Why Disease Is Our Friend and Ally

Many people mistakenly believe that illness is an entirely negative thing. However, on a higher level of awareness and understanding, disease is our friend simply because every disease conveys an important message. Without disease, we’d never know anything is wrong with us (especially on a deeper and inner level i.e., emotional, spiritual, ethereal, etc.). In such ignorance (state of glorified darkness) we’d continue to harm ourselves.

Everyone gets sick. Even people in the highest echelons of life (academic credentials, salary, social status etc.) contract diseases and even die from preventable illnesses. It’s not about disease humbling us-it’s about the message disease conveys. Yet what’s more important than humility is openness and receptivity so we can receive and understand the message that the illness is communicating.

Some people believe that they can communicate with disease. Theta Healers, for instance, are practitioners who listen to diseases (such as fibroid tumors) to discover what the host of the fibroids did to develop fibroids. Others believe they can communicate with plants, crystals, and gemstones to discover what value they have for healing. Such traditional medical practices hark back to Native American shamans and African medicine men and women.

There are metaphysics to disease of which many Western doctors are ignorant. Every disease is transmitting a statement via the physical body. However, since most people are not spiritually attuned, they have to wait until disease manifests physically to know that something inside of them on the inner-self level is wrong or imbalanced.

Most people do not consider their health unless they are faced with negative physical consequences. How many women would take care of the health and well-being of their reproductive organs if their vagina didn’t have an odd-colored discharge or they didn’t experience pain from a cyst or tumor on their ovary or uterus?

How many men would really take care of their health in general, sexual reproductive health in particular, if they didn’t experience difficulty maintaining an erection?

You see, most people need something to be wrong first before they take their health in their own hands and start eating, thinking, and living right. It’s like with anything else in life. It’s the same thing as people who have to first get into trouble before they run to the Lord to save them. They only think about going to and/or joining church (or the mosque or synagogue) after they realize the negative consequences for their actions. If everything is okay, they do not even consider God and/or church (or any other institution up their alley). Most people are simply reactionary in life and nature. They react or have to react because they don’t ‘act’ in the first place.

Disease is our friend in the sense that it gives us constructive notice that we did something wrong-that we have been living against Nature, against God (regardless of what we profess) for after all, God made no Law of Disease.

We may have been thinking wrong or incorrectly, eating wrong or incorrectly, or living wrong or incorrectly (i.e. pursuing the material values of life at the expense of the pursuit of the spiritual values).

Disease is like Paul Revere making his famous ride warning Americans that the ‘British are coming!’ Wouldn’t any good friend let you know something that you need to know so you can knowledgeably make a choice and respond?

If we see disease as the enemy, we’ll focus on the disease and miss the message disease conveys. But if we see disease as a friend and ally, we’ll listen to it and trace its origin back to the inner energy levels so as to solve it.

Cancer is not the problem. It’s what caused the cancer that is the problem. Cancer is really not a disease. It is a symptom and a messenger. You’ll never cure cancer by focusing on cancer. You cure cancer by focusing on what cancer tells you-that your cells are oxygen-starved and deprived and your body’s pH levels are too acidic and thus your body needs more oxygen and alkalinity.

When you heal cancer, this means the symptoms of cancer are all gone in response to the cause of the cancer also being gone. It’s the Law of Cause and Effect. To remove the Effect, simply remove the Cause.

Thank you for reading!

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