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Ways To Improve Your Relationship Today


In the beginning of your relationship, you smiled from the minute you woke up to the moment you laid your head on your pillow to go to sleep. The happiness you felt in your relationship was so clear, so palpable, that it was almost contagious to those around you.

Unsurprisingly, that feeling is temporary, whether we like it or not. Now that you’ve settled into your life with your significant other, you’re probably less in touch with that feeling of bliss, right?

Well, here are 15 ways to keep that ear-to-ear smile and continue living your happiest life.

1. Make your needs known.

Much of the time in relationships, we think our partners are mind-readers. But that dynamic usually feeds into resentment, passive aggressive behavior, and other conflicts.

So let’s break it down: Put simply, it’s more than OK to ask for what you need. Communicate and assert your needs so your partner knows what to do, and what not to do, in order to delight you every day.

2. Stop playing the blame game.

Don’t blame your partner for his or her actions, even if you firmly believe s/he is at fault. What you want is to resolve the friction, and blame doesn’t help you grow closer. Try to understand each other on a deeper level to know why something happened.

3. Watch your words.

Sticks and stones might break your bones but words last forever. Don’t say something you might regret. Your words don’t go away.

4. Be honest, not critical.

Sometimes, honesty can sound like criticism. Did your partner gain a few extra pounds? Don’t be dishonest about it. Offer constructive encouragement instead of negative critique.

5. Put yourself in their shoes.

Upset? Focus on the positives when things are feeling a little negative. Try to understand your partner’s subjective experience. You might be a couple, but you each feel things differently and that’s OK.

6. Be each other’s loudest cheerleader.

Help each other achieve your greatest potential by cheering on your partner toward success. This is a simple, but incredibly powerful, way to be “there” for your partner through thick and thin.

7. Don’t be afraid to admit when you’re wrong.

It happens. You’re human. Take ownership when you’re wrong. This will make it much easier for you to both move forward.

8. Show your commitment daily.

It’s the little things that count. Remind your partner of your devotion every day by saying and doing something to make him or her feel loved by you. Share something positive about the other person to remind your partner of why you think s/he is wonderful.

9. Be patient.

Especially when you’re face-to-face with what you consider to be your partner’s weaknesses.

10. Celebrate your values, hopes and dreams.

Sharing common values, similar goals, and dreams brings you closer together. Celebrate these in your relationship on a regular basis to keep you grounded and build your connection.

11. Talk it out.

If you have a disagreement, silence is one of the most painful things you’ll encounter. Don’t shut down during an argument. Open the lines of communication and talk it out.

12. Lead by example.

The best way to receive love is to give love. Lead your relationship with action. Show your partner how you want to be loved by giving that same type of love first.

13. Don’t be afraid to apologize.

There’s power in the words, “I’m sorry.” In relationships, it’s not about being right all the time, but rather leading with your actions and heart. Leave your ego behind and free yourself up to offer a sincere apology when it matters.

14. Live in the moment.

What’s in the past should remain in the past. This is especially true if you’re arguing. Avoid stirring up negative issues by living in the moment and focusing on your future together.

15. Have regular intimacy dates.

Want the best secret to a long-term relationship? Carving out consistent time for you and your partner. It’s maintaining a close connection that helps creates an enduring bond with your partner.

Source: www.mindbodygreen.com


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    Q: My partner has a serious problem with his gums. He is only thirty three and he's losing most of his teeth. The dentist keeps removing them and he has some implants. What can he take to build his gums up and his teeth stop falling out?

    A: His body is most likely too acidic. He needs to drastically change his diet to more alkaline in order to start healing.

    Also, he should start by gargling with warm water, sea salt and hydrogen peroxide 2-3 times a day.

    An herbal toothpowder will also help him. A good toothpowder stops gums from bleeding!

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    Q: I noticed the CARDIO-VASCULAR FORMULA contains garlic. My partner would like to participate in the detox program with me, but she has allergies to garlic that make her very sick. Her allergist told her that dried herbs have less of an effect because of the processing. Do you think it would be safe to take, considering this is the only compound in the program that contains garlic? I assume it is a small amount and may not have a negative impact.



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    Q: My partner is a diabetic. He can get an erection but doesn't think the erection is stiff enough and doesn't last long but he never lasted a long time anyway. He is 41. What do you recommend?



