Fasting & Juice Feasting

Fasting & Juice Feasting

The word “fasting” is defined as abstaining from food, sometimes as a religious discipline. Many religions practice fasting as a way of demonstrating faith and spiritual reflection.

Some people fast as a way to lose weight or to cleanse the body of toxins. Fasting is used in many different ways for weight loss depending on the diet. Some diets involve eating only whole foods while others restrict food all together. Each fasting diet has its own restrictions on liquids too.


Fasting is great for a myriad of reasons especially health and spiritual reasons. Fasting gives the stomach a much needed time to rest, at least for the modest and health-conscious eater (raw foodist, vegan-vegetarian); but for the average over-eater of the Standard American Diet, fasting does not give the stomach time to rest but allows it to attempt to digest all the undigested food that it is holding.

Fasting allows the colon or intestinal tract to dump or release much of the stored waste, helping to prevent colon and rectal cancers. When we fast, it allows for the colon to shrink back into shape. When the colon shrinks back into shape, one of the results is a suppressed appetite.

But the more we eat unhealthy foods, the more our bodies crave it in attempt to get nutrition. We should eat for nutritional purposes but most of us eat for eye or sight appeal, smell, and taste appeal. Taste, sight and smell are not the criterion for what is healthy.

Fasting is also a great way to cleanse the eliminative channels of the body (colon, liver, lungs and kidneys).

It is an excellent way to cleanse the blood and lymphatic fluids. The toxins and pollutants in the bloodstream travel to the brain via the Jugular vein in the neck and because the blood can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, toxins and pollutants also enter the brain and negatively affect it. The brain actually becomes use to the polluted blood in the body and when you fast and the blood starts to thin, the brain responds due to its addiction to or habit of receiving polluted blood.

Basically, when the blood starts thinning and cleansing, the poisons, pollutants and toxins are being released via the filtering organs and to the body it feels like withdrawal and that’s why some people experience headaches while fasting.


Fasting helps begin the healing and anti-aging process. Fasting helps to improve the skin by cleansing the blood.

Fasting is very beneficial in warding off negative things and acts because if fasting compels you to abstain from that which is beneficial, good, and required, it makes it that much easier to abstain from that which is no good or detrimental, to the mind, body and soul.

Fasting is one of the ways we can detoxify and cleanse our bodies.

Juice Feasting

Juice feasting is when a person fasts or abstains from solid food and consumes vegetable and/or fruit juice (in addition to water).

Juice feasting, though not a fast, is beneficial when you consider the beneficial properties of fruits and vegetables. Fruits are very cleansing and vegetables are very building due to their high nutritional/mineral content.

Juice feasting can and will greatly help the body cleanse, rebuild and heal.

If hunger is a problem while fasting, juice feasting can be ideal alternative for you. It gives your body much needed energy from the electrical components contained in fruits and vegetables. The natural sugar in fruits will also give the body a boost as fruit sugar (fructose) converts into secondary natural fuel for the body.


The best or ideal waters to drink during a fast are distilled water and alkaline water. Distilled water is great for fasting purposes because distilled water removes heavy metal toxins from the body. Distilled water is basically boiled water. Consumption of distilled is an important function while fasting because heavy metal buildup may lead to heavy metal poisoning, impairing human health.

Alkaline water is processed water, usually charged with electrolytes (alkaline minerals). Whereas distilled water will draw out heavy metal toxins from the body by attraction, alkaline water will cause the tissues to dump off toxins and if the alkaline water is also microclustered, it will also cause the cells to dump off toxins.

Microclustered water is water that has been electrically processed allowing it to break down water molecules and make the water more penetrable so molecules can penetrate the cells and not only hydrate the body, but stimulate cleansing on a cellular level. Nature automatically microclusters water with waterfalls. The water hitting hard against rocks automatically breaks down the water molecules making them smaller and thus more penetrable through the cells of the body.

Crystal water is excellent during a fast. The best crystals to add to your drinking water during a fast are:

  • Clear Quartz: increases and enhances energy and the body’s energy field
  • Bloodstone: purifies and heals blood
  • Malachite (tumbled): Cleanses the blood and the liver; heals female organs
  • Blue Jasper: sustains energy while fasting; heals degenerative diseases
  • Muscovite: prevents hunger while fasting
  • Amethyst: enhances and heightens spiritual awareness; cleanses the blood
  • Rose Quartz: amplifies the love frequency; fine tunes the heart chakra
  • Herkimer Quartz: protects against radiation poisoning
  • Rutilated Quartz: absorbs mercury poisoning; prevents psychic attack
  • Black Tourmaline: prevents psychic attacks; repels negative energy

Taking elixirs are very ideal when fasting because elixirs are water imbued with crystal properties, which facilitates meditation, angelic contact, spiritual awareness, and energy healing on the subtle body level.

