Save Yourself By Using These Natural Sugar Alternatives

Save Yourself By Using These Natural Sugar Alternatives

There are too many artificial sweeteners and refined sugars on the market! This has led to a rise in sugar consumption and increased calorie from sugar intake. Americans consume roughly 400 calories a day from added sugars. Most of these sugars are considered to be safe for consumption, according to the FDA, but there are many side effects that people endure by ingesting these products.

Consumption of sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, or saccharin can lead to headaches, shrunken thymus glands, poor liver and kidney function, and even mood disorders. If a person stops consuming diet soda, which typically contains aspartame, they can go through withdrawal symptoms, experience fatigue, or develop temporary insomnia. Additional side effects of refined sugar consumption include:

  • Tooth Decay
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Heart Disease
  • Poor Cognitive Function
  • Certain Types of Cancer

Where there is bad, there is also good. Many natural, healthy sweeteners exist and they are much better for you than things like high fructose corn syrup or other artificial sweeteners. Replacing 130 grams of refined sugars a day (average American intake) with natural sweeteners can boost your antioxidant consumption! Try replacing your typical sweeteners or refined sugars with some of the following options.


Stevia is one of the only sweeteners allowed while performing our cleanses. It has been used in South America, where it originated, for hundreds of years to support healthy blood sugar levels. Stevia is about 200 times sweeter than sugar and is available in liquid form, powder, or dissolvable tablets. Stevia is ideal for sweetening drinks or dressings.


If you like to bake or make ice cream, you are going to find yourself using a lot of dates. They are rich in potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese, iron, and vitamin B6. Your body easily digests them and they help to metabolize proteins, fats, and carbs, while also helping to reduce cholesterol levels. When buying dates, make sure to buy the ones that have no added preservatives or sugars. They are sweet enough.

Blackstrap Molasses

Organic blackstrap molasses is incredibly nutritious and a great sweetener for things like tea, coffee, desserts, or even marinades. Rich in calcium, iron, vitamin B6, selenium, potassium, and copper, organic blackstrap molasses is a much healthier alternative to refined sugar or brown sugar.


Agave nectar is a great natural sweetening agent for those looking to avoid commercial sweeteners or refined sugars. It is best to get raw agave nectar because it is unrefined and free of additives. This is another sweetener that we allow people to use while cleansing. It is also about 1.5 times sweeter than regular sugar, so go easy at first.

Raw Honey

Raw honey has some pretty amazing health properties, and has been used as an herbal remedy for many different conditions. Raw honey helps to fight free radicals in the body while also helping to promote healthy gut bacteria. One tablespoon of organic raw honey has a lower glycemic index than one banana. Look for organic raw honey from local beekeepers in your city.



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