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    Q: My darling partner has a prostate problems, hypertension and diabetes these health issues plus a daily neck pain and bodily pain which moves around. His bowel movements are good being 3 times daily and water intake approx. 1.5 to 2 liters per day. He takes 100mg coenzymes Qq10 twice daily, cod liver oil and various other supplements inc. alpha lipoic acid to help prevent nerve damage repair. So far he seems to be managing the ill health without taking toxic drugs. However he stills gets toe pains. I would like his health to be restored. Can you please help me?


    We would recommend your partner try our 20-Day Full Body Cleanse. The Full Body Cleanse is a safe and effective 20-day herbal-based Cleanse that helps you work toward ensuring that your entire body is functioning at an optimal level: your immune system, circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory system, organs, vessels, and more.

    Once he completes the cleanse, he should take these formulas: Nerves Formula, Headache & Pain Formula, and MSM Sulfur.


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    Q: I know you are an herbalist and I have read your articles on relationships, but I really need to discuss an issue with a conscious person like yourself. I have a friend who is a conscious brother, he made it known that he doesn't want to be in a relationship, claims he's to busy, but he is into having a spiritual sexual relationship(releasing energy he says on a spiritual level). My thought is that in order to connect with someone totally on a sexual level they should be a unit to experience this sacred sexual experience he refers to, otherwise to me it seems a very clever why to have sex without the commitment of being in a relationship. I would really appreciate your thoughts.


    Dudes can be so clever! He sounds like a Taurus! LOL!

    He's using spirituality to justify having sex with you. There's no spirituality with a casual sex partner. This practice is deep and creates serious energetic connections via the chakras. There's no connection without being a unit and having a commitment. My motto is: no sex absent love and commitment (unless both parties agree)! Hope this helps you out!

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    Q: I know your very busy, but I would be very appreciative if you could help me in any way that you can. I'm 22 with a 7 month old baby, with no support from my family. Over the last 3 months the father decided that he doesn't love me anymore, and has done an obscene about of things to disrespect me. Which leaves me hurt, and stressed out! I'm mentally, spiritually, and physically drained. I have no peace of mind, and I tend to fall in and out of depression. I feel like I'm going to breakdown, and the tears just won't stop falling. I'm trying to keep it together for my baby. Internally, I've been hurt so bad, I just feel like giving up. How can you love someone one minute, and the next not care for them at all? How do I deal with her father? I'm so tired of being the bigger person, and trying to work through things. He just doesn't care at all, and he makes no effort to even try. He then turns around and says, "He cares about his daughter". I try to explain to him that our relationship affects her, but he always has an answer for everything. I don't mean to dampen you with my problems, but I would appreciate it if you could not only hear me, but feel me and what I'm going through. Every little bit helps


    Greetings, Beloved! You are upset because you expect something and expectation is your problem. You are expecting something beyond your control, expecting something coming from another person you can't control. Just do you and let karma take care of this dude. You just can't up and not love someone anymore. He's either saying that so as to bounce from the scene (leave) and his responsibilities or he never loved you in the first place and perhaps used you for his own purposes of sexual gratification and you ended up getting pregnant. At either rate, just do you and focus on you - what you desire for you and your child. Think positive! Let go of the situation involving this dude. Start on it TODAY! The dude is selfish and creating karma! Release him! You can't make a person do something that is not in them to do.

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    Q: Too much sex drive. Hot sperm, premature ejaculation, stress, life problem, learning problems, and extreme anger, a general feeling of unwanted life situations. Feeling drained after sex acts without a partner and not satisfied with my life.


    I recommend the following for you:

    1. Total Male Cleanse
    2. Full Body Detox Companion

    After the Total Male Cleanse, perform the Full Body Detox.

    Read our "Articles" on Testicular Health, Male Prostate Problems, Infertility-Impotence-Sterility, etc.

    Thank you for your interest in Dherbs.Com!

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    Q: Hi, I've got suspected genital herpes - awaiting results, can this be cured? And how can it be proved I've been cured, as I understand blood tests check for anti-bodies, which always remain once infection has occurred. I need to reassure my partner I'm free of the virus.


    Please read our r detailed article "GENITAL HERPES" on our site under "Articles."

    If you have any further questions after reading all of this, then please write us back and inquire.

