Grow Produce From Kitchen Scraps

Grow Produce From Kitchen Scraps

Want to start growing a vegetable garden? It’s easier than you think. You don’t have to go to the store and buy seeds, plant them, then worry if they will ever sprout. Starting a garden with your kitchen scraps is an easy way to grow your vegetables. Don’t discard scraps like pineapple tops, celery bases, onion tops, green onion ends, or ginger roots because they are your future plants.

Before you decide to grow your garden, you need to make sure that you have healthy soil. If the soil is dry and void of nutrients, the plants will not grow. Rather than going to the store to buy fertilizer or mulch, you can easily compost your soil by using produce scraps (the ones you aren’t going to plant, of course). The best way to avoid trashing your produce scraps is to keep a sealed container next to the area where you prep meals. Put banana peels, citrus rinds, apple cores, herbal tea bags, onion skins, or melon rinds, among other items, in the container until it gets full. Make sure you have a good lid because it will start to smell. Using a spade or shovel, dig a hole or multiple holes in the soil, and dump the scraps in. Chop the scraps up with your spade or shovel, cover them with dirt, and let the composting begin. Do this to the entire area where you are going to plant your garden.

When you put these produce scraps under the soil to compost, worms journey to their new food. Having worms in your soil means that it is healthy. Earthworms are like free farm help because they turn the soil, meaning they bring down organic matter from the top and combine it with the soil underneath. They essentially eat your produce scraps, which you buried, and transform them into valuable fertilizer.

Start growing your produce scraps in water, just like the video indicates, at the same time you begin composting your soil. Your soil will be healthy and ready for planting in about a week, which is the time your scraps need to spend in water in the window sill. By following the steps in the video, you’ll be able to start a garden from your kitchen scraps. Let us know if you have any other produce items that you’ve grown from kitchen scraps.



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