Spread The Love For World Kindness Day

Spread The Love For World Kindness Day

While World Kindness Day may not seem as exciting as a friend’s birthday party, Halloween, or a roaring ’20s gala, it is a day that is necessary in today’s times. Between the increased violence, political arguments, and ugly behavior around the world, people could use a little more love and kindness in their lives.

World Kindness Day was established in the late 1990s by the World Kindness Movement, a collection of kindness organizations around the world. This unofficial holiday has since happened every year on November 13th, and it encourages people to do random acts of kindness for others. You don’t have to save the world or donate your life savings to a charity; rather, try to do a few little things to help improve the lives of others.

Kindness is contagious and it has been proven to have a healthy and positive effect on relationships, heart health, and the aging process. To help you celebrate World Kindness Day, here are a few suggestions to spread the love.

Cook Dinner Just Because

If you are in a relationship where one party typically cooks, try reversing the roles and let them relax. Take this opportunity to really invest your time in the other person. Be inquisitive about their day and just listen. Let them vent if necessary.

Deliver Items To An Animal Shelter

Many shelters rely on the support and donations of companies or members of the community to stay afloat. If you have spare blankets, pet food, or toys, head to your local animal shelter and donate. Some shelters even specify what they need on their websites. Perhaps today is the day that you make the decision to adopt a pet to give it a home.

Call Someone You Haven’t Talked To In A While

Remember the good old-fashioned phone call? Leave texting or emailing behind and give someone a call to engage with them. Maybe you call a relative or friend you haven’t seen in a while. Perhaps you can even take it so far as to have lunch with an old colleague or friend. Bring back the the real face to face conversation!

Be Kind To Yourself

While it’s important to be kind to others, it’s equally as important to take the time to be kind to yourself. It may seem odd, but try to treat yourself well. Take a bath, read the book you’ve been putting off, buy yourself flowers, or indulge in an extra hour of your favorite show.

Small Acts Of Kindness

  • If you are at work and someone forgot to put the coffee creamer back in the fridge, take it upon yourself to put it back.
  • Wave your hand in front of the automatic paper towel dispenser so the next person who washes their hands has one ready to use.
  • Don’t take the closest parking spot. Someone else may be having a rough day and may need that spot because they can hardly summon the strength to exit the vehicle.
  • Replace the water jug at work if it is empty. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. We all need to stay hydrated, so contribute to the greater good.
  • If you live in a house with other roommates and they left dirty dishes in the sink, do the dishes for them, but don’t do it out of resentment or leave a passive aggressive text/note. That is not kindness. You can even take the trash out if it is filled to the brim.

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