FEATURE: Forgive Yourself And Others To See Magical Things Happen In Your Life.

FEATURE: Forgive Yourself And Others To See Magical Things Happen In Your Life.

What gives power to a human being? Is it the money, status, bank balance, position or fame? Well actually none of these. These things may give an illusion of power temporarily, but in reality it takes away our power as we become addicted to it.

The actual power of our soul lies in the forgiveness that comes out of genuine feelings. One may say it is easier said than done. Well, it is true to some extent. It requires lots of guts and inner strength to forgive others.

But do we have any other option? No, our soul wants to be empowered by freeing itself of all the negativity. When we free ourselves from all the resentments, hatred, guilt, and regret; which in turn is possible only when we forgive (whether that be ourselves or someone else). By sending this positive energy that “I forgive myself and forgive all others” to our mind, body and soul, we free ourselves from the cause and effect of karmas. Our body also starts removing the toxins which were created as a result of negative emotions.

When we experience the feeling of forgiveness inside, we become receptive to creating miracles in our lives. This is done because when we free others or ourselves, and learn the lesson from the situation or the person, then we become ready to move on in life, and universe either changes that situation or gives us new opportunity to work with. We become a magnet for attracting all positive situations.

The law of attraction then applies: you will attract according to the vibes you send to the universe. If the vibes are positive then positive people and positive situations are attracted, and vice versa. Forgiveness removes all the negativity and fills us with peace, happiness, content, and harmony. These positive vibes that our soul experiences now attract positive experiences, instead of negative ones.

But we have to forgive, in order to experience it. Start forgiving everyone including yourself, genuinely, with the understanding that everyone is a part of bigger plan and have come to earth just to gain experience (either good or bad). See through their souls shining brightly and in the process of evolving. Free yourself, by freeing your mind, body and soul from the negative effects of the fear, hurt, anger, and guilt.

Start today to become a better human being – forgive yourself first and see the miracles happening in your life.

Monika Sakhuja is an instructor in theta healing, a Reiki practitioner and instructor of manifestation & abundance. She takes healing sessions, teaches theta healing and also conducts workshops on power of mind.

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