Release Your Inner Tree Hugger For National Love A Tree Day

Release Your Inner Tree Hugger For National Love A Tree Day

Trees are more than pretty elements of nature or towering umbrellas that provide shade on a hot day. We owe trees a great debt, even though we are slowly destroying them via environmental pollution and deforestation. Trees work to reduce erosion and help to moderate the climate. They also provide us with oxygen and work to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Tree Fact: The tallest trees in the world are the redwoods, which are abundant in Northern California. Among the towering redwoods is one tree named Hyperion, which is the tallest tree in the world at 379.7 feet tall.

You may be wondering how you can celebrate National Love A Tree Day. The easiest thing would be to go outside, walk up to a tree, and hug it. If someone asks you what you are doing, you can tell him or her to love a tree as well to celebrate the day. On the other hand, you can also have a picnic lunch with some friends under a tree.

Give Your Tree(s) Some Water

If you have one or more trees growing in your yard or around your house/apartment, make sure that you give the tree(s) plenty of water. Most people who have gardens often neglect watering their trees and favor the veggies or flowers. Soak the base of the tree to provide the roots with much needed nutrition.

Plant A Tree

Plant a tree, people! It’s good for the world! You can plant a citrus tree, stone fruit tree, avocado tree, mango tree, guava tree, pear tree, or whatever type of tree your heart desires. There’s nothing like walking into your yard and picking fresh fruit from a tree that you grew.

Go On A Hike To Appreciate Trees

The experience of walking on a hiking trail, which is shaded by enormous trees, is incredibly relaxing and makes you feel like you are walking in a fairytale landscape. Is it even real? How long have these trees been there? What information do they hold? You feel the sheer magnitude of the trees and are dwarfed their presence.

Whatever you decide to do for National Love A Tree Day, make sure to spread the word. Take a picture next to a tree and use the hashtag #LoveATreeDay when you post on social media.

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