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    Q: Hello, I enjoyed reading the information on your website. I have many questions, but my concern is that I am 43 year old African- American female, who would be classified as obese. Last year I had a miscarriage, which was devastating to me though we were not trying to get pregnant. I have a 16 year old healthy son. The doctor wanted me to have a hysterectomy because of my age and reported that I had non-cancerous fibroids. I chose not to as if I have the opportunity to get pregnant again, I would like to carry my baby to full term and deliver another healthy baby. My question is: which would you suggest I do first (as we know, time is a factor)? Should I do the full body detox and then the weight cleanse? I don't want to do the fertility program, but I'm not sure exactly why I lost my baby. I know stress played a major factor (I quit that high-stress job I was on) and after reading your website, realized that weight played a much larger role than I wanted to realize. I'm not trying to actively get pregnant, but because it remains a possibility, I would like to be as healthy as possible. My partner and I broke up shortly after the miscarriage, but have recently recommitted to a relationship again after almost a year apart. I am sorry for this long email, but your opinion would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely


    First perform the FULL BODY DETOXfirst followed by the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN.

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    Q: I am 56 so of course I am menopausal and I do not have sex often, sometimes years go by. Recently I attempted and in spite of KY Jelly it was sooooo painful and my partner had a really hard time inserting his penis because I am sooo tight. Any recommendations?

    A: We suggest you try using the Bunny Rabbit Formula and the Female Hormonal. The Bunny Rabbit Formula can help enhance your libido and the Female Hormonal can help balance out your hormones. You should also try using a natural lubricant. Please take time to read the following article: Vaginal Dryness - http://dherbs.com/news/4649/4669/Vaginal-Dryness/d,ai.html Bunny Rabbit - http://www.dherbs.com/store/bunny-rabbit-p-347.html Female Hormonal Formula - http://www.dherbs.com/store/female-hormonal-formula-p-31.html

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    Q: If a woman was to go on the herbal regimen for HPV, what does she do about her partner? How does he get treated? Won't they just keep re-infecting each other? Thank you for your input.


    Both partners are to cleanse and purify their temples otherwise it defeats the whole purpose of personal cleansing!

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    Q: I was wondering in your list you include foods that are classified as acidic (AC). I thought we were to avoid acidic foods so we can stay alkaline or do we need some acidic foods? I am guessing that there is a better explanation but please let me know. My partner and I have changed our diet after watching your videos and Dr Sebi’s video and we are very curious about this.



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    Q: I read most of your articles. Love them. What you say is 100% correct. See for me. I believe that God has put me here for a reason. I have been blessed with the ability to for see things and when I think about something hard enough BAM!! I think of someone and they show up, so in regards to my current situation YES. I did have a hand in this. I keep thinking of not wanting to get HIV. Didn’t want to hear about or talk about it. Then two months before getting my initial test. It was on my mind. Then I got a physical and I was like no going to take this test but went ahead anyway and here we are. Do I believe in it? Not anymore. I now believe in blood toxicity. I am not freaking out about outbreaks because I don't have any. What I want is to know how to shape my mind. Do I need Chakra balance? What can I do to stop the thoughts? How do I reverse my mind to stop thinking on things. I try so hard to see happy things and feel happy thoughts. BTW in Jan I thought about a cold sore and it appeared.


    Thanks for explaining all that! I think the MENTAL SCIENCE MANUAL is right up your alley, Beloved. It'll be up next week. So glad you enjoy my articles, Beloved! You are a powerful person and you will be dangerous (in a good way) when you learn the power of your mind. Peace and Love!

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    Q: I'm having a little hard time building a relationship with my lady's 6 year-old daughter. She's sweet, the only child (for now), and has her father in her life. I don't want to be her dad, but I do want her to respect me. I intend to marry this lady, and I will be the father figure in our house.


    Just focus on things you appreciate about the child. Stop judging her relationship with her mother. Find a perspective about her that feels good. Respect her, and give her space to warm up to you at her own pace. It will happen

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    Q: I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. I?m in a long-term relationship and want to get pregnant someday soon. My doctor says this will lessen my chances. What herbs can help me to heal?


    I would recommend that you perform the Full Body Detox followed by the Total Woman Cleanse. Change your diet too! Change your thoughts! Think positive! Think fertility! See those future babies in your mind (and they will come!)! You can heal, Beloved!

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    Q: At age 15 I started getting cysts in my sweat glands (under arms, under breasts, groin area). Doctors treated me with antibiotics and creams over the years... it left so much scar tissue...Around age 23 I had my sweat glands removed and at that time I was diagnosed with HS (Hydra denitus supporativa)... the problem went away for about a year, and eventually moved to another place (the groin).. seems to flare up monthly during my menstrual cycle.. Since then, I was diagnosed with kidney disease, I am a dialysis patient with High blood pressure, high cholesterol.. I am on at least 6 medications to regulate my blood pressure, cholesterol, potassium, and phosphorous levels.. Due to all these changes, my libido is extremely low and almost nonexistent.. I have a hard time achieving a climax with my partner...I am married with 3 young children... I've considered weight loss surgery as a way to finally get my weight under control as it has been a huge issue for the last 10 years. What can you recommend that I can take to detox and cleanse myself of all my health issues?? Is there really anything out there to help my situation??


