie Fillings for Your Homemade Burritos and get the recipes for my Mexican Breakfast Burrito and Italian Omelet Breakfast Burrito. You can also learn How to Make the Perfectly Layered Chipotle-Style Vegan Burrito at home. Then make these Vegan Breakfast Burritos and these Vegan Cajun Breakfast Burritos. Who wouldn’t want to start the day with this Spinach and Almond Feta Breakfast Wrap or this Kale-Avocado Wrap with Spicy Miso-Dipped Tempeh? Yes, please!

5. Bars, Bites and Balls

A fun way to eat breakfast on-the-go is to make healthy bars, bites and balls that are easily transported. What are bars, bites and balls, you ask? They are simple, make-in-advance foods that you can have for breakfast or any time of the day. You can make them however you like them with your favorite ingredients. Bars, bites and balls are packed with nutrients to give you energy all day. They are also easy to make and in the morning, you just grab a few and go. Get tips in Granola Bar Bonanza! Tips, Tricks and Creative Add-In’s.

Try making these Raw Vegan Amazing Ginger Energy Bites, Apricot Energy Balls, Superfood Granola Bars, High-Protein Green Buzz Balls, Banana Breakfast Bites and Healthy Oats Squares with Coconut and Dates. For even more recipes, check out The Yummiest Vegan Bars, Bites and Balls.

You can make all of these breakfasts ahead of time and grab them on your way out in the morning. Not only won’t you skip breakfast but you’ll know that you’re starting the day with a healthy meal. After that, you can accomplish anything.

Source: www.onegreenplanet.org


Related Questions

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    Q: Hi, I am trying to find out if I can eat the following items while on my cleanse: - Oatmeal (breakfast) - egg whites - smoothies (can I use Smoothie King or Panet Smoothie or I have to make my own)


    The literature clearly states ONLY RAW FOODS (please see the article "WHAT IS RAW FOODS" in our articles section). You can make your own smoothies or purchase them. Your choice!

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    Q: I don't eat breakfast very often and I wonder if there is a drink I can make that will give me what I need to start the day?


    Make a fruit smoothie and add Dherbs MORINGA SEED EXTRACT to it. Moringa is very nutritious.

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    Q: Do you have any suggestions for a breakfast, lunch & dinner schedule? I'm making the transition to a healthier diet due to fibroid tumors. Currently I have broken my eating menu into 3 parts, breakfast - fruits, lunch - salads, & dinner - baked potato or any other heavy meal I intend to eat. Is this a good start? Any suggestions you can give on healthier meals for dinner are most appreciated.


    Please purchase our ALTERNATIVE DIET AND LIFESTYLES MANUAL e-book for the alternatives you seek. It's a great little resource, especially for new people starting their transition diet. You off to a good start, Beloved!

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    Q: I have the alternative diet and lifestyle manual and want to make sure that this applies to the respiratory condition as well. Can I have the rice bread with no gluten or wheat? or rice pasta being that I have sarcoid? Can I eat cold water fish or venison in small portions along with veggies? What about rice or soy milk or protein whey shake for breakfast once or twice a week? Thank you once again my breathing has improved greatly and I have ordered many more supplies to maintain what I have accomplished thus far due to your regimen. I am not a vegetarian so I want to make sure it is okay to have white meats. I will do whatever I have to do to live. I love and appreciate everything you have done to change and help me to heal myself.


    The manual applies when you are FINISHED with a cleanse or kit. Follow the regimen's diet. It clearly states NO COOKED FOOD. You are asking us about cooked food here. Stick to the diet plan and you will be alright! You are asking about foods no good for your condition. Whey is crap. Meat is no good. Grains are no good for you as well. They all produce too much mucus!

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    Q: What's the best way to start on a vegan/raw food diet? I am not sure what to eat to make sure I would get a nutritious diet-you may not be able to go into that much detail but how can I get sample meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner incorporating this type of diet-perhaps there is somewhere on the web I find something like this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


    If I do say myself, the best way to start a raw food diet is to be coached by me. I run a 6 month health coaching program that is 60-90 percent raw and 100 percent vegan/gluten free/ allergy free. You can find out more about my program at www.theveganeffect.com. I am running a special of half off my program if you sign up before march 1st. 

    Here are some other tips to get started.

    1: Join a raw food meetup group or community. Surround yourself with supportive people who can point you in the right direction. Try meetup.org or 30bananasaday.com 

    2: Read books like "beauty detox solution" by snyder, "80/10/10" by Dr. Graham., or "The Paradigm diet" by Adam Dave

    3: Start simple with breakfast. Always start your day with a green smoothie. read "Green smoothie revolution" by forget authors name at the moment. heh.

    A sample meal plan would be.

