Toxic Breasts

Toxic Breasts

Many women suffer from irritation and/or pain in their breasts and do not address the issue. However, it is vital for any women that experiences pain or irittation in their breasts to take further notice, as you may have toxic breasts. The location of your breasts near the lymphatic system make your breasts more susceptible to adverse reactions. The area above and between your breasts is inundated with oild glands, making that area vulnerable to bacteria accumulation. Also, your underarms, which are adjacent to the breasts, have lymph nodes that excrete toxins in response to perspiration. However, many females use harmful anti-perspirants that are laced with unhealthy chemicals. These chemicals not only inhibit toxins from exiting the body via perspiration, but also can cause skin irritation, inflammation of the lymph nodes, and potentially increase your risk of acquiring cancer.

Bras should also be of your concern. Bras (especially wire-strapped bras) reduce circulation in the chest and shoulder area because they make an indentation in the skin (which means they are too tight). With poor circulation, toxins are unable to excrete themselves of the chest/breast area to the major eliminative channels (the colon and kidneys). As a result, your chest/breast area accumulates unwanted toxins that may cause further damage. Purse straps and tight clothing also can restrict circulation in that region, which may negatively affect your lymphatic flow in that region.

Symptoms of Toxic Breasts

Breast cysts or tumors are a symptom of toxic breasts. Other symptoms of toxic breasts include:

  • Breast Pain
  • Hardening of the Breasts
  • Mastitis (inflammation of the mammary glands)
  • Inflammation of Lymph Nodes
  • Skin Irritation

Toxic Breast Prevention

Women that are experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms of toxic breasts should address it immediately. Taking an all-natural, holistic approach to healing your breasts naturally can provide both psychological and physical benefits. Women can help restore their bodies to optimal health and consequently reduce the risk of acquiring breast-related diseases and conditions with a variety of methods. First, maintaining healthy weight by consuming a diet rich in nutrient-dense fresh fruits and vegetables is important; the fiber, vitamins, and minerals found in cruciferous vegetables can help curtail any weight fluctuation. Maintaining a regular exercise program can also help you maintain a healthy weight; moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes per day can increase your metabolism, burn fat, move lymph fluid, increase oxygenation, as well as regulate your insulin and hormone production. Reducing your alcohol intake is also ha significant value in reducing your risk of breast-related diseases. Excessive consumption of alchol impairs your liver’s ability to metabolize the estrogen hormone. Estrogen is critical during breast growth and development, and if estrogen is unable to metabolize properly, you can be more susceptible to breast cancer and other diseases.

How to Heal Your Breasts Naturally

Maintain an all-natural, raw foods, vegan diet. Fruits that are high in antioxidants (blueberries, cherries) can help eliminate toxins, and seeds high in essentiall fatty acids (chia, flax) can help reduce inflammation.

Reduce stress. Stress has been shown to negatively affect your body’s health and compromise your immune system.

Stop smoking. Tobacco smoke in cigarettes contains substances that are known carcinogens.

Sleep. Your body and breast tissue rejuvenate more quickly while you sleep.

Take your bra off once in the comfort of your home to let your breasts beathe.

Periodically (once a week) feel for lumps in your breasts (as a lump could detect a tumor, malignant or benign).

Rub olive oil, almond oil, or wheat germ oil to help in conditions of hardened or dry nipples.

Rub Borage Oil and/or Evening Primrose Oil into your breasts to help reduce soreness and tenderness, and decrease inflammation.

Rub/massage Shea Butter or Coconut Butter into the breasts to help the elasticity of the breasts and prevent stretch marks on the breasts.

The following essential oils can be therapeutic for the breasts:

  • Rose Geranium
  • Clary Sage
  • Cananga
  • Grapefruit Peel
  • Fennel
  • Yarrow
  • Pennyroyal (use sparingly and in very small doses, one drop)
  • Rue (use sparingly and in very small doses, one drop)
  • Cypress (use sparingly and in very small doses, one drop)

The following herbs can provide additional remedial and restorative benefits:



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