Have The Courage To Follow Your Convictions

Have The Courage To Follow Your Convictions

A conviction is a firmly held belief or opinion. Convictions are not fleeting thoughts or fancies that flit through the mind and imagination once and never again. On the contrary, convictions are so deeply believed in that some people may cherish them. By all means, have the courage to follow your convictions.

Never let others sway you from your convictions, whatever they may be. As long as they are good, meaning they do not cause harm or intentional harm to another or others, your beliefs are your own. Have the inner confidence to trust in the veracity of your beliefs. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” The same should apply for your beliefs.

Own your convictions

You will never find success or happiness if you rely upon what others say and/or think about you and your convictions. Your convictions are YOURS and yours alone! Be true to your convictions and your convictions will be true to you and also benefit you in accordance pursuant to the power of your belief.

What others may say or think does not matter, unless you decide to make it your business. People always have choices. You get to choose what you say and do. Do not bow to peer pressure or conform to social standards. Imagine living in a way that you do not enjoy, and saying things that you do not believe. Such behavior will only make you miserable.

Also, always remember that another person’s perception of you is by no means your reality. It is difficult to look at another person’s beliefs objectively, especially if they conflict with your own. So even if you do consider what others are saying, make sure to take it with several grains of salt. And remember that it never matters what others say or speak of you, nor does it matter what others think and/or believe of you. The only thing that matters is what you think and/or believe of your say.

Sometimes when others are quick to shoot down your convictions, it is because they themselves do not have any convictions. It is always easier to mock others’ beliefs rather than choose something to stand for. Derision often arises out of insecurity. They shoot down or speak negatively about your convictions because you’re simply showing them up for their failure to have any convictions. To these miserly individuals, you’re exposing their lack; and because they are too lazy or cowardly to develop their own convictions, they condemn yours. It is far easier for them to attempt to shoot you down than it is for them to build themselves up. These people make the choice to stay down and they’ll keep you down too if you let them. After all, does not misery love company? Of course it does!

Stand boldly upon your convictions and know that as long as your convictions do not bring any intentional harm to another and/or violate their personal rights and liberty, then your convictions are good, and therefore worth standing for. Never forget this particular truth!

Please yourself before others

Never seek to please others at the expense of displeasing yourself. Doing so will only result in shortchanging yourself and becoming frustrated, bitter, and angry. There are already too many frustrated, bitter, and angry people and the world just doesn’t need another one of these individuals.

In closing, it is important to remember that because our beliefs and opinions are subject to change, our convictions too will grow and develop. Such change is normal and healthy, and also provides another reason why we should never fight others over our convictions. Do not risk a friendship or relationship over something that may change. Defend your beliefs, but resist the temptation to fight over them.

The best way to defend your convictions is to live them with success. Let your actions be your testimony to the validity and power of your convictions. Once you have the actions that can bear witness to your convictions, if the need arises, you can then even speak on the success of your convictions. The choice is yours. If you have the actions and results to back up your convictions, then it’s safe to speak on them. Just remember that talk is cheap and actions speak. To this very day, actions still speak louder than words. So get the necessary actions and results from standing upon your convictions in life. Let your personal success do the speaking for you. In fact, it will automatically do so. It’s natural.

Don’t follow the herd of the people who go along to get along and try and please everyone at the expense of displeasing themselves. These people are condemning themselves to unhappiness. Embrace your beliefs! Take charge of your own life and destiny by using your mind. Have the confidence to take necessary risks, including the risk of being different and not liked by everyone. Know that your convictions are yours and that’s what makes them unique and special.

Having convictions is not enough. You have to also have the courage to follow and live your convictions in an uncompromising fashion.