The Strange Mystery of Who Made Kale Famous…And Why

Organic farm to table healthy eating concept on soil background.

Today, kale is on the brink of reaching its cultural saturation point.Us Weekly has covered the veggie in a feature, “Stars Who Love Kale.” Kale Caesar salads are the “it” food on farm-to-table menus, and kale has become a hipster statement, stitched on Beyoncé’s sweatshirt.

And America is eating it up: According to the Department of Agriculture, U.S. kale production increased by nearly 60 percent between 2007 and 2012. Kale is for sale at Wal-Mart. Even McDonald’s is jumping on the cruciferous kale bandwagon and began testing kale breakfast bowls in nine California locations in May.

How did this happen? Not so long ago, salads were made of iceberg lettuce and broccoli was an exotic, acquired taste. For the last few years, I’ve been working on a book about the millennial generation and food culture, and it got me wondering, why did kale become the epitome of cool?

You’ve Got Kale

The reality is that kale is nothing new. It has been cultivated around the globe for more than 2,000 years. Before 2012, rumor has it that the largest buyer of kale was Pizza Hut, who used the curly leaves as décor along their salad bar.

But now, “anyone and everyone is growing it,” says Charles Muranaka, executive vice president of Muranaka Farm, Inc., the largest shipper of bunched kale in the U.S. “The market is pretty saturated.”

So someone has got to be profiting from it.

Through my research, I’ve found that it’s not uncommon for fruits and vegetables to have public relations money behind them.

Exhibit A: Orange juice was created by ad agency Lord & Thomas to help the California Fruit Growers Exchange utilize an over-abundance of citrus trees in 1907. The concept “Drink an Orange” made OJ a staple morning drink.

Similarly, one woman, Lynda Resnick, is credited with giving new life to pomegranates, creating PomWonderful through a similar viral marketing campaign, tapping into her celeb-stocked Rolodex. She was so successful that California’s acres of pomegranates have multiplied from 2,000 to 30,000 acres.

I became curious: Who is behind the rise of kale?

The Kale Hard Truth

A quick Google search about the popularity of kale reveals the name Oberon Sinclair, founder of My Young Auntie PR in New York City. With a client list that includes Hermès, Vivienne Westwood, and Jack Spade, Sinclair reports that she was hired by the American Kale Association (AKA) in 2013 to, well, make kale cool.

Sinclair is cited as the mastermind behind kale in publications around the world. “Meet the Woman Who Made Kale Famous,”they write, calling Sinclair “the woman responsible for it all and the representative of kale across the nation.”

With a sturdy client list in the fashion and music industries, Sinclair amplified the plant with custom t-shirts, pricy salads and celebrity endorsements.

“My approach was relatively simple,” Sinclair explained to me, via email. “I sought to educate consumers on the benefits of a product via guerrilla marketing. I literally put it on chalkboards around Manhattan and on the menus of cool restaurants, the Fat Radish being one of them,” another My Young Auntie client, “and the ‘trend’ escalated from there.”

I thought I had solved the mystery. Celebrity-laden PR guru markets kale and gets it in the hands of paparazzi-followed friends, on restaurant menus, and in the fashion world. End of story, right? Not so much.

Later that day, I had a call scheduled with Dr. Drew Ramsey, assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University, the founder of National Kale Day and author of 50 Shades of Kale, a cookbook that boasts “fifty enticing new ways to enjoy one of Mother Nature’s hottest properties.”

I figured it was worth getting his opinion on the rise of kale, though I thought I’d already solved the riddle.

“I’ve heard that before,” Ramsey said on the phone about Sinclair’s role in elevating kale. But, he countered, “Have you talked to anyone at the American Kale Association? I’m not sure they exist.”

I paused in confusion. I had assumed the American Kale Association was a group of kale farmers. Kale sales go up, good for the people who grow it, right?

In fact, the exact opposite is true: Many kale farmers are actually suffering from kale’s sudden popularity. “The demand is rising, but the supply is outpacing it,” explained Muranaka, the executive vice president of, again, the largest shipper of bunched kale in the nation.

Ashley Rawl, the director of sales and marketing at Walter P. Rawl & Sons, a large kale farm in South Carolina, told a similar story.

“A lot more people have gotten in on the business,” he explained. “I’m sure there are some farmers who are winning, who never grew kale before. But those of us who have been in the greens business all of our life, [the demand] has changed the dynamics of [the business].”

