Everything Will Be Okay!

Everything Will Be Okay!

Sometimes life can be terrible, or tragic, or scary, or lonely, or sad. We all have bad days sometimes. But regardless of the current circumstances, it is important to remember that everything will be okay.

While people enjoy the good and happy parts of their lives, we often learn more from the bad. Try to believe that everything in life happens for a reason, even if that reason is not immediately apparent. Believe in your capacity to learn from mistakes and bad experiences.

It’s not what happens to us that matters, but rather how we choose to respond. In any and everything that happens to us, we always have a choice in our response. Consider alternate ways of viewing these setbacks.

You just got fired from your job?

Look at it like this, you have just been freed to get the job you’ve always wanted, or that long-awaited vacation to Hawaii, or the leap of faith into finding your life’s guiding purpose and heart’s desire.

Always look for the best in a situation. You have the choice and free will to do so. And remember, you can and will find another job. Just believe and know you can and will!

You just got divorced from your husband or wife?

You may still love the person despite hard feelings (anger, bitterness, sadness, and frustration) lingering in your heart and mind, but the truth of the matter is that the relationship was no longer healthy. You and your partner came together to fulfill a purpose (to have children, learn a life lesson or lessons, experience marriage, etc.) and now that purpose has been fulfilled. It is time to move on. That person was only a minor soul mate who has helped prepare you for your ultimate soul mate.

Remember all the past relationships you have had. Had others not ended, you would not have been free to enter into the next relationship with the next person. Even though one aspect of the relationship has ended, it is perfectly normal for feelings of love and friendship to linger. Focus on the good memories and experiences you had with your partner, and look forward to creating new and better memories with someone you are more compatible with.

Each relationship prepares you for your ultimate relationship and if that relationship has not come yet, know that it is coming just as all of your past relationships have come. So thank your former mate and the situation (divorce, break up) that has allowed you to be freed up in order to be available for a better relationship that is soon coming to you; and if you are wise you won’t immediately jump into another relationship (on the rebound) but begin to work on yourself (your attributes or qualities, emotional state, mental state, spirituality, etc.). You can always attain another mate and relationship and you eventually will (if you just believe and know it).

Okay, somebody just stole your car?

Look at it as whoever stole your car freed you up to get a newer and better car. If you can’t immediately get another car and now have to walk and/or use public transportation, recognize that you are being environmentally conscious and doing the Earth a big favor. By walking or riding the bus or train, perhaps you will meet someone you need to meet that you probably would not meet if you were in a car. Maybe there’s an exciting new place you will discover by walking or by riding the bus or train. Riding public transportation will allow you to save the necessary money to purchase your next car. In the meantime, you don’t have to worry about high gas prices, car maintenance, traffic tickets, gridlock, road rage, and parking.

Always look for the good in a situation and you will find it. Realize that you can and will get another car.

You are involved in a legal matter and soon have to go to court?

Is this really a bad thing? Remember, you have a choice in how you perceive and respond to things. Legal matters should make us look at ourselves inwardly pertaining to situations of honesty, equity or justice, being fair, being unbiased and non-prejudiced; respecting the rights and property of others, and living righteously.

You just got evicted or your house just went into foreclosure?

Well, maybe it is time for you to recognize what truly constitutes home. Home is a reflection of self and when you become secure within yourself, you can never be evicted or removed. At the end of the day it all boils down to perception. Challenges can be seen as ways to prove ourselves and test our characters.

So regardless of what you may be experiencing, know that everything will be okay. Whatever it is you are going through at present, simply remember to stay positive and keep a strong mental attitude and outlook. Be grateful for all that you have, count your blessings, have faith in victory in the end, know that the situation or event is helping to reveal your true character and working for your greater good, and most importantly, know that you are learning a very valuable life lesson.

A day will come whereby you’ll look back on the present situation at hand and just laugh.

Whatever the thing or situation at hand may be, it will soon pass. Take a few deep breaths and believe in your ability to emerge on the other side, stronger and wiser.

Thank you for reading.



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