How To Grocery Shop On A Raw Foods Diet

How To Grocery Shop On A Raw Foods Diet

When it comes to cleansing, a lot of people aren’t used to only purchasing the cleanse-approved food items in the grocery store. Some chips might be on sale, you might be out of peanut butter, or you may need to buy meat to complete your grocery shopping journey. When you take part in the Full Body Cleanse, you have to train yourself to only shop for raw fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts and seeds, in addition to a few other raw items.

Shopping on a raw foods diet seems hard, but it is actually very easy. Raw fruits and vegetables are abundant in most grocery stores, but it is important to buy different varieties. You may have some favorites like apples, strawberries, carrots, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, or bananas, but you need to get different fruits and vegetables to keep your taste buds interested in raw foods.

Tip #1: Browse Our Recipes

How does browsing our recipes help you shop for groceries? Our recipes show you how to use different ingredients in unique and simple ways. If you find a couple recipes you enjoy, you can purchase the necessary raw items for those recipes when you go shopping.

Tip #2: Buy Seasonally

When you purchase fruits and vegetables that are in season, you’ll notice that they taste better. Additionally, buying produce that is in season helps you save money. Buying seasonally also gives you an extra nudge to try different produce items!

Tip #3: Get Salad Dressing Ingredients

You are allowed to make your own salad dressings while you are cleansing. You don’t have to eat dry salads. We strongly recommend buying raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil and having a variety of spices to flavor your dressings.

Tip #4: Stock Up On Herbal Teas

Since you can’t have caffeinated teas while cleansing, we recommend getting a variety of herbal teas. Great teas include ginger, hibiscus, lemon, mint, chamomile, kava, rooibos, lavender, and turmeric. You don’t have to drink all of your teas hot. You can pour the hot teas over iced, so long as your ice cubes are from clean, filtered water.

Tip #5: Buy Avocados

Why do avocados get their own tip? Avocados are filled with healthy fats and can help to keep you full. You can use them in various ways, but don’t eat them like crazy. Try not to consume more than two avocados in one day. You’ll be surprised how much they help when you are hungry.



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