Ways To Celebrate National Fitness Day During The Pandemic

Ways To Celebrate National Fitness Day During The Pandemic

Celebrated on the first Saturday in May, National Fitness Day aims to empower people all over the United States through fitness. How can you inspire people to be fit when gyms, crossfit studios, spin classes, and yoga studios are closed? This year, it is the intention of National Fitness Day to show people how easy it is to engage in physical activity, even while safer at home laws are in place. Be the best, sweatiest version of yourself!

It is easy to feel down or unmotivated when you are at home all day. Our hope is that people feel the opposite, using this time to get in shape. We are lucky to be alive in a time when instructional videos, exercise tutorials, and workout guides are one click or web search away. Anybody can search for a workout video and follow along once, though. National Fitness Day hopes to kickstart the engine drives you to keep exercising day after day.  Movement is necessary!

Most people just exercise for the sake of exercising. They regrettably go through the motions and are not aware of the incredible benefits of exercise. Regular exercise has been known to reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia. Exercise is a great way to boost the release of growth factors, which are chemicals in the brain that support new blood vessel growth, and aid the survival of new brain cells. Many psychiatrists encourage people with stress or anxiety to exercise because physical activity takes the mind off anxious feelings. This is especially important when the news, social media feeds, and online journalism is overrun by coronavirus updates Additionally, exercise can help improve digestion, promote healthier sleep, and boost cognitive function.

Ways To Celebrate National Fitness Day During The Pandemic

Try Something New

Many people find that they don’t know how what exercises to do when gyms are closed. Some go running, but this exercise alone doesn’t lead to muscle gains. There are thousands of online videos that use bodyweight exercises to help tone muscles. You can purchase kettlebells, dumbbells, or resistance bands to increase resistance and build muscle. If money is tight during the pandemic, use a couple of old pain buckets or a suitcase filled with winter clothes as weights. Search for at home workouts without equipment and you will be surprised how tired you get after completing exercises you never thought of doing.

Make A New Playlist

Listening to the same music during your workout can get old, especially during the pandemic. Don’t get bored during your workout. Stay hyped by customizing your workout playlist. Don’t let yourself work out to the same mix of songs! You need some new workout tunes to put some pep in your step. Avoid smooth jazz and listen to songs that keep the drive alive. This is a great time discover new artists!

Use A Fitness App

Apps like Pelaton, Nike Training Club, FitOn, and Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer are useful tools in your quest to stay in shape during the pandemic. These apps offer free videos, coaching, and tutorials that motivate you to push yourself through the workouts. In addition to strength training, many of these apps have aerobic, meditation, yoga, stretching, and outdoor workouts that help change up your fitness routine.

Go Outside

Leaving the house to exercise is allowed, encouraged even, in most cities. While certain parks, hiking trails, or beaches may be closed, you can easily walk, jog, or bike around the neighborhood. Being outside helps to reduce anxiety levels, and absorbing vitamin D is beneficial for the immune system. If you need tips for running during the pandemic, click here.

We hope everyone is able to engage in some sort of exercise today! If you do, take a photo or upload a video and tag us on social media so we can see what you did. Use the hashtag #DherbsFitnessDay2020 and tag us with the following:

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