Not only has more competition bombarded the kale landscape, but eating kale raw, Rawl said, means farms have had to develop intensive food safety measures for a green that used to just sit below plastic bowls of ice on buffet tables.

With the farmers battling an increasingly competitive market, and My Young Auntie claiming that they were paid to make kale cool, I began to wonder who was really behind the American Kale Association.

Seeing Green

Clicking around the American Kale Association website reveals little. A well-linked loop runs from their website to Facebook page to Twitter account (where they have more than 15,000 followers). Posts go up on a somewhat regular basis, but contact information is omitted.

A domain search for their homepage discloses the site was created via GoDaddy through a third party, Domains by Proxy, whose website announces: “Your identity is nobody’s business but ours.”

So I went back to my original source to ask, quite simply: Who is the American Kale Association? A My Young Auntie staffer replied that AKA has “been great collaborators, but prefer to remain behind the scenes, focusing on the growth and supply, and providing the most accurate, updated information.”

“To clarify, the AKA are kale farmers/producers?” I wrote.

“Yes, to your question about AKA,” the staffer responded.

I called the National Farmers Union, figuring if a group of growers and producers had paid a PR firm, this national union of farmers would be able to point me to some growers who were involved.

“I’ve never heard of the American Kale Association,” replied Barbara Patterson, government relations representative at the National Farmers Union. She went on to tell me that if there was, in fact, a group representing kale farmers, it would probably be the United Fresh Produce Association. So I contacted them.

“We are not familiar with the American Kale Association,” wrote United Fresh’s Mary Coppola, senior director of marketing communications, in response to my inquiry.

Someone has to know who these people are, I reasoned. Following the trail, I reached back out to the actual kale farmers.

“I’ve never heard of them,” Muranaka (VP of the largest shipper of bunched kale in the nation) told me. And if there were a union of kale farmers, would he know of them? “Sure,” he replied emphatically.

I received similar responses from other directors at large kale farms across the country.

Don’t Kale My Vibe

I went back to the drawing board. Maybe I was missing something.

In 2009, Bon Appétit ran a recipe for kale chips by Dan Barber, a renowned New York City chef. In 2010, Dr. Oz introduced kale to his viewers. Then, in 2011, Gwyneth Paltrow baked kale chips onEllen. The following year, Bon Appétit named it the year of kale while Time listed kale as one of the top 10 food trends of 2012. In 2013, National Kale Day launched.

Perhaps it was the perfect kale storm: Gwyneth and Ellen promoted kale along with their own dietary agendas. Millennials decided to use their discretionary incomes on Juice Generation instead of cable. Gluten-free, Paleo, and vegan dieters all hailed the permissible vegetable.

Dr. Drew Ramsey began to host kale celebrations where people adorn themselves in kale and dance in the streets (true story). Celebrities began to talk about kale, like their new Beats headphones. All together, kale catapulted into popular culture in a way that other healthful foods have only scratched at in years prior.

Though after weeks of investigation later, the mystery of the American Kale Association still plagued me. Oberon and I had another call, and I asked, “Are you behind the American Kale Association?”

“Yes,” she said simply.

My editors at mindbodygreen called her again to confirm. “It’s my proudest campaign ever,” she told them. “I’ve been trying to convert people for years to eat in a healthy way. I’ve always loved [kale]. It is an amazing vegetable.”

Why, they pressed, why would you take the time to create this made-up organization? “I’m a punk at heart,” she replied. “I wanted to do something differently — and I did.” She figured that people would have been less interested in kale if they’d known a PR firm was behind it.

However unconventional her efforts may have been, Sinclair certainly deserves some street cred for making kale a cultural icon, and for that I salute her.

Which superfood is ripe for a comeback next? Just last week, an email popped up in my inbox from a PR firm, “Sample innovative recipes, sip nutritious juices, and get to know the bold superfood, broccoli rabe.” While I’m not sure it has the same sweatshirt appeal as kale, it’s certainly a veggie that could use a makeover.


