FDA Approval Does Not Mean Safe

It’s interesting when people ask if something-like Dherbs products-are FDA approved. The assumption is that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the authority on what’s safe, acceptable, and healthy. The FDA stamp of approval is not the criterion for safety or what is actually safe for human consumption.

The truth is that the FDA regulates food, drugs, supplements, personal care products-basically anything you put in or on the body. But just because something is approved, approved by government (FDA), doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Aspirin is approved by the FDA but yet in still aspirin kills some 25,000 people per year. So the fact is, aspirin is approved, but it’s not safe. Prozac is approved, but it isn’t safe. Deprivin is approved, but it isn’t safe. Coumadin is approved but it isn’t safe.

No drug nourishes your body, but what drugs do in fact do is pollute the body and harm the body.

Is it really wise to trust an agency that actually promoted smoking until the 1970s when we know that cigarettes and cigarette smoke kills and by the hundreds of thousands of people every year?

The FDA does not automatically serve the interests of the American people. The interests of the pharmaceutical industry are frequently considered, which isn’t surprising considering the number of people who work at the FDA also have career histories working for pharmaceutical companies.

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