Let’s Hear It For The Girls: National Girls & Women In Sports Day

Let’s Hear It For The Girls: National Girls & Women In Sports Day

Recognized across the United States by many schools, organizations, and teams, National Girls & Women In Sports Day celebrates females who participate in athletic activity. Aside from improving cardiovascular health, sports help to build confidence, improve leadership ability, establish routine, and help people work together as a team. But there are many more reasons to participate in sports.

Girls & Women In Sports Day:

February 5th marks the 34th annual Girls & Women In Sports Day, which was established under President Ronald Reagan in 1987. This day honors the achievements of female athletes, coaches, and leaders, and promotes the ability to unlock your fullest potential. Sports have played vital roles in the lives both men and women alike, but too often do male sports dominate the conversation. Within recent years, however, influential male and female athletes have used their platforms to inspire everyone to take part in daily physical activity. The late, great Kobe Bryant was a big promoter of women’s sports, praising Olympic swimmers, female collegiate athletes, and players in the WNBA.

According to statistics, women who participate in high school sports are more likely to graduate college. In fact, playing sports helps to land both educational and sports scholarships in college. It doesn’t matter what sports girls decide to play either, because they all have their challenges and teach valuable lessons that can be applied to all aspects of life. Whether the goal is to lower a golf handicap, improve a softball pitch, reduce time on the 40-yard dash, or improve a jump shot, the feeling of accomplishing goals is empowering and inspires you to want to help others do the same.

The Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF):

The foundation’s mission is this, “We exist to unlock to the possibilities in every girl and woman through the power of sport.” The WSF, which was established in 1974, has been encouraging the advancement of women through sports and physical activity. Through generous donations from supporters, the WSF has provided financial assistance and community support to aspiring female athletes. Since the inception of the WSF, it has grown to partner with more than 1,000 professional female athletes to keep the mission alive. The foundation provides resources, curriculums, and discussion guides to keep girls playing.

How will you celebrate National Girls & Women In Sports Day? If you are a female athlete or just enjoy engaging in regular physical activity, share your story and encourage other girls and women to keep playing, smashing, kicking, swimming, coaching, carving, jumping, serving, pitching, returning, and pursuing their goals.