DIY Vanilla Pumpkin Sugar Scrub

DIY Vanilla Pumpkin Sugar Scrub

If you made our homemade pumpkin puree and want to use it for something outside of the kitchen, we have an awesome way for you to use it. The best part is that you will still benefit from the nutrients in the pumpkin. We are talking about a sugar scrub, of course! Sugar scrubs are super easy to make and they are very beneficial for your skin, especially during these dryer, colder months, when keeping your skin moisturized is of the utmost importance.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has amazing moisturizing and soothing properties that are beneficial for your skin. The healthy fats in coconut oil are absorbed through your skin and can actually work wonders, internally, for your body.


While cinnamon can be a great spice to help promote weight loss, most people don’t know that cinnamon can help get rid of dead skin cells. It helps to soften the skin and restore a natural shine. It works best when used in a sugar scrub, like the one below.

Note: Using raw sugar is best because it has more exfoliating properties, but using brown sugar is an acceptable substitute.



  • Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and stir well. You can store the scrub in a Mason jar in a cool, dry place.
  • Use it in the shower (not on your face) on areas where your skin is typically dry.