Let Them Eat Cake For National Cake Day 2017

Let Them Eat Cake For National Cake Day 2017

Cake is a universally recognized dessert, with so many variations constantly being created around the world. There are raw cakes, vegan cakes, breakfast cakes, rice cakes, Bundt cakes, cheesecakes, layered cakes, decorative cakes, etc. You get the point; there are a lot of cakes. With countless cake recipes in existence, it is hard to estimate how many cakes there are.

Some cakes date back several centuries. Interestingly enough, the origin of the word “cake” is derived from Norse language. “Kaka,” which might have a different meaning nowadays, in Norse was the word for cake. This was most likely used to describe gingerbread cakes, due to the available ingredients at the time.

While cakes are typically made with flour, eggs, tons of sugar, butter, oil, and milk, you don’t have to make them with any of those ingredients for them to be delicious. Below are some of our favorite cake recipes that you can make for National Cake Day. If you make them, let us know how they turned out.

Carrot Cake Energy Bites


While these are not Full Body Cleanse approved, you don’t have to bake them. They are ready in no time and provide a ton of nutrients.

Click here to make the recipe.

Raw Chocolate Cake Bites


If you need a little sweetness in your life, make these for a guilt-free holiday dessert. The raw cacao and coconut combo is a match made in heaven. Enjoy these by yourself or make them for a holiday party!

Click here to make the recipe.

Gingerbread Cake Mix in a Jar


This is a dessert for one. You can make it, bake it, and eat it in the same jar. Just make sure that the jar you use is oven-safe.

Click here to make the recipe.

Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes


While these don’t require any baking, they are not Full Body Cleanse approved. They are, however, a healthy dessert that you can make to treat yourself!

Click here to make the recipe.

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