The Best Vegan Holiday Cookie Recipes

The Best Vegan Holiday Cookie Recipes

The holidays are right around the corner, which means that holiday cookie platters are expected, or delivered to you if you know the right people, or have the best neighbors. Maybe it was the colder temperatures, or the smell of Christmas trees at outdoor locations, but we were inspired to make a bunch of cookies for the holidays, and they are absolutely some of the best vegan cookies we’ve ever had. These cookies don’t have all the typical bad ingredients that lead to weight gain, which means that you can enjoy them guilt-free! And it’s no coincidence that today (December 4th) is National Cookie Day!

Cookie Fact: You can thank the Dutch for the word “cookie,” which is derived from the Danish word koekie, little cake. Cookies in America have a much shorter history, having arrived here in the 17th century. Macaroons and gingerbread cookies were very popular (and still are), but Americans have definitely upped their cookie game over the past 400 years.

Most people use so many unhealthy ingredients to make cookies, or worse, they buy processed, chemical-rich store bought dough. The worst thing that you can do is purchase pre-packaged cookies, which are often rich refined grains, sugars, and shortening that contains unhealthy trans fats. You can easily make your own cookies with simple ingredients that are not bad for your health. Make some of these awesome cookie varieties this season, or for National Cookie Day. You won’t believe how tasty they are. We hope you end up sipping a warm cup of tea while enjoying one of your tasty creations.

3-Ingredient Vegan Almond Butter Cookies


While these aren’t your regular cookies, they sure do taste delicious. They are so easy to make because there are only 3 ingredients! Make them for friends and family this holiday season.

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The Best Vegan Gingerbread Cookies


If you wish you could enjoy cookies guilt-free, then you need this recipe in your life. The combination of spices makes every bite full of robust, gingery goodness.

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Easy Vegan Shortbread Cookies


Shortbread cookies are super easy to make, especially when they only have 4 ingredients like this recipe! They are nice and crunchy, but buttery at the same time.

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Pumpkin Spice Fudge


We know that fudge is not the same thing as cookies, but it is such a classic holiday treat, especially since this is pumpkin flavored. Cut it up in bite-size pieces and you can sneak it into your holiday cookie platter.

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