The Truth About Healing

The Truth About Healing

Healing is a term that refers to alleviating symptoms of disease and bodily conditions. This begins from inside the body.

When our bodies are treated kindly and respected, they function more efficiently. Polluting our bodies with things like unhealthy foods and chemical toxins is not the way to health. Harmful man-made chemical like MSG, food colorings and preservatives cause the body to become impaired. This affects both our physical body and our invisible body, or aura.

The Physical Body

Our physical body is the body we see. It is the body that carries us and works for us. This body is what shows the symptoms of sickness and disease. The physical body requires everyday care and maintainance to function properly. Diet, exercise and our lifestyle all affect the body. The physical body and the invisible body work together on many levels. What manifests in the invisible body shows on the physical body.

The Invisible Body

The invisible body refers to our energy. This makes up our biomagnetic sheath or aura. Our physical body is connected with the other bodies by the vortex system known as the chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex. There are eight main chakras located in a line along the spine. Every chakra corresponds to a major organ of the human endocrine system which regulates human emotion and attitude.

The major chakras can be found in the following locations in the body:

  • Bottom of the feet (Earth Chakra)
  • Base of the spine (Base Chakra)
  • Below the naval (Sacral Plexus Chakra)
  • Abdomen (Solar Plexus Chakra)
  • Center of the chest (Hermetic Plexus or Heart Chakra)
  • Throat (Throat Chakra)
  • Between the eyes (Brow Chakra)
  • Above the head (Crown Chakra)

Additional chakras can also be found in the palms of the hands, eyes, ears, nose, joints and directly above the head. There are three chakras located directly above the head called:

  • Soul Star Chakra
  • Casual Center Chakra
  • Stellar Gateway Chakra

Chakras are found throughout the entire body. This system of subtle energy channels is the foundation for the meridians, or energy points. These points are used in acupuncture, vibrational medicine, chakra balancing and yoga.

When the chakras are functioning properly the body’s physical and subtle energies are in balance and harmony. Disturbances of this system may lead to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual disturbances or disease.

Healing Naturally

It is important for purposes of natural healing on all levels to know that the human body has subtle energy fields. Working with chakras, meridians and acupuncture points of the body not only influences our emotions, but directly affects the physical body itself. The true basis of disease may be found on the energy level, so the basis of healing also begins on the energy level.

The food we eat has a major role in our health. A diet based largely on meat, dairy and refined foods is an unhealthy diet. The body functions best when given proper nutrition. A plant-based diet, rich in vitamins and mineral is best.

Try adding natural, organic foods to your everyday diet. Green, leafy vegetables are very high in needed nutrients that help to keep our bodies healthy. Be sure to eat plenty of whole foods that have no added chemicals or preservatives. A diet right in whole grains, fruits and vegetables can keep the body working the way it should.

Our environment plays a large part in our health as well. Air and water pollution can negatively affect our health. Harsh, toxic chemicals in the environment may cause our cells to degenerate and can lead to illness.

Learning to be kind to the earth is the first step in creating healthy surroundings. The air we breathe and the water we drink are an everyday part of our health. Take an interest in your surroundings and remember how valuable they are to us all. Treating the earth with respect and care can change the future of our planet.

Recycling is one way you can personally make a difference in the planet. Check with your local government and find out about their recycling programs. Most cities today offer recycling services to their citizens. If your city doesn’t yet offer such services, you may be able to drop off your recyclables to an adjacent town. A little extra work really goes a long way for our environment.

Support businesses and companies that have good earth practices. Many companies now advertise the ways they are helping to take care of the earth. Support businesses that recycle, reduce their consumption and waste, donate to planet-friendly organizations, and support green technology.

Alleviating the symptoms and conditions that ail us begins by keeping our bodies and environment healthy from the start. Knowing our bodies can help us on all levels.

Positive thinking helps our minds to create a healthier being. Our minds are powerful and negative thoughts can lead to negative health. Use your imagination and the power of the subconscious mind to change your health. See yourself as you would want to appear. Carry this image around with you in your mind all the time. See the end result, what you desire to be and how you can get there. Concentrate on the desired result and watch it manifest.

Create change inside and around you. Change the earth and change your health. Health begins when we take steps to better ourselves and the world around us.

Thank you for reading!

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