Exposing Avesil

Exposing Avesil

“Avesil” uses synthetic man-made chemicals which means there’s a flip-flop effect to its results. This means any short-term benefits will likely result in long term adverse side effects which are very common with man-made products.

The first suspect ingredient we will tackle in this article is “Chrome Mate.” Chrome-mate is ‘O-Polynicotinate Chromium” – chromium that has been bound to niacin, a synthetic chemical grade of niacin which is toxic to the body. Anything unnatural is toxic to the human body.

O-Polynicotinate Chromium is a PATENTED form of Chromium and you know what this means – it’s synthetic and not natural because plants can’t be patented, only drugs! So if a thing is patented, that means it was made by man and not Nature! Man cannot outdo Nature and history proves this. All man can do is create Frankensteins or distortions (monsters, freaks).

Nature has produced CHROMIUM (organic chromium), not “O-Polynicotinate Chromium” or any other type of chromium, including Chromium Picolinate, which is also a patented form of chromium! Man has produced these unnatural forms of chromium.

To tell if a mineral is unnatural, all you have to look for is a word or two after the main word (name of mineral) and you’ll know it’s synthetic. For example, calcium is what nature produced. But if you see “Calcium Carbonate”, then you know man (corporation) produced it. When another word or chemical name is added to the name of a mineral, this means the mineral is not natural.

You can also look to see if the mineral has an atomic weight and number, which all minerals do. There should be a definite amount of electrons per molecule. Also, are the minerals carbon and copper-based? If not, you have a monster or freak product!

“Avesil” also uses the drug “caffeine” which is addictive. Caffeine is a stimulant.

“Avesil” has been formulated to work on the basis of thermogenesis, the process that increases the rate in which fat is burned. But how can you work on thermogenesis without addressing the need for iodine phosphate, which the thyroid gland needs for purposes of thermogenesis? The thyroid gland needs iodine, not caffeine or chromium.

Another suspect ingredient of “Avesil” is Citrimax. Nature knows of no such product. No Citrimax tree or plant exists in Nature. Clearly it was invented by man, deriving it from something natural, and that something natural is Garcinia fruit, which Nature produces.

While Garcinia fruit is natural, it is really not that effective (at least by itself) for purposes of so-called major weight loss.

The name “Clinical Strength Super CitriMax” denotes that the product has been invented in some laboratory and “clinical” testing has been done. This is why the word “clinical” is in the name of the product.

The product allegedly decreases the appetite. Now why would you want to decrease the appetite when the appetite is a natural thing? You see, you only have to decrease the appetite or only need to decrease the appetite when you’re consuming UNNATURAL food and drink. Period!

“Avesil” cannot compare to Dherbs.com “Weight Release (Loss) Formula” which sells for $14.95 for 100 vegan (vegetarian) capsules, whereas “Avesil” sells for $89.95 (which is a discounted price), which is just $75 cheaper than our whole and entire 3-week “Weight Release Cleanse and Regimen” which sells for only $165.00

Avesil’s free trial is NOT free at all when you read the company’s fine print:

“You will have 14 days to try Avesil and discover why it is the perfect Weight-Control Formula for you. If you are satisfied with Avesil, do nothing – at the end of your free-trial period you will be charged the discounted price of $89.95. Plus, if you decide to keep Avesil, you will receive a fresh supply of Avesil approximately every 30 days at the same low price of $89.95, a 22% discount”. AVESIL

Fatburner.net had this to say about “Avesil’s” free trial offer:

“$89.95 for a free trial! Are you kidding me? That is a scam if I’ve ever heard one. When a company charges you for a free trial and forces you into an auto ship you should be very wary of the company your dealing with. It’s safe to assume that Avesil doesn’t have the highest quality ingredients and isn’t the most effective weight loss supplement if they have to trick you into buying it.” Fat Burner. Net

“Avesil” or Dherbs.com’s Weight Release Formula? There’s really no comparison!

What Everybody Ought To Know About Citrimax

What everybody ought to know about Citrimax… Researchers from the Netherlands report that the popular dietary supplement, CitriMax (also known as hydroxycitric acid, HCA, or Garcinia cambogia) has no effect on the amount of fat you burn during exercise.

An ingredient found in many weight loss supplements, HCA is found in the rind of the fruit of Garcinia cambogia, which is used in Asian cuisine. HCA is certainly nothing new. Animal studies as far back as the 1970’s show that large doses of HCA inhibit the conversion of carbohydrate to fat. Citrimax

More recently, there have also been claims that HCA can reduce cell levels of malonyl-CoA (an enzyme that slows the rate at which fat is burned as energy). In theory, at least, this would increase the number of fat calories you burn during exercise, speeding up weight loss. Putting the theory to the test, a team of scientists from Maastricht University persuaded a group of ten cyclists to take part in two trials [1]. Both tests involved two hours of cycling. During the first trial, the cyclists consumed a drink containing 18 grams of HCA. In trial two, they were given plain water.

* When they used HCA, the cyclists burned an average of 0.68 grams of fat per minute of exercise.

* When they weren’t given HCA, the cyclists burned an average of 0.66 grams of fat per minute of exercise.Not much difference is there? Now, despite the fact that HCA before and during exercise has little effect on the amount of fat you burn, what’s interesting is the large drop in lactic acid levels seen in subjects using HCA.

* After 30 minutes of exercise, lactic acid levels were significantly lower in subjects using HCA.

* For the rest of the two-hour ride, lactic acid levels remained lower in the cyclists using HCA.

Lactic acid

Lactic acid is associated with (rather than causing) that “burning” sensation you get in your muscles when you exercise.

Even at rest, your body produces some lactic acid. During exercise, however, lactic acid can build up because the rate of production is greater than the rate of removal. Although it’s often thought of as a “waste product,” lactic acid can actually be “recycled” by your liver and used as energy. Potentially, HCA could increase the rate at which your liver converts lactic acid into glucose. However, whether this would actually improve your performance in the gym is open to debate. The amount of HCA used in this study was extremely high (6-30 times the amount used in previous studies), and most people don’t have the time to sit on a bike for two hours.

What about HCA and weight loss?

Most research shows that relatively low doses of HCA has little impact on weight loss. It’s supposed to work by limiting the conversion of carbohydrate into fat, also known as de novo lipogenesis (DNL). Although a recent study shows that HCA can limit DNL [2], this really doesn’t happen to a significant extent in humans unless you’re eating a hypercaloric diet containing large amounts of carbohydrate (which would be a pretty dumb thing to do if you’re trying to lose weight).

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