Herbal Skepticism

Herbal Skepticism

Many people may be skeptical of herbs simply because they don’t fully understand them. They want to be assured that the herbs are effective and will work for their particular condition.


The healing practices of herbs date back to ancient Mesopotamia. Shortly after, China and India began using herbs to treat illnesses. In fact, the practice of herbalism has continued as a strong tradition in many eastern countries. Herbs are still the preferred sources of medical treatment. The benefits of herbs has been unexplored in the Western world due to the large supply of pharmaceutical drugs.

Healing Properties

Many pharmaceutical drugs contain herbal properties. However, these drugs only contain a small amount of the chemical compounds because they are extracted from the herb rather than using the entire herb as a whole. The majority of the plant’s benefits are left behind when scientists break down the compound. When a plant is used as a whole, each individual part of the compound works together to support its health.

The therapeutic benefits of herbs and herbal extracts are extremely valuable to a person’s health. Herbs are simple to use and can be used in a variety of ways. They are effective at treating serious health conditions but can also promote general health. In conjunction to a healthy diet and lifestyle, herbal supplements can significantly improve one’s health.

Herbal supplements have many properties that can enhance general health and lifestyle by improving:

  • Digestion
  • Aging
  • Energy
  • Immune system
  • Memory
  • Stress levels
  • Vision
  • Sexual health
  • Skin
  • Hair

Sun Energy

Due to photosynthesis, raw herbs contain much higher amount of the sun’s natural energy than pharmaceutical drugs. Photosynthesis is the process in which the sun’s energy is converted into food.

This natural energy source allows the body to repair cells and tissues. Therefore, the body accepts herbal remedies much more effectively than pharmaceutical drugs. The sun has a large influence on a person’s health.


By having faith in their efficacy of therapeutic properties, a person will benefit from consuming herbs.

Faith is part of life today. Having faith in things, especially in things where there is no guarantee or assurance of the outcome or result, will activate the herb.

When it comes to taking herbs as a way to improve health, there is nothing to lose but much to gain. Life is about chances and risks. As Americans, we are used to taking chances on a regular basis.

Herbs are not guaranteed to work but if they are produced with good formulas, there is a better chance that it will improve your health. The level of faith, doubt or skepticism is an important factor. By adapting to a healthy diet and lifestyle, the body will become stronger and healthier. If the herbs are taken regularly, as instructed on the bottle, then there is a greater chance that the herbs will work.


Herbs are manufactured in many different ways. There are different formulas that create different results.

Before purchasing and taking any of Dherbs’ herbs and/or herbal formulas, make sure to do the following:

  • Have faith
  • Be open to new experience
  • Expect good in general and good results in particular
  • Release all doubt, skepticism, worry, and/or fear
  • Have a good attitude


While taking herbs, it is important to have faith that the product will be effective. If it isn’t effective, don’t stop taking them…just simply try another brand or type of herb.

If there is still skepticism about the herbal products, then it is best to find a new company to purchase from. DHerbs believes it’s important for the customer to feel comfortable and confident in the products.

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