Beer Drinkers Can Help Save The Ocean

Beer Drinkers Can Help Save The Ocean

Americans drink a lot of beer. Other countries consume copious amounts of alcohol, but 6.3 million gallons of beer a year is a hefty amount. Half that amount is sold in cans, which can be held together by the plastic rings. These plastic rings get discarded, can end up in the ocean, and can strangle marine life or clog their digestive systems.

Saltwater Brewery in Florida targets a large community of surfers, fishermen, and ocean lovers. We Believers, a small New York agency, teamed up with the Florida brewery to develop edible six pack rings, which are made from wheat and barley. The new design is as strong and supportive as the plastic rings, but is healthy and safe for marine life to consume, should it end up in the ocean. It is still in the early stages of development, but prototypes were made and sold at Florida events, Saltwater Brewery’s Beer Garden, and other venues. Consumers got the chance to see this new product; some even took a bite for themselves!

Hopefully this idea will catch on and more craft breweries and soda companies will start making a difference. The more this catches on, the easier it will be to manufacture and obtain. The little guy can always make a difference.



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