Last Minute DIY Holiday Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Last Minute DIY Holiday Decorating Ideas For Your Home

It’s the week before Christmas and a frantic is in the air. Whatever shall you do? However shall you prepare? Lucky for you we have some DIY decorations that are perfect for your holiday celebrations.

Decorating for the holidays can be quite a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on light-up Santas that wave at the neighbors. Putting up decorations should get you excited! Believe it or not, there are a lot of vegan craft materials, which are very affordable, that can be transformed into awesome holiday decorations.

Nature’s Materials


Traditional holiday decorations include wreaths or evergreen branches, but let’s take a break from these expensive items this year. If you have a furry companion, take it for a walk and collect some pinecones, branches, or leaves. You can even head down to your local Christmas tree lot and ask for trimmings, which they usually give out for free. You can arrange your forest materials around candles, on banisters, or above the fireplace.

Tip: Paint your pinecones white so that they pop against the tree.

Easy Ornaments


If you want to be creative with your ornaments this year, buy a bunch of tomato pincushions and hang them from your tree. You can make patterns with pins, or you can print out photos and cut them small to make pincushion photo collages.

Salt Shaker Holiday Scenes


These cute little Christmas decorations are definitely worth their salt! Get a few empty glass saltshakers, a container of sea salt, and a few little plastic trees or reindeer to make little winter wonderlands.

Coffee Filter Wreath


If your mantle needs a little liveliness or you want to make your banisters decorative, string together different colored coffee filters to make a wreath-like creation. It is an affordable and creative option to make your house festive. If you are feeling extra creative, cut white coffee filters into snowflakes and tape them to your window.

Tree Alternative

If you don’t want to rush out to get a last minute tree and deal with the time it takes to decorate it, poinsettias are a great and strikingly beautiful option. If you have books or stools, you can stack them so that they are tiered to look like a tree. Care for them right and they can last you until next Christmas!

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