5 Essential Oils That Can Quickly Get Rid Of Acne

5 Essential Oils That Can Quickly Get Rid Of Acne

Pimples seem to want to rob you of feeling good about yourself. Just when you thought you were lowering your stress, a pimple shows up and the stress is back again. How can you go out in public? How many products are you going to have to use to cover up your pimples? Rather than using chemical products, which only harm your body, we are bringing you some all-natural, overnight tricks to get rid of pimples.

What Causes Acne?

While stress can irritate acne, it is not the thing that causes it. The common belief is that acne is a result of rising androgen levels. Androgen, a type of hormone, levels rise during adolescent years and ultimately cause the oil glands to grow under the skin, thusly producing more oil. The excess oil breaks down the walls in the pores, causing bacteria to grow. Certain studies also indicate that acne can be genetic. Anytime there is a drastic hormonal change, for example during pregnancy or adolescence, acne can sometimes be a result. Impurities in the blood stream can also lead to acne because the impurities come up through the pores.

Note: Before using any of the following essential oils, make sure to do a patch test, especially if you have sensitive skin. This is so you can avoid a possible negative reaction.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil works to decrease redness and swelling with the antimicrobial properties, which also help to clear up the skin. Mix a few drops of peppermint oil in 1 teaspoon of vitamin E oil. Apply the mixture directly to the zit or pimple and let your skin absorb the mixture. Leave this on for a couple hours and then reapply.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemons have some amazing health properties. In fact, lemons help to regenerate skin cells. Additionally, lemon oil helps to fight free radical damage, which can lead to healthier skin. Before using lemon essential oil, wash your face and pat dry. Drop 3 drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and pat this on your skin. Apply this several times a day and once before going to bed.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that work to kill bacteria on the skin. It also works to tone the skin and promote healthy skin cell regeneration. This is a good oil to get rid of a stubborn pimple. After washing your face and patting it dry, drop 2 drops of Frankincense oil on a cotton ball and apply this to the pimple, and the surrounding area, before bed.

Tea Tree Oil

This is a common acne treatment, especially for acne on the forehead, chin, and cheeks. Tea tree oil has powerful antimicrobial properties and tons of antioxidants, both of which help to get rid of acne. Mix 1-2 drops of tea tree oil with 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. Apply a drop or two of this mixture to the affected area every few hours to help get rid of acne.

Lavender Essential Oil

The antifungal and antibacterial properties work to get rid of acne and the antioxidants help to accelerate the healing process. You can use this oil on the face, back, legs, and arms. To use this, apply a single drop on the pimple or zit and leave it on and let it air-dry. You can reapply after a few hours.



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