Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is common neurological disorder affecting some 50,000 individuals each year. Perhaps the greatest known people in the world today with this disease are Muhammad Ali and Michael J. Fox.

Parkinson’s disease is a “slowly progressive degenerative neurological disorder characterized by resting tremor, pill rolling of the fingers, a mask like facies, shuffling gait, forward flexion of the trunk, loss of postural reflexes, and muscle rigidity and weakness. It is usually an idiopathic disease of people over 60 years of age; it may occur in younger people, however, especially after acute encephalitis or carbon monoxide or metallic poisoning, particularly by reserpine or phenothiazine drugs.” SOURCE: Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 5th edition, p. 1211

Causes and Risk Factors

Researchers are still studying the exact cause of Parkinson’s Disease. It is believed that genetics, environmental triggers, exposure to toxins and certain viruses may play a role in the disease’s development.

In many patients, change in brain chemistry is also noted. In particular, there appears to be a lower than normal levels of dopamine, a brain chemical responsible for delivering messages. Also noted is a lower than normal level of norepinephrine, which regulates the automatic nervous system.


Signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include, but are not limited to, resting tremor, bradkinesias, slowness of movement, drooling, increased appetite, intolerance to heat, oily skin, emotional instability, and defective judgment, are increased by fatigue, excitement, and frustration.

Cognitive and neurobehavioral problems, including dementia, are common in the advanced stages of the disease.

Healing Options

There are multiple options for healing. Like with all other diseases, you want to increase alkalinity and oxygenation in the body for purposes of healing and homeostasis.

You can (and should) place magnets (Accu-magnets) on your forehead too. Wear magnets with a strength (gauss) of 1,000 to 9,000 gauss. But NEVER wear magnets on your forehead over night for if you do, this will cause serious ionization and severe pain.

Always and only wear magnets in the daytime and only for 4-6 hours. Magnets help to increase and enhance circulation in the body and this helps oxygen flow.

In cases of Parkinson’s disease (as well as any other disease affecting the brain and/or central nervous system), it is also important to work on the Crown (7th) chakra which can be done by way of chakra balancing.

Yoga or deep breathing as exercise can be performed to also facilitate healing of Parkinson’s disease.

Dietary Intervention

You cannot heal when the body is acidic and one of the number one ways the body becomes acidic is through poor diet, one highly acid-forming in nature.

Wisely remove all meat, dairy, refined grains and starch products from your diet. Remove all processed, bottled acidic beverages too. No coffee, hot cocoa or chocolate, milk, latte, Kool Aid, punch, wine, beer, soda pop, etc.

Replace man-made beverages with alkaline water and/or herbal teas (which you can order from

A raw foods diet, of course, is going to be best when healing from any degenerative disease, followed by the vegan diet.

Make sure to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice daily or as often as you can. Freshly made juice is always best, but if you choose to purchase your juice bottled from a health food store, make sure it’s organic and made fresh daily.

Consume plenty of Calcium and Zinc-rich foods, too.


One of the best individual herbs that can be used for natural treatment and healing of Parkinson’s disease is Lady’s Slipper a/k/a Nerve Root.

Other individual herbs that are helpful in treating and healing Parkinson’s disease include: Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola, Valerian Root, Kava Kava, Scullcap, Wild Lettuce, Jatamansi, Chamomile, and

Dherbs Solutions products that can be used to naturally and safely treat and heal Parkinson’s disease include:

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