    There's always help! Keep your mind focused and stay positive. Give the Full Body Cleanse a try followed by the Pancreas Cleanse.

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    Q: I'm sorry to keep bugging you I know you are probably tired of me by now but I just have to ask you one more thing I was involved in a devilish relationship and I was a virgin and he was not so I waited at least 3 months before we had unprotected intercourse and the test came back negative but evidently he had during that period and that was how it infected me. So if I were to do the full body detox and the anti-viral kit and it were to come back negative how long after my first negative should I go back and test just to make sure I wont past it on to someone else and put them through trauma.


    That would be up to you. You see, once a person tests "negative" our advice is to not look back and worry about getting re-tested, etc. (which means you don't really trust that the disease/virus is really gone or cured). We say test negative and move on; but if you want to get re-tested during the year, that's your prerogative and you can do so as often as you like. I humbly and sincerely trust I have gone overboard in asking all of your concerns and inquiries and can now redirect my energy back into answering first time inquiries.

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    Q: I think it is interesting that you spend a lot of time pushing your personal opinions and share limited advice. What do you understand about integrity and professionalism? Or even respect for others? I do not see it. If people are looking to you for help why do you spit on their problems? I was researching your site to help a client resolve their addiction to smoking. I have to say I was sadly disappointed to read your article. It is not helpful nor is it informative. In fact it enforces shame and negativity on those who seek help and positive life changes. I would hope you could restructure your article to benefit all. It would be beneficial to check out higher consciousness sites on herbal healing. I wish for you in this moment to find peace and resolve your anger and prejudice that is so apparent in your articles. Love, light and peace.


    YOUR perception is not MY reality, Love. I am doing me and you do you. Tell you what: you do what I am failing to do or what you feel I am failing to do. This would be more appropriate. Pick up the ball where you deem it dropped. Talk is cheap and actions speak. I have done the actions and am doing them (read the reviews and testimonies on Dherbs.com). It speaks for itself. My new smoking article will reflect where I am presently, but it will still blast the ignorant cigarette smokers. One can't just blame government and the cigarette industry for the actions of the dumb cigarette smoker. Dumb and weak Americans must also foot partial blame, actually most of it, because they had a choice and there was no gun to their head forcing them to smoke. These people were simply weak and stupid and not to mention unconscious. Period! It doesn't sound nice but it's factual and truthful. I don't sugar coat the truth because sugar is a poison! The first article was written 6-7 years ago and that's why it's so brief. Thank you for visiting the #1 website in all-natural herbal products and raw uncompromising information that people all across the world are eating up and just can't get enough of.

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    Q: Due to what I did with women in previous experiences, from time to time I tend to think, and worry about what my woman might do. She's a wonderful lady-she really is; and she's been upfront, and honest from the get go. But, I can get a little pessimistic about the relationship. But, I do that because I know how slick women can be. I've been on the receiving end of that slickness! So again, from time to time, that creeps up in my thoughts. And yes, I have been absolutely committed to her as well.


    What you focus on with emotion is what you attract according to the law of attraction. If you continue to give these negative thoughts, your focus you will manifest this outcome. You have to consciously change this pattern to get out of your loop. When you feellike consciously, remind yourself of what you DO want. Allow yourself to create what you really want, which is to feel calm and in love with your amazin woman.

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    Q: Wow you are on the ball. I am a skeptic but I need to do something. Does one really have to become a vegan to achieve these objectives? Seeing I am not in a relationship now, should I hold off on the Jackrabbit formula and those things and stick to the cleanse? HELP!!! Just seeking advise, also how long does it take for things to arrive.


    I don't waste much energy on skeptics because life is full of risk (going to the movies and watching a movie you don't know if you'll like; gambling in a casino and having no guarantee of winning; getting married and not knowing if the marriage will last, etc.).

    One does not have to become a vegan, but it greatly helps!

    Jackrabbit formula is not just for sex purposes, but also to build up the sex glands. I would just concentrate on the Full Body Detox though.

    Our herbs arrive within 2-3 days after you place your order.