    Breakfast: Green smoothie

    Bridge: raw bar, handful of nuts or seeds, or fruit

    Lunch: Raw wraps made from collard greens. use a base of tahini, hummus, or nut butter. Fill with sprouts and colorful veggies

    Bridge: raw bar, handful nuts or seeds, or fruit

    Dinner: Raw pasta with a large salad

    Snack: Sorbet 


    Hope that answers your question,

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT VLC BMI

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    Q: I am the proud purchaser of your FBC system. My husband will be starting the regiment soon. His occupation requires him to work 6p to 6a, thus he sleeps during the day Fri - Mon. The other 3 days he is on a more "normal" schedule. My concern is around what times he should consume his meals/supplements. As you can see, Breakfast and lunch could pose a problem . I am worried that his meals (Smoothies) will throw off his sleep cycle as well. What times frames should he eat at? Do some {raw} ingredients wake you up more? Please advise.

    A: Thank for contacting us.  We're happy to hear that you were satisfied with the Cleanse and recommended your husband to do it.  He can adjust the intake of the capsules according to his personal schedule. If he works overnight and is asleep during the day, he can start the regimen when he is up. He should just be sure that he's consuming the formula's every 2-3 hours as instructed.   There are raw foods that helps naturally provide the body with more energy, but they're not the same as consuming caffeinated beverages that would keep him up.  Most raw foods just have multiple benefits.  The Cleanse also helps improve your sleep.  

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    Q: I have incorporated fish into my diet because I have been craving. Is moderation okay.... meaning my fruits for breakfast a regular lunch with salad and a salad for dinner okay to pretty much moderate other foods? It is challenging for me to become a vegan. Do you have any suggestions on how to still eat healthy to maintain an alkalized body with certain foods with moderation that are not raw? I still drink my green veggies at least twice a day. I am praying that my results will be negative.



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    Q: Is it alright to drink part of your fruits and veggies? I have a fruit smoothie for breakfast, and veggie drink in between lunch and dinner, nuts and a piece of fruit in between and a salad and a piece of fruit for dinner.


    Yes, you may drink part of your fruits and vegetables. As long as they are FRESHLY SQUEEZED

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    Q: I'm a 21 year old male suffering from testicular disorder and from partial impotence (Takes longer than 5 minutes without porn to get hard and no morning erections). Here are my questions. 1. How long would it take for the Male Hormonal Formula (which I just purchased a few days ago) before I notice any results? Just curious. 2. Can take the three daily pills all at once, one before each meal (breakfast, lunch dinner), or what? 3. How much water should I drink with this and can other drinks like tea and juice act as a substitute for just plain water?


    How fast you see results with the Male Hormonal Formula all depends on how much your body needs to cleanse before it returns to optimal function!

    You can take all 3 capsules at once.

    You can drink water or substitute water with herbal tea or fresh juice.

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    A: Yes, you can consume the foods within the diet however you like just as long as it's raw.

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    Q: I tried the FBD and threw up all the food I ate for the morning. I only took the Formula #1, ate fruit for breakfast and drank distilled water.


    You just started the kit! Please! Give us a break here! One formula and you're ready to quit?

    Folks first guzzle of alcohol makes them sick but they don't give up!

    Smoking that first cigarette makes folks cough, but we don't give up!

    You get knocked down, you get right back up. It's nobody's fault you're severely toxic. Your body is speaking to you and letting you know you're greatly toxic and what you need to do is take a day or two off the FBD and re-start, but this time only taking 2-3 capsule of each formula, and slowly work your way back up. Also, read some of testimonials of people who experienced exactly what you did but kept on going and got great results when they finished the kit.

    What you described is severe toxicity due to a toxic lifestyle, diet, mindset, environment, etc.

    You body is letting you know you seriously need a good cleansing.

    DON'T GIVE UP! Winners never quit, and quitters never win!

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    Q: I just receive my order yesterday (9/15/08) I started today which is 9/16/08. I know I can drink green tea but can I put splenda in it or do I have to drink it plain? I know I can eat fruit in the morning for breakfast can it be like 2 oranges and that's all?


    Splenda is not to be consumed while on the cleanses. It's an artificial sugar that isn't good for the body. The only sweeteners that you can consume are stevia. maple syrup grade b and agave nectar. You can eat as much fruit as you want when you want.

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    Q: Today makes day 9 of my FULL BODY DETOX (FBD). This morning I have an outbreak on my hand. I have been practicing telling myself I am Healing, but my job is stressful and yesterday I had a stressful day and this morning the outbreak on my right hand. Could this be part of my healing process? Can you suggest what I can do to alleviate the stress at work so this will not block my healing process of herpes? I am following the diet; however I have been kind of burnt out at times on the salads so I at least eat a salad and a bowl of steamed brown rice and frozen green peas that are steamed for 3 min. Is that considered following the diet? I still eat my fruit for breakfast daily, my salad for lunch and steamed broccoli (5min) and for dinner another salad, but for a few days I have eaten the rice and steam green peas. I basically want to know is it alright so if I eat it in the future.


