Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a traditional Indian therapy that uses cold pressed sesame seed oil or sunflower seed oil in the mouth to pull toxins from the gums. The oil can be refined oil and doesn’t have to be organic unless you simply choose for your oil to be organic.

Oil therapy is helpful in improving the health of the mouth and the whole body. According to Ayurvedic text, oil pulling also can help to alleviate chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma. Other studies suggest the practice could be beneficial in reducing oral plaque, halitosis and gingivitis.

An important result of oil therapy is that during the process your metabolism is intensified, which leads to improved and enhanced health and wellbeing.

Oil Pulling Procedure

Oil pulling begins by adding one to two tablespoons of either sunflower oil or sesame seed oil to the mouth and swishing the solution. It is best to move the oil in your mouth slowly like you would mouthwash.

Continue this for approximately 15-20 minutes. This time may seem extensive. If in the beginning you are unable to keep the solution in your mouth for that period of time, aim for time minutes as a starting point and increase your time from there.

After a little time, the oil may being to feel foamy in your mouth. This is very normal. The oil mixed with the saliva creates a slightly foamy texture.

Once you have finished swishing the oil in your mouth, spit the oil out into your sink and run water to flush the sink out.

Next, the oral cavity must be rinsed. Rinse thoroughly with water. You may also use your fingers or a cloth towel to clean your teeth. Brushing your teeth with all-natural toothpaste is another option.

After you have brushed or rinsed your mouth, try gargling with a natural hydrogen peroxide-based mouthwash. After this step, clean your tongue with a stainless steel tongue cleaner.

The therapy is to be performed every morning before breakfast or before you eat. The oil pulling must be performed on an empty stomach which is why morning time is best.

The teeth and gums will feel healthy and restored after performing an oil pulling therapy.

Benefits of Oil Pulling

Oil pulling offers many benefits to the body. Some conditions that may be improved with oil pulling include:

Oil pulling is a great way to maintain oral health. If you are currently suffering from oral ailments, consider performing oil pulling therapy 2-3 times per day. If you are looking to simply maintain oral health, once per day is satisfactory.

In addition to oil pulling, oral health can be achieved and maintained naturally by using some of the following products:

These natural products will help alleviate bleeding gums, plaque buildup, mouth sores, gum abscesses. The therapy will also help to whiten the teeth.

Look for mouth products that are all-natural and do not contain any harmful ingredients. Many stores carry natural hygiene products today, so explore what is out there and find your favorites.

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