How to Fast

You should only be fasting when you have the time to properly fast, like on weekends and holidays or during your job-given vacation. Hard work should be avoided when fasting. During a fast, the body usually becomes weak or faint before energy levels increase and you feel more energetic.

Fasting and detoxifying (with herbs) are great ways to increase and enhance energy levels in the body.

If you decide to drink tea, herbal tea, while fasting (as many people do) drink a tea that contains natural caffeine (bio-active caffeine). Herbs that naturally contain caffeine include:

  • Green Tea
  • Black Tea
  • Kola Nut
  • Guarana, and
  • Yerba Mate

Herbs that can provide much needed energy are:

If you are fasting to purify your mind for better memory recall, cognition, and mental clarity for the test, drink herbal tea of Holy Thistle.

If you want to enhance your cleansing effect during a fast, drink herbal teas of Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Cleavers, Chickweed, Echinacea and/or Godenseal. Wheat and Barley Grass are also great for this.

If you want to eliminate excess mucus in the body while fasting, drink herbal teas of Mullein Leaf, Boneset, Coltsfoot, Yerba Sante, Comfrey Root, and/or Fenugreek.

If you are a female and want to cleanse your reproductive organs during fasting, drink herbal teas of White Oak Bark, Red Clover Leaf, Red Raspberry Leaf, Sarsaparilla, Squawvine, and/or Dong Quai.

To help eliminate calculi while fasting, drink herbal tea of Chanca Piedra, the best natural herb to naturally break or bust up stones or calculi and remove them from the body. Chanca Piedra is a powerful Rainforest herb whose name means to break stone.

Deep tissue massage is an ideal massage to get while detoxifying. This particular massage’s deep penetrating strokes greatly helps to cleanse the tissues of the body. Lymphatic Drain massage is also an ideal massage to get while fasting as this massage helps to stimulate cleansing and movement of the lymph fluids.

Yoga and/or deep breathing are great during a fast. Deep breathing helps cleanse the organs, move stagnant chi, prana or energy; and also fuels the body and mind.

Chakra balancing or alignment is a must during a fast. This procedure greatly helps to open the energy centers (vortices) and also cleanses and enhances the energy field. Ear coning is great to do as well while fasting. Ear coning helps to remove subtle blocks from the ears and also opens the energy centers (aura) of the ears. This activity along with removing wax buildup and bacteria is great for the ears while fasting as is most beneficial.

Nasal cleansing (with the use of a Neti Pot) is great while fasting. Nasal cleansing helps to open blocked respiratory passages via the nostrils of the nose and thus helps to improve breathing.

Magical Alchemical Elixirs (which contain herbs, crystals, humic and fulvic acid, essential oils and programmed intent), which help to heal and cleanse on all eight subtle body levels.

Crystal Spray Elixirs (which contain blessed water, crystal and gemstone properties, flower essences and essential oils), which facilitate cleansing of the aura (energy field). Crystal-Gemstone Elixirs (over 35 kinds), which work on a subtle body and energy level.

Ending a Fast

A fast should always be broken in the morning. This is where the term breakfast comes from. The word breakfast means to break the fast. Breakfast is in the morning because it starts the new day for us. A fast should be broken at sunrise (or sunset). However, sunrise is best as the stomach needs to rest at night.

A fast should always be broken with liquids, preferably soft, pureed fruit juice or vegetable juice. After digesting a liquid (fruit or vegetable juice), a smoothie would be ideal. After a smoothie, raw, organic fruit should be next. After raw, organic fruit, soup would be ideal. After soup, a green salad or some other raw food dish would be ideal. After salad and/or raw food dish, legumes (beans, peas, etc.) would be ideal. After legumes, soft whole grains would be ideal (but not a lot as they expand in the colon). After grains, a vegetarian enter would be ideal. If you eat meat, white meat, would be ideal (i.e. chicken, tuna/fish, turkey) to eat.

Please remember that while fasting, the stomach shrinks.

Fasting is a science and proper knowledge is needed.