Dherbs Isn’t Mossing Around For Earth Day

Dherbs Isn’t Mossing Around For Earth Day

The owners of Dherbs Inc. have had the plans to put up a moss wall in the office building over the past several months. What better day to celebrate its installation of the new moss wall than Earth Day, right? The inside of our office just became a stunning sight, one that invites cutting edge design and technology with incredible, proven health benefits.

After the initial “wow moment” of seeing our moss wall idea come to fruition, we were able to calm down and get back to work. We didn’t just put in a moss wall to fit in with the cool kids; rather, there are numerous benefits to installing moss walls in the workplace.

Improved Productivity

A recent study actually confirmed that people, who worked in an office with plants or plant walls, demonstrated more innovative thinking, better problem solving, and increased productivity.

Reduced Airborne Dust

People are constantly exposed to and frequently inhale airborne dust, but seldom do they realize the damaging effects it has on the body. Airborne dust can contain contaminants like smoke particles, chemical dust, molds, fumes, or aerosols from cleaning products. Putting moss into a room works to control the amount of airborne dust. The moss is comprised of bacteria that absorb and metabolize the particles to create a cleaner air.


Improved Air Quality

To expound upon the aforementioned point, pollutants in the air cling to moss’ surface and are converted into the plant’s biomass after absorption. Since the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that four million deaths in 2012 were attributed to air pollution, we are taking small steps to benefit our lungs.

Less Stress

A study that was conducted at Washington State University monitored stress levels in employees at different workstations. The findings indicated that employees, who worked near plants, were 12% less stressed than those who worked without any plants in sight. Additionally, being out in nature has been proven to reduce cortisol levels, so we brought nature inside with the moss wall!

If you ever pick up products from our Los Angeles office, don’t hesitate to take a picture with our moss wall. Tag us on social media, too!