Fruitarian Diet?

Fruitarians follow diets that include fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and grains. Because they avoid all animal products, it is considered a form of veganism. There are many varieties of the fruitarian diet. Those who consume fruit as 75% or more of their diet are considered fruitarians.


Is it wise or even possible to successfully sustain one’s self on a fruitarian diet?

In response to the question, most lifestyles of Americans and residents of other industrial nations (England, France, etc.) require unnatural and excessive amounts of energy. The fruitarian diet is best for those individuals who are pretty much free in life, those who work for themselves and whose lives are subtle and slow-paced.

We require too much energy to subsist on a fruitarian diet. We would have to eat entirely too much fruit throughout the day to keep our engines fueled. If the life and work is subtle and not strenuous, I believe it can be the ideal diet for those who choose it. However, if your life and work require excess amounts of energy, the fruitarian diet may not be ideal.

Animals that primarily eat fruit are able to survive because they live in low-stress environments that do not require excess energy. Unlike most U.S. citizens, they exist in their natural environments.


The environment and society must be conducive to your specific diet needs so that you can be successful with your particular lifestyle. In order to be a true fruitarian, you must be able to always have access to fruits in order to successfully maintain a fruitarian-based diet. The same is true for vegan and raw food diets.

For our society to exist under our true dietary nature, our environment would have to be conducive for it. Unfortunately, fast food is a dominant establishment in our society because it is easy to access and is readily available. Our society is one of convenience and ease.

If an object or place is easy and convenient to get to, people will frequent it daily, consistently, and habitually. Because fast food or quick service food establishments are almost everywhere in American society, fast food is easily accessible and thus there are millions of loyal fast food consumers as thus fast food is a very lucrative and profitable industry. In 1970, the fast food industry brought in $6 billion in profit. By 2000, the profit had reached more than $110 billion. Profit comes from customers and mostly loyal and returning customers.

If a thing is generally inconvenient, the masses aren’t going to go for it in most cases. Consumers want their products and purchases fast, instantly. It becomes even more desirable when these products and purchases are economical as how much money we earn determines how we eat, when we eat, and what we eat for the most part in this society.


A fruitarian diet, if performed correctly, can offer the individual a lot of energy because of its nutritional value.

A fruitarian diet will keep your mind highly clear and energized. It will keep you feeling light, literally and in more ways than one. It will also keep your blood clean as well as your organs clean and well functioning. Your breath will smell fresh as well as other bodily secretions.

If it can be maintained, a fruitarian diet will keep you in great shape and health, especially if you’re consuming organic fruits.

If you feel the fruitarian diet is not best or ideal for you, then at least make sure you’re getting your necessary daily servings of fruit. Fruit is an excellent source of dietary fiber so digesting it will help maintain the health of your colon.

Thank you for reading !