    You have to learn to deal with your stress and stop reacting to it. Your subconscious mind is greatly blocked and therefore you have to realize your healing will come very slow. At a deep level you still believe herpes is incurable and your body is giving you this (despite the healing crisis of outbreaks on the hand). Your dietary deviation is understandable and not that bad but if you are tiring of salads opt for other things to eat. We list a few raw foods alternative recipes in our "ALTERNATIVE DIET AND LIFESTYLES MANUAL" e-book available for download. Check it out!

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    Q: Thanks for all of the information which is very beneficial I must say. My question to you is what's the best type of aloe vera juice to drink? Also I have heard that the gel from the plant can be mixed into a smoothie, is that true? Greetings! As far as the best brand I really wouldn't know as there are a few good brands on the market. Just make sure your aloe vera juice is at 99% pure and with no additives. Aloe gel can be added to a fruit smoothie though


    I personally wouldn't add it to a fruit smoothie.

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    Q: I've been taking the Full Body Cleanse for almost 2 weeks. In general, I feel much better. My question is if I can eat spirulina. and/or Ultimate Meal (mainly is Quinoa, millet, brown rice, yellow pea protein, spirulina and another natural ingredients) as breakfast or lunch. In case you do not know Ultimate Meal you can see it at www.ultimatelife.com Thank you. Ricardo. Your customer service rep told me after full body detox is good to take cholesterol formula. Is enough or Do I need to take lose weight tabs? after the full body cleanse? I am taking care of my diet and exercise 3 -4 times a week 2 hours each with stationary bike or tread mill and exercises with weights.


    Spirulina and Ultimate Meal are excellent supplementary products to take in order for your body to receive an adequate amount of protein while on the cleanse.

    Yes, take Cholesterol Formula (and Intestinal Cleanser) after you complete the cleanse. These products will serve as a transitionary period as your body slowly accustoms to returning back to normal routines.

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    A: Even with a loss of appetite it's important for you to consume food regularly. You're experiencing nauseous because your body is indicating the need for food. To help increase your appetite we recommend trying the Healthy Appetite Supplement. Healthy Appetite - http://dherbs.com/store/healthy-appetite-p-193.html

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    Q: After being diagnosed with Scleroderma 20 years ago. I began to get pains in my stomach, more like a ball rising up on both sides. This was extremely painful. I have to sit still, until the pain leaves. It feels like I am a pregnant, and the baby is moving. For the past 4 years I've been having fruit smoothies for breakfast. Could having the smoothies, be the reason for whatever is happening inside of my body?


    What type of fruit smoothies are you having? If your smoothies consist of only fruits then no. The fruit smoothies have nothing to do with what's going on inside your body. You might just be in need of a good cleanse. Eat only when you are hungry. Try not to over eat or drink your fruit smoothies, yes they are good for you but only eat what your stomach is asking for. Start with the Full Body Cleanse followed by the 10 Day Electric Greens Combo Cleanse

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    Q: When looking at the Food Combining Chart I was wondering if smoothies are not a violation of all of the "recommendations." If it is suggested that certain items not be combined, how can smoothies actually be "healthy" to our bodies aside from the absolute nutrition they provide? Although I make them all the time, are we not potentially setting ourselves up for trouble? Just wondering. Thanks in advance for your expertise.


    Hi! Thanks for the question.

    The food combining chart is a suggestion for "optimal" digestion. It suggests we should eat mono meals optimally. This is often impossible and there is no evidence scientifically for this method. I am not sure how it would be studied anyway.

    It is considered best to try to adhere to the rules to the best of your ability. However, mixing fruits and veggies as in a green smoothie is absolutely fine. The benefits of the nutrition you receive will out weigh any digestive disturbance that may occur. Feel safe to have green smoothies in your diet and cleanse.

    Hope this answers your question,

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT BMI VLCE

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    Q: I purchased the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN kit. I began taking the regimen of capsules. For breakfast I had water and a banana. For lunch I ate a homemade vegetable soup (chicken broth and veggies). By 2:00 p.m. I began to regurgitate profusely. What did I do wrong? Should I expect to be physically ill after taking the capsules?


    Chicken broth? That's animal-based! No animal products, Beloved! If you continue to vomit lower the dosage of the capsules from 5 down to 2 or 3 (for a few days and then work yourself back up).

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    Q: I WANTED TO KNOW HOW DO YOU MAKE A SMOOTHIE ON full body cleanse? And can you not mix any of the food combined if it says not to?


    You can check our website for numerous great smoothie recipes.

    Ideally, to make a smoothie, use a base (some kind of fruit juice, water, or nut milk), add some frozen fruit or non-frozen fruit (your favorite fruit), add a little ice and BLEND (for about 1 minute)! Wa la ... you have a fruit smoothie!