The Fallacy of Health Foundation Searches for Medical Cures

Disease is big business in the U.S. and the world for that matter. Money is not made on healthy people. It’s made on sick people.

If medical or health foundations found or developed a cure for the disease their particular foundation is named after, the foundation’s reason for existence would eventually go away.

All the money donated to the foundation by well meaning but wishful thinking people would cease to come in. Jobs would be lost. Businesses would close.

This may be a very cynical view, but it is a pragmatic one.

Think of it this way: if everyone stopped using cars, there would be no auto industry, no car repair industry, no auto insurance industry, no auto repair industry. The economy would take a major hit. There’s no financial incentive to transition people from any motorized mode of transportation. There’s hardly any financial incentive to encourage people to act more responsibly with their use of motorized vehicles (e.g., electric cars, bio-diesel cars, hybrids).

The same is true with the health care industry, and foundations are no different. Yes, they are non-profits, so 100% of their profit must be reinvested back into the organization. This is usually done through education or research. It’s also done through lobbying Congress and state governments, including the agencies tasked with oversight of healthcare.

In Western (allopathic) medicine, there are no cures, just treatments and managements. You see, in Western medicine, you don’t cure ‘herpes,’ you treat or manage it (which basically means to keep it and live with it; embrace it as a part of your life; learn to live with it).

The Diabetes Foundation will never find a cure for diabetes because the cure for diabetes means the foundation’s demise.

The breast cancer foundations encourage fear to a level that women are opting to remove their healthy breast tissue to “prevent” getting breast cancer. It’s an extreme decision, but shows how powerful foundations are in generating extreme acts in an effort to “cure” or “prevent” a disease.

Another example is the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s annual Telethon. With all the money raised over the decades, there should have been a cure by now.

Every disease has a foundation for itself. If you cure the disease, you kill the foundation automatically. Healthy people aren’t money makers.

Health foundations and scientists aren’t encouraged to find or discovered a cure for any disease that didn’t include the pharmaceutical industry. No one pill causes a particular disease so no one pill can cure a particular disease. Pills don’t cause disease, they simply play a role in the causation of disease manifesting physically.

All disease is multidimensional, occurring first on the invisible or energetic level. Diseases are caused by imbalances on many levels, including emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual.

Diseases are caused by thoughts (negative thinking/thoughts), emotions (negative emotions), feelings (negative feelings), poor diet and lifestyle, and unhealthy environment.

The true benefits of donating to a health foundation are keeping people employed and providing the donor with a tax deduction. The donations may also help raise awareness of a disease, but it won’t cure it. It won’t prevent it.

Most diseases people suffer from are considered “degenerative”. Degenerative diseases are caused by poor diet and lifestyle and are therefore preventable. This means these diseases can be healed via change-change of one’s diet, lifestyle, and thought process.

It is said in the East: “The best doctors have the least number of patients.

If there were monetary incentives for doctors to heal and educate people, things would actually change for the better.

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