Have A Soak For International Bath Day

Have A Soak For International Bath Day

Soaking in a bath is an incredible sensory experience. Occupational therapists say that a child’s fine motor and visual motor skills are improved as he or she plays with bath toys. While children may be more sensitive and thrilled about the bubbles, sound of splashing water, bonding with parents or siblings, and bathroom echoes, adults can enjoy baths too. Your inner child may still be excited by bubbles and echoes, and that’s okay! You don’t need an excuse or special reason to take a bath; just take one.

A Brief History

On this day in history, the story goes that Archimedes, a Greek mathematician and scholar, discovered that an object’s volume could be accurately measured by being submerged in water. He was taking a bath at the time, but was so ecstatic that he jumped out of the bath and ran naked through the streets of Syracuse, Greece shouting, “Eureka! Eureka!”

The time you spend in the bath doesn’t have to be profound like it was for Archimedes, although certain people do some of their best thinking in the tub. You can have fun in the bath with your child(ren)! In a recent survey conducted with 300 U.S. mothers, 73% of them believed it was important to use bath time as a way to discover and explore. Check out some quick bath facts from the study below:

  • 58% of the moms gave their child a bath 4-7 times a week
  • 90% of the moms looked forward to bath time because their child was more relaxed and happy afterwards
  • 65% of the moms used bubbles during bath time

How The Temperature Affects You

The temperature of your bath can offer a variety of therapeutic benefits. While a piping hot soak can provide relief from muscle pain or temporarily block your pain sensors, a warm bath can benefit the immune system. After a hard workout, a cold bath may be better to help decrease the built-up lactic acid in the bloodstream. The cold temperature also works to improve recovery time.

Keep in mind that the time at which you take a bath can also affect the body in different ways. A warm bath in the evening may help to relax the body and induce a better night’s sleep, while a morning bath can be beneficial for creative ideas.

Celebrate your soak on International Bath Day! Taking baths can help improve your mood and promote optimism, in addition to the physical benefits we explored in this article. When you take a bath, do you add anything to it? Have you tried using some of our bath drops? Let us know! Try the following bath bomb recipe and let us know how you like it!

DIY Bath Bomb


The ingredients in this bath bomb recipe work to naturally soothe itchy or dry skin, and can even be beneficial in relieving muscle pain. We recommend making this mixture in bulk because this ingredient list only makes about two big bath bombs. Click here to make the bath bomb.

A Bath To Relieve Sinus Congestion

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Amazing Healing Ingredients For Your Bath

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