Reversal As Cure

Dherbs has written this article in response to emails requesting information or products that offer herbal “cures.” Herbs are supplements-not cures. They cannot replace effort, commitment and dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

Dherbs cures no one. It never has and never will without the consent and willpower of the other person.

People don’t easily see the cause and effect relationship. It is impossible to attain or maintain optimal health and well being while leading a lifestyle that triggers the need for remedy in the first place.

Self-neglect, poor diets, lots of stress-all of those can lead to physical, mental and emotional illness. You can’t help others if you can’t help yourself.

What you need to do is simply STOP! Just stop everything you’re doing. Then, simply do the opposite of everything you’ve been doing up until now.

Create a new “normal.” If the behavior feels unnatural to your rhythm, then you’re probably on the right track.


All you need to do is just STOP and DO THE REVERSE of what you’ve been doing and you’ll cure yourself of everything that is plaguing you.

You can’t relax? Then set aside an hour to walk around the block, or to practice yoga, or listen to quiet music.

You can’t get enough sleep? Then create a nightly ritual that helps you calm your mind and emotions, which can help you get more sleep.

You’ve been eating a lot of junk food? Then stop. You don’t need it.

You haven’t been exercising? Then start parking in the space furthest from the grocery store so you have to walk.

You haven’t been getting your much-needed alone time? Then create at least one hour a week that’s dedicated to you. No exceptions.

You haven’t been making time for sex, romance, and intimacy? Then start making time for sex, romance, and intimacy!

You haven’t been pampering yourself? Then start pampering yourself!

You haven’t been cooking and eating home cooked meals? Then start cooking and eating home cooked meals!

You see, in our society, we are told to just hire someone to do things for us. Things we could all be doing for free, we simply pay other people to do it for us. For example, you don’t learn about your health. You leave that up to someone else-a doctor, an herbalist or naturopath.

Stop thinking and believing that someone outside of yourself knows better about you and your ‘self’ than you do! You’re handicapping yourself with faulty thinking and belief. You’re not helpless! You just need ‘less’ help from others and to start trusting yourself, especially your intuition.

Just do the opposite! Everything has its polarity. The opposite or polarity of sickness and disease is health!

  • The opposite of poverty is wealth!
  • The opposite of hate and hatred is love!
  • The opposite of hating yourself is loving yourself!
  • The opposite of living unrighteous is living righteous!
  • The opposite of being dumb is being smart!
  • The opposite of being religious is being spiritual!

If you’re in a bad state, simply do the reverse of what got you in the bad state and you’ll soon be in a good state. It’s that simple!

When you commit to making these life changes, the people around you may not be supportive, as they like you sacrificing your health for them. Stay strong, and know that you’re doing the right thing for yourself, so you can then be of use to others.

You can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created the problem. Something has always got to change, and for the better, for you to do better. Simple as that!

One of the worst things you could be is to be against change.

There’s never any progress without change, for better or for worse. You can change for the bad just as you can change for the good or better.

Change must be preceded by a choice to take you in the direction you desire to go in.

And before you make a choice, seek and get information-good information, because it helps to make an informed choice and without information you can’t make an informed choice.

It sounds too simple, but yes, your cure is in simply doing the reverse of what you’ve been doing up until this moment. This is the cheapest or most cost-effective cure you could ever learn about and apply!

Thank you for reading!