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    Q: Hello, I enjoyed reading the information on your website. I have many questions, but my concern is that I am 43 year old African- American female, who would be classified as obese. Last year I had a miscarriage, which was devastating to me though we were not trying to get pregnant. I have a 16 year old healthy son. The doctor wanted me to have a hysterectomy because of my age and reported that I had non-cancerous fibroids. I chose not to as if I have the opportunity to get pregnant again, I would like to carry my baby to full term and deliver another healthy baby. My question is: which would you suggest I do first (as we know, time is a factor)? Should I do the full body detox and then the weight cleanse? I don't want to do the fertility program, but I'm not sure exactly why I lost my baby. I know stress played a major factor (I quit that high-stress job I was on) and after reading your website, realized that weight played a much larger role than I wanted to realize. I'm not trying to actively get pregnant, but because it remains a possibility, I would like to be as healthy as possible. My partner and I broke up shortly after the miscarriage, but have recently recommitted to a relationship again after almost a year apart. I am sorry for this long email, but your opinion would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely


    First perform the FULL BODY DETOXfirst followed by the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN.

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    Q: I am a voluptuous (plus sized) African American female who has large fibroids (size of 7 month pregnancy). I am planning to have uterine artery embolization this spring. I came across your website and am interested in the full body detox and the fibroid buster kit. Which product do you suggest?


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    Q: I am black/African-American woman who has been getting perms for the last twenty years and now I am experiencing thinning in my hair (especially at the top). What can I do to get my hair thick and beautiful again? Are there vitamins I can take? By the way, I don't digest vitamins in pill form well, therefore are there any liquid vitamins I can take?


    You are experiencing the results of your actions. You can heal but it will take much effort. The abuse in your hair is programmed at a cellular level. Healing must be on a deep level. Detox your body periodically. Perform the FULL BODY DETOX. Next take MSM SULFUR (6-10 capsules daily), HAIR SKIN NAILS FORMULA, ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD. Modify your diet! Consider going vegan! Read our articles â€HAIR PROBLEMS†and â€BLACK HAIR, NAPPY HAIRâ€. There is much information for you in these articles.

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    Q: Happy new year mr ma'atra... serious question I don't know if you heard of him but I was watching something interesting with some guy from the zulu nation named credo mutwa and he was talking about a reptilian race... from I was young I always believed that we couldn't be the only life form do you know anything about this...


    Yes ... I am familiar with the reptilians as well as the Annunaki (alien gods), Greys (bad alines), etc. I can't go too much into detail on these topics because the average person can't handle the information.

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    Q: I am a 38 year old african american woman who has never had a child, the reason is I have keliods all of my body the are bad on and around the upper body area, and I have infections that come and go the infections get very bad when I have a outbreak they break open giving a very nasty oder. These infections come with boils and nasty yellow-green pus that has a bad oder. I also have boils and infections between my legs. I want these keloids to be gone is there any thing I can do to get rid of these keloids and infections once and for all. Please help me your my last hope.


    First perform the FULL BODY DETOX. Next, perform the DHERBS 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE! Change your diet to raw foods only (for 30 days). Then incorporate the vegan-vegetarian diet. NO MEAT! NO DAIRY! NO PROCESSED FOOD! Bathe in hot water, 2-3 boxes of sea salt! Daily! Drink vegetable juice 2-3 times daily (make sure you use parsley and cilantro). Rub your body down with Dherbs OZ OIL after every bath.

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    Q: My husband has scar tissue on his head. He was hit on the head with a bat by some attackers (years ago). The top of his head is extremely hard like a rock --the entire thing is scar tissue. In the back towards his neck but still on his head is a larger patch of raised scar tissue. It is so severe that he has lost and appears to be losing more hair off the top of his head (I think it's because his skin isn't breathing or getting oxygen. He's tried everything from drinking Aloe Vera and applying this to all sorts of products. Currently he is using the skintight products (razor/hair bump, as well as the coco butter) however after reading your article about alcohol, I know they contain this so I don't want him to keep using it even though we are seeing some larger results than we ever have before with that product. We are both vegetarians. He has been a vegetarian for 15 years. He used to eat soy burgers etc., but has completely cut that out for about 3 months. He is now in his third week of raw food (as prescribed by your website) just drinking the green juice from Bolthouse (algae, wheatgrass, spinach etc.) and eating large spinach and vegetable raw salads. We are using the recipe that you included in your e-books. We will continue on a diet like this for the next year while we cleanse our bodies and keep this lifestyle. However, with all of that, my question for you is-- Do you have any recommendations for him to remove his scar tissue? I thought the OZ OIL would help. In addition, I'd like to buy him the FIBRIOD BUSTER and/or any other fibroid kits- but the website says they are for women (only?). Any recommendations you could make would be most appreciated.


    I would tell you to keep using natural products (shea butter, OZ OIL, FIBRIOD BUSTER, MSM SULFUR, etc.) and let the healing take place at its own course. The more you focus on what you don't like (his head injury) the more it will magnify (not heal). His body is programmed to heal and it will but you must remain open to let the body heal at its own pace. Just continue to eat, think, and live right. He'll heal! Just give it time! Let nature do her thing!

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    Q: I hope all is well! I am writing this note to request a consultation with Djehuti . I can only imagine how busy you are, so I will be brief. But, feel free to let me know if you'd like more detailed information. I am contacting you regarding seeking treatment for severe clinical Depression. In addition I suffer from a severe lack of energy. I'd also like to treat several nutritional deficiencies. I am 35 years old. I have been suffering from Clinical Depression since I was about 16 years old. I began to address my Depression only about 3-4 years ago. Since that time I have struggled off and on with counseling with a Social Worker, psychotherapy with a Psychiatrist, group therapy with a Psychologist, several medications, outpatient hospitalization, CBT therapy, and natural and alternative treatments such as herbs, minerals, vitamins, yoga, exercise, meditation, fasting, and cleansing. But nothing has had any long term benefits. My Depression has become increasingly more severe. Over the past 1.5 years, my Depression has been at its worse. About a year ago, I lost my job due to the Depression. I then went into a major depressive episode that has lasted well over a year. I'd like to ask you for some direction in treating my Depression, lack of energy, etc. If you have some time, I'd love to do a consultation with you. Any help that you can offer will be greatly appreciated. I am interested in doing an intense 3-month fast and detox cleanse. I would really like to do a cleanse and detoxification to completely heal my body and get rid of the toxins, impurities, mucus, etc. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.


    Have you schedule a consultation yet? Drugs won't help you. The root cause is emotional and spiritual. can help you! I'll have an article up on depression by December 1, 2008. Stay tuned to!

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    Q: I have periodic palpitations. I've noticed mostly with gas and after eating. My EKG and echocardiogram all came back okay. However, the cardiologist did mention that the palpitations were from the lower chamber and he could go in to correct it, if it becomes bothersome. My question, is there an association between colon gas and heart palpitations and are there herbs I can take to correct this? They don't hurt, but are worrisome at times.


    I recommend that you start working on your colon. Perform either the FULL BODY DETOX or the DHERBS 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE. These will greatly help your condition and you will notice the change. Individual formulas that are good for you afer the detox include ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD, DIGEST AID, CARDIO-VASCULAR FORMULA, and COLON FORMULA. Don't forget diet! Your diet is too acid-forming. You need to eat more alkaline foods (fruits and vegetables). Cut back on the meat and dairy products. Dietary change is very important for you!

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    Q: I've been doing raw for about 28 days and I am on day 9 of the FULL BODY DETOX. I have noticed that my hands are orange occasionally. This also was present before doing the raw fast and detox as well. I looked on your website to see if you had any articles pertaining to this but didn't see any. I have read up a little on jaundice, but I experience this only on my hands (palms only, not in eyes or anywhere else). 5 or 6 years ago I was experiencing pain in my liver area and began changing my diet. Shortly after that I went to see an acupuncture therapist for a back injury (car accident) and he asked had I'd been experiencing pain anywhere else and I told him in the liver area. He treated me for both. I never have pain in my liver area again but was unsure what the orange hands are all about. I don't know if that is too much information, but I'd really appreciate any information you can give me on this issue.


    Orange or yellowish hands or feet denote TOXICITY. The body is toxic, especially the liver and needs to be cleansed periodically. Give the FULL BODY DETOX a try! Soak your hands in hot water (as hot as you can bear it) and 1 box of sea salt for about 30 minutes daily. I had this problem some years ago. I was going through times, had been through so much. I went and got a manicure one day and the Asian lady could read palms and told me I needed to relax. I had been doing everything by myself for a long time in life and needed to rest. She kept emphasizing rest. While this was true, my body also needed to detox. The anger in me at certain people and certain circumstances was stored in my liver (the liver stores anger). But in order to start a new life and live life anew, I had to work on my LIVE-R.