FEATURE: The Amazing Healing Power Within

Life is what you make it – you’ve heard it said before, but is it true? Through natural hygiene we can claim back what is rightfully ours.

It is interesting that, contrary to medical orthodoxy, the condition of our bodies are determined by what we put into it. For instance, a ‘meat and 2 veg; diet gives us low-energy levels and a plethora of acute diseases which lead eventually to degenerative disease. Medical doctors would have us believe that disease is caused by germs, and consequently everyone runs around with phobias about germs catching hold of them and causing them to become ill. However, disease is not caused by dreaded viruses, and bacteria only play a role when the blood-stream is already saturated with poisons. Bacteria are all friendly and help to clean up toxic debris.

Disease is caused by unhealthful living. This can be wrong eating habits, lack of fresh air or exercise, lack of sunshine, negative emotional patterns, etc. but it is most often caused by wrong eating habits. Our gastro-intestinal tract is usually the victim! The majority of people do not combine their foods properly, they eat when not hungry, drink alcohol and smoke. They are the first to line up at their GP’s for so-called cures for such ills – but do drugs really cure?

There is no magic bullet – drugs cannot cure. I know this is bad news for many people, but chemicals, synthetic vitamins and minerals, herbal drugs, etc. do not possess intelligence and, therefore, cannot cure any disease. Disease must be attacked at its very roots – the cause – and then and only then can you turn around the disease process.

Drugs merely suppress symptoms. When our bodies are poisoned, they are usually forced to halt the disease (or healing crisis) because the body is placed in great danger. The body has to accommodate the poison, or otherwise expel the poison whatever form it comes. When the body is continually forced to suppress healing activity, it is left with a dilemma: Whether to heal or whether to kill, i.e. whether to expel the poisonous substance and continue house-cleaning (i.e. getting rid of internal poisons which have been building up in the body in the form of, for instance, colds, flu, bronchitis, etc.) or whether to build up inside the body and eventually destroy living tissue.

However, the good news is that the alternatives are simple. Eating the correct food for our physiology (i.e. the avoidance of all animal products, grains, etc.), proper food combining, fasting when ill, fresh air, pure water, adequate sunshine, plenty of rest and sleep (when needed), sufficient exercise, a control over our emotions, etc. must be achieved. We must educate ourselves and others to claim back what is our birthright.

Unfortunately, the average person simply does not know how to assume control of their health, so they pass it on blindly to the medical profession, as their mother or father did, or other peers have done in the past. They know in the back of their minds that eating chips and burgers and other fast foods are bad for you, but they don’t realise that all meat and that, indeed, all cooked foods are bad for us. They know that they shouldn’t eat sweets and chocolate, or too much alcohol but the propganda is rife and the commercial advertising keeps beckoning them to eat and eat and eat all those wrong foods and “Really, the damage can’t be that bad can it?”

The truth is that health is free for the taking to most of us! Speak to any Natural Hygienist, including myself to find out more!

Dr Gina Shaw DSc MA AIYS Dip Irid Dip NH is a health and nutrition consultant and Doctor of Complementary Medicine, iridologist and fasting and detox plan supervisor. Gina has helped people recover from a plethora of acute and chronic diseases and has appeared in The Times after healing a client of Ulcerative Colitis. She has been on local radio and has lectured around the country. She is the author of several health books and offers personal and group detox and fasting retreats both in the UK and in Europe.

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