Uterine Sense

Uterine Sense

The uterus (womb) of a woman is the seat of her feminine nature, her feminine brain, and the seat of her emotions.

While the reproductive system may be regulated by the pituitary gland, the foundation of the female reproductive system lies at and in the uterus.

The female womb is a miniature or microcosmic universe. While the nature of the female womb is very unique, extraordinary, and sacred in nature or essence, unfortunately for many American women, the uterus is unhealthy today. It is near defective for many females. There are many causes of this modern day uterus deficiency and/or degeneration.

Causes of Uterine Degeneration

On an emotional level, many women today consciously and unconsciously resent the natural function of pregnancy and childbirth. Women fear this natural function for a variety of reasons.

On a spiritual level, so many American women are so disconnected from God/Goddess that they don’t understand and acknowledge the spiritual and divine aspect of pregnancy and childbirth, which is (at least for the Western religious woman) a divine command: “Multiply, and replenish the earth.”

On a physical level, diet, feminine hygiene and fashion play the most important roles. Gravitational pull is also a great enemy of the uterus, and just think about the fact that the higher you are as far as elevation is concerned, the greater the impact and intensity of the gravitational pull. Women who work in corporate high rises or buildings should ponder over this fact.

Antigravity exercise is the best remedy for the detrimental effects of gravity and its pull. Simply propping the legs up against the wall allowing the blood flow to travel down to the head or lying on an antigravity board for 15-30 minutes a day is a very simple and profound exercise and remedy to counteract or prevent uterine atrophy.

Dietary Considerations

Poor diet – eating meat and dairy products – also contributes to poor health and can injure your reproductive system. Dairy is laced with harmful hormones and preservatives and is no good for the health of the body in general and the female reproductive system in particular.

Starches or starchy foods break down into unhealthy stiffening agents. The acidic byproducts of these things cause serious toxicity and debris in the female reproductive chamber and because the majority of women are constipated and their eliminative channels are lethargic, the body causes internal trash bags to grow in order to hold the internal waste creating fibroid tumors.

Women who eat a lot of sugary snack foods such as ice cream, chocolate, candy, etc. are remiss for eating more of the above rather than eating fruit. Fruit is the best food for the uterus. The center of most fruit holds the seed of the fruit just like the uterus holds the seed of a man. So the fleshy part of fruit is the uterus, so when you are biting into fruit you are in essence biting into the endometrium lining of the uterus (fruit), a very profound fact to ponder upon.

Condom (male and female) usage, douching, commercial tampon and pads usage, IUD (intra uterine devices), and birth control pill/contraceptive consumption are all detrimental to the health of the uterus.

Additionally, the damaging effects and side effects of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) have a big impact on the uterus. These diseases greatly play a role in uterine atrophy or degeneration, especially if left untreated.

Certain masculine exercises, running and jogging, lifting heavy objects, and participating in male-based and dominated sporting events and athletic activity (WNBA basketball, boxing, kick boxing, etc.) seriously impair the health of the uterus and auxiliary female reproductive organs and glands.

Beneficial Uterine Exercises

Soft and gentle Eastern-based exercises such as yoga, Tai Chi, and Eastern cultural dancing (including belly dancing); stretching, swimming, and walking are femininely safe, sound, and beneficial exercises that tone the female body and constitution while strengthening the female reproductive system.

Periodic uterine contraction exercises are also beneficial for uterine health. Contracting the PC (pubococcygeal) muscle 20-30 times a couple of times throughout the day help to strengthen the uterus. Of course this exercise should be avoided during pregnancy.


Since the uterus is chiefly comprised of the mineral zinc, lack of zinc or zinc deficiency greatly plays a role in uterine atrophy and pathologies. Eating foods rich in zinc is important in revitalizing and nourishing the uterus. Pumpkin seeds (papitas), sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, parsley, and spinach are excellent sources of natural zinc.

Herbs that supply abundant amounts of zinc include cocculus root, pygeum bark, saw palmetto berries, and sea weeds such as dulse, kelp, and Irish Moss.

Herbs that have an affinity for the uterus and are therefore oxytocic (causing the uterus to contract) in nature include: squawvine, blue cohosh, black cohosh, cramp bark, and black haw. These herbs should be avoided during the first eight and a half weeks of pregnancy.

Other herbs good for the uterus include: red raspberry leaf, chaste tree berries, white oak Bark, ashoka, asparagus, dong quai, maca, and false unicorn root.

Aromatherapy can also assist in uterine and female reproductive health. Essential oils of roman chamomile, cypress, combava, havozo bark, sage, clary sage, and fennel can help maintain the health of the uterus and female reproductive system. They can be added (2-5 drops) to a base or carrier oil and massaged directly into the skin of the belly (and breasts), added to a diffuser or simply inhaled via the nostrils.

Crystal therapy also offers tools for uterine and female reproductive health. Crystals or gemstones such as: chyrsocola, moonstone, tiger’s eye, and jade are great female balancing stones. These stones can be used in crystal water, crystal oil or for meditative purposes.

It is also important to note that since a woman’s reproductive organs are located in the Second Chakra, also known as the Sacral Chakra, the seat of the pursuit of pleasure, it is important that this chakra (and actually all the charkas) be balanced (or opened) for optimal health, especially on an energy or energetic level.

Colon Health

As the colon is located directly above the uterus, good colon health is imperative for good reproductive and uterine health. You must keep the colon clean and the bowels regular. Colon cleansing with colon affinity herbs such as cascara sagrada, senna, buckthorn, aloe vera resin, jalap root, trifala, and rhubarb will help keep the bowels regular and bulky.

Personal enemas and professional colonics are also ideal in maintaining great colon health.

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