Guavas: Why You Need To Put This Anti-Inflammatory Fruit In Your Smoothies

Guavas: Why You Need To Put This Anti-Inflammatory Fruit In Your Smoothies

Sometimes you make a smoothie and think to yourself, “This is missing something.” You may not know what that ingredient is, but we do. Guavas provide a sweet and tart flavor and give off an aroma that is reminiscent of the tropics. Aside from the delicious flavor, guavas boast tons of beneficial healing properties.

Guavas are native to the Caribbean and both Central and South America, but they have since been growing in various tropical climates around the world. The indigenous people of Central and South America used the fruit and the tree itself to help naturally treat illnesses. For instance, guavas contain anti-inflammatory compounds and the leaves can be brewed into a tea to help relieve stomachaches. For more guava benefits, check out the list below.

They Are Heart Healthy

A recent study, which was conducted in Brazil, found that eating guavas for 12 consecutive weeks resulted in lower cholesterol levels and reduced blood pressure.

They Fight Infection

Some people are skeptical of eating guava seeds. They are harmless and perfectly edible. Plus, it’s pretty hard to eat a guava without eating the seeds. Guava seeds have antimicrobial properties that help fight off infections. In fact, scientists discovered that guava seeds helped to reduce the growth of two pathogens in several urinary and GI infections.

They Improve Skin Health

Guavas actually contain more vitamin C than oranges. The vitamin C helps to flush toxins from the body and encourages the production of new skin cells. You can also boil guava leaves in a little water and apply the decoction to your skin to help improve skin tone.

They Lower Blood Sugar

Believe it or not, the skin of the guava is also loaded with nutrients; and it just tastes like the fruit. The fiber in guavas helps to slow the absorption of sugar in your intestines, which helps to naturally lower blood sugar.

They Boost Oral Health

It turns out that the anti-inflammatory compounds in guavas are good for more than just fighting infections. The high vitamin C content and anti-inflammatory properties can help to heal the gums and fight the accumulation of plaque.

They Improve Gut Health

Besides the fact that drinking guava leaf tea can help relieve digestive discomfort, the actual fruit itself has stomach-soothing properties. Traditional Chinese medicine indicates that guavas were used to naturally remedy inflamed GI tracts.

Guavas are amazing and should become featured in your smoothie routine. They are in bloom during the fall, which means it’s time to get